Telescopic Baton

Anybody know how to make a baton?

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westfw9 years ago
Start with (photographic) tripod legs ?
nerd12 westfw6 years ago
if you put a small spring inside along with a simple catch you can make a telescopic rod that would be pretty cool. imagine the look on a muggers face if you pull a long rod out of nowhere
Goodhart westfw9 years ago
Hey, if someone has extra tripod legs, I could use a few to make a tripod....I need a way to steady my camera and anchor it. :-)
Goodhart, if you need a tripod, remember what they told you in scouts First do a square lashing on 3 straight branches side by side. Then, after the final clove hitch, just pull the legs apart to create a tripod strong enough to hold a dutch oven or two
I don't really want to have to go through that each time I want to take a picture :-)
Does the word reuse mean anything to you? it only takes 5 minutes
And a search only takes seconds...
I need it to, like a tripod, hold the camera at one spot, even after I let go of the camera.....I can't pick it up and find the same spot again it must be small sturdy, and portable.....a tripod, even if only a table top short legged one...
westfw Goodhart9 years ago
Happy Birthday Goodhart! PM me your address, and I'll send you a tripod!
Goodhart westfw9 years ago
thank you, so far it has been pretty nice. You aren't serious about the tripod are you? They aren't cheap (not in my area anyway). I mean, that is a very kind gesture and all, but you don't have to really....I will find a way somehow :-)
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