Teacher Builds a Tardis

Sillysparrowness, a self-described "German teacher with a leaning towards silliness," described the process by which she came to build a beautiful, obsessively finished Tardis.


Picture of Teacher Builds a Tardis
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karlpinturr5 years ago
How can a German honey know how I work???!!!???!!

Anyone catch the website she mentioned?
tardis buliders
tardisbuilders.com, serious TARDIS building site down to debates on historic prop details.
Dang - there really IS a website out there for every interest!
Thanks - I might have a wander over.
rachel5 years ago
Ah, this made my evening!
as opposed to the delightful distraction of distracting bugs on this site.
Wasagi5 years ago
Every aspect of that video made me happy, that is fantastic!
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