Team Builds a Tank from Two Tractors!

I was looking at the referrals for my Airsoft Trip Mine instructable, and was led to this site: http://www.x7og.net/. Faced with a long list of forums, I browsed under the "Alternative Weapons" category, hoping to find a post containing my trip mine (haven't found it yet). What I found, however, can only be described as the epitome of pure DIY paintball awesomeness. A team of people built a working paintball tank out of tractor parts and various other things. It's so epic, I just had to show it to you all.

Here is the forum that documents the making of the tank:

Woohoo! My mine was mentioned twice! :D http://www.x7og.net/alternative-weapons/18028-need-design-baby-powder-pressure-mine-2.html

Edit Edit:
Goodness me! More tanks! http://www.x7og.net/alternative-weapons/5438-paintball-assault-vehicles-thread.html

Picture of Team Builds a Tank from Two Tractors!
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phanley6 years ago
hey guys that made from an old john deer but wats the back tires from and i have been paintballing with veicals like sqauds it fun as hell
tip always carry extra gas
lemonie7 years ago
Hello, I was reading my favorite comic and came across this "top tip":

PAINBALLERS. Attach a paintbrush onto the end of your gun to use as a 'bayonet' in case you run out of ammo.

While these are usually jokes, this one seems quite sensible: has anyone done it? Or used a SuperSoaker as a 'flamethrower'?

Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)  lemonie7 years ago
From my experience, if you're close enough to the enemy to use a paintbrush as a bayonet, you're in for a world of hurt! As for the SuperSoaker flamethrower, I'm not sure how effective it would be. Worth a try, but it wouldn't be anything like the picture below. :P
I guess that would be it. Thanks. L now I'm thinking of air-strikes....
Ha that would be total awesomeness.
lemonie7 years ago
Oh crikey! Why did people waste ammunition shooting at it? Looks very vulnerable through the windows, but how would driver / operator hits be verified? L
Possible verification would come from the screem if you caught someone in the face :-)
Referees with their hands cupped to their ears? OK now - driver out - play dead. ? L
use a weighted net over top the of the tank to symbolize incapacitated ?
Set it on fire? OK - smoke grenade. L
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