Tech Poetry/Haiku

This thread will be dedicated to Tech-related poems, or poems of any sort... just tie it into something Instructables-related, somehow...

Here's my work of art!

It seems as if I'm always waiting....
waiting for the batteries to charge
waiting for the batteries to charge
and waiting for the batteries to charge again.

It's too bad I'm never waiting for the batteries to die,
there seems to be much less of that.
-Josh Gordonson

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10101101110101011 101110101010101101 1111101010001010010 100101010110101010010... 2?
westfw10 years ago
I think that I shall never seeA matrix lovely as a tree.Trees are fifty times as funAs structures a la PL/I(Which Dijkstra claims are too baroque).And SNOBOL's strings just can't compareWith all the leaves a tree may bear.And COMIT strings are just a joke.Vectors, tuples too, are nice,But haven't the impressive flairOf trees to which a LISP is heir.A LISPer's life is paradise!

By "The Great Quux" at MIT (1973) Search for "quux poetry" for more (much is now amusingly dated.)
Goodhart westfw10 years ago
Wow, I haven't seen a reference to SNOBOL in eons !
T3h_Muffinator (author)  westfw10 years ago
I love this! But please, Westfw, make a poem that you can call your own! Poems are good for the soul, technological ingenuity is good for Instructables. Poems about technology is good for both you and Instructables!
T3h_Muffinator (author)  T3h_Muffinator10 years ago
zachninme10 years ago
I compose these words They appear, glamourous glyphs That's not right... they're gone.
teaaddict31410 years ago
computers, are so called friends we seem to have forgot there always crashing there alwaysgetting virus' there always pissing us off computers our friend? i think not
... also "our so called friends" BTW: What's a virus? I've never had one on any of my computers...
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