Teachers, parents, educators: Where do you stumble?

Hello Instructables!

I currently run a small business in which company teachers travel to local elementary schools and teach project based engineering.

For us, it's second nature. But I recently learned that it's not always so easy to implement project-based learning in the home or at school.

What are you challenges in this arena? Is it getting the right materials? Finding good instruction? Making something scalable to a 30-student classroom? Let me know so I can learn how to better help the community :)


Toga_Dan5 months ago

Each of the students got a pair of scissors from the bin. On the other side of the classroom, a girl started waving the scissors in another kid's face menacingly. The room was pretty loud, and i had not learned names yet. So i couldnt call out "_mary! stop that!"

Taking the time to learn names is worth it, even if some of the curriculum is skipped.

Also, dont hand out dangerous stuff untill class has shownwillingness to sit still, quiet + calm for a full minute. Use a stopwatch.

Kiteman Toga_Dan5 months ago

If you meet the class infrequently, or it's a one-off, invest in a decent whistle.

Let the class know that the whistle means "freeze, somebody is in trouble, and it might be you!". If you meet the class more often, the whistle becomes a useful tool for lowering noise levels or focussing the class on you instead of their own separate activities.

Works for me.

wilgubeast5 months ago

Well, that's an unhelpful series of responses.

Maybe most readers are not elementary school technology teachers?

Project-based learning doesn't happen in the UK, thanks to the restrictions of the National Curriculum & examination targets.

That may have something to do with it. It could just be that the forums aren't the best place to solicit feedback in general. 127 views over a month and a half is rough.

Maybe via the Facebook page?