Tell me what guns u lot r making

we need new gun's, im intrested 2 see what u guys r currently making so please tell me, post pics, and hoppfully post an instructable on it!

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ledzep5679 years ago
i pray that rifle in the picture is completely fictitious. if its real it would have to be a bean bag gun due to the size of the barrel...
No its real. It's an MP5 with a flash hider.
or a grenade launcher!
Flie-Ing GOOse (author)  ledzep5679 years ago
its a picture. dont get worked up about it. everything in life doesnt have 2 be completely real. honestly. some peeps r scary.
jeez, i was just trying to assert my judgement. it looked sorta real(the person) and my eyesight is slowly "dying" so i wanted to know if i was correct.
eneergcam8 years ago
me and my grandpa just finished a pretty awesome coilgun.
evilkidjr8 years ago
im making a neat little grapple gun gadget
MY cannon! Its posted now.
Double barreled crank powered MG (might not work out) truly semi auto pistol (will post if it works out) enormous ballista (will post eventually).
g123453899 years ago
im working on a m1(idk if it m1 or m1a1 but who cares)i got barral and nade launcher don i need: -ram -body -mag -stock -handles -other stuff (i don't want this to got on forever!)
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