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Instructables has just joined Autodesk, a cool company that makes some of the ultimate DIY tools: they’re the world leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software.

Now that we’re a part of Autodesk, we’ll be able to do some neat new things for and with Instructables. What do YOU think we should do? Please suggest how we should co-opt the resources of a multi-national corporation to make Instructables even more awesome.  

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n.benz1 year ago

I don't want to be spoon-fed instructables pre-selected from narrow
topic areas. I want to see a broad and random selection of things I'd never think
to find on my own. How do I avoid the "feed"? Could you at least
create a random feed?

Switch from "Feed" to "Top Picks" near the top left of the page. This will show the same handpicked quality ibles from all categories that are on the homepage.

I positively think that you need to get someone working on the response-time of your interactive programming applications.

I find yours to be the very slowest website I have ever visited and I have visited thousands.

I just LOVE your content. You have some of the most imaginative items ever conceived.

But your webmaster needs to take a master's degree in making a website respond quickly.

Even when I try to login, it takes MINUTES to get a response.

What is WRONG?

I hate to be critical, but I waste hours sometimes trying to get to where I want to go on your webpages.

For example: When I look at an entry I try to scroll down the page. It takes forever. Then when I try to click on "SHOW ALL STEPS" sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.

Perhaps you have so many "POPUPS" running that they hog all the processor time.

Please correct the problem. I love your site, but abhor the way it works.

David Michael Myers




I have never experienced what you're describing in 5 years of active participation on the site. Perhaps it is your web connection or some other issue external to the site itself.

maybe you can include foreign countries to be eligible for the contest prizes not just limited to US, Canada or European countries only...As there are also more people with lots of creativity and ideas for invention is put out because of the contest eligibility rules...the more creative ideas the more useful things can be invented...and creativity and business will thrive...:)

darman125 years ago
An app that allows you to view and create Instructables. One for iOS and Android so there isn't a feud between those who prefer one or the other ;) I am using my iPad to create an Instructable and it is glitching out because this site is intended for desktop use.
vishalapr6 years ago
Oh yeah one more last suggestion about contest prizes, because nowadays there are only about 5-8 prizes usually in contests but they are really expensive and awesome, I agree that they are expensive and cool etc, but instead of having such expensive prizes for only a few winners maybe there could be cheaper prizes but for more people like 10-20 prizes! That would be great!

And how about finalist prizes? Because that would be a really cool idea as well!
Finalist prizes or maybe at least finalist patches?!

Oh and one last suggestion, maybe printable diplomas/certificates for finalists and winners, so that we can print out the certificate on card and then keep it as an achievement rememberence but not in the internet but in phisical appearence!
I would love to have a certificate that says Winner of the ......................... challenge! It would be an awesome way to mark an achievement! And the cool thing is that anyone with a printer can print it once it has been sent to them by email ( sent to the winners) To make them more original, maybe a signature on the certificate by Eric!

Sorry if I am being wrong or against anything :(
ewilhelm (author)  vishalapr6 years ago
I love your idea about the certificates! I'm doing that.
So how far has the certificates idea gone?
Awesome, so who get certificates? Winners? Finalists? or Participant certificates?
Thanks for takeing forward the idea!
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