Technoplastique's Robot Art

Ed and I got to meet technoplastique at the Austin Maker Faire back in October, where she was showing off the painting robot she built for the iRobot Create Challenge.

I was busy losing my voice at the Instructables booth so didn't get to see her robot in action, but technoplastique stopped by to give us a special robot painting of our very own to take home!

Here it is on the wall of my office at Instructables HQ. This is technically the back of the painting, but the colors and swoopy robot patterns look even better from this side of the thin cotton cloth.

Picture of Technoplastique's Robot Art
Patrik9 years ago
There's a nice writeup of the Austin Maker Faire in the latest (Feb 08) print issue of Servo Magazine, complete with pictures of 'plastique and sis, posing with their artwork (or should I say - posing with their irobot and it's artwork), including a mention of Check it out!
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Awesome! Now just build yourself a robot and make millions off art collectors!
Brennn109 years ago
That is awesome. It would be sweet to have one of those. Modern art at your finest!