Tech-tastic Coffee Tables

Coffee tables can really bring a room together, especially if they're high-tech and provide their own entertainment. They're expensive, as the site suggests, but just the ideas warrant personal kudos. Of course, as with any coffee table, you'll need to have a coffee table book about coffee tables.

Link via Neatorama

Picture of Tech-tastic Coffee Tables
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Evil Bike9 years ago
what is that in the table?
oskay Evil Bike9 years ago
Hmm. Looks like some LEDs, my wife and a wine glass. :)
Evil Bike oskay9 years ago
pretty cool... :)
ya i want one lol
better idea... get a lot of beer cans, or if you are young cocacola cans, put a board on the bottem, stack one layer of cans, glue, then a sheet of glass. Major props to anyone who makes an ible on this
lol, good idea but i cant think of how sturdy it would be, probity would break every time you put a big plate on it-- weight. if you sat on it it would be crushed lol :O possible though, cool though lol
Big Bwana9 years ago