Tea tins, What should I make?

I have about 50 of these empty tea tins at home and I want to do some sort of cool craft with them. Any suggestions? The tins are all about 4x4x4. I really appreciate the help.

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You could make a couple of rather large advent calendars by laying them on their sides and securing them together. Either arrange them in an array or in a shape. Paint it out and put numbers on the lids. This sideways arrangement could also make a nice cubby storage system (with or without lids) for small items.
Neon Panda6 years ago
..... Also, are they big enough to hold CD's in? Or DVDs?
Neon Panda6 years ago
Could you cut part of the front of the tin, to make a little door, Stick 'em all on top of each other to make a desk tidy. You could, depending on the size make little shelves inside, or make little draws ect...?? You could also make them into jewelery boxes because the tins are quite pretty :] x
For some of them I would use them as little pots for plants. Just make a few holes on the bottom with a nail, and it could be nice for herbs or other small indoor plants.

Oorr, you could melt up some old candles and pour it into the tins, and make them as gifts and for around the house :)
I love the candle idea because the tins themselves are very attractive and different.
mole16 years ago
They would make a nice framing element around the inside of a deep shadow box... except for the corners, two sides of each box would be visible.
katmark6 years ago
scrap book cover
t.v. tray
post it holders
Kiteman8 years ago
  • Pin hole camera.
  • Flour bomb.
  • Gas bomb.
  • Pulse jet.
  • Robot housing.
  • Speaker housing.
Or just keep stuff in them.