Temp controller

I need to activate a garage door opener  with temp control. Opener uses momentary switches   There is a solarium on the out side of my shop garage door, When the temp between the door and the solarium reaches +/- 90 degrees  the door would open and +/-60 degrees the door would shut. Because the opener needs momentary contacts a regular thermostat  will not work. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated..

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put in a one shot
I would suggest using a PICAXE micro controller and a DS18ZB20 temperature sensor. If you use the free Logicator software from PICAXE you can do all of the programming with a simple flow chart. No need to learn a complex programming language. Best of all, you can build it for about $5.00 if you have an old wall wart availiable. You will need a programming cable that is going to cost you a bit more but you will use it again and again once you see how easy it is to program a PICAXE. Or you can do the same thing with a $25.00 Arduino.
Your problem here is if, for some reason, it misses a pulse, you won't know what state the opener is actually in. I'd add some feedback from the door, so you know when its open.
mcsxr2 (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
Thanks Steve; I'm trying a couple of ideas, since I now have a Honeywell non-programmable digital thermostat that does both heat and cool and will flip automatically from one to the other, I was going to set the heat low (60ish) and the cool high (90ish) and run it through a Omron H3CA timer relay that can be set to 1- 2 secs and release the relay thus simulating the momentary contact. I hope this makes sense.
It should work fine. Its a sound idea, just a bit more expensive than it needed to be.
mcsxr2 (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
Thanks. The omron relay timer was free, and the thermostat was on sale.
Not terrible and I like Rube Goldberg!:) Mike. P.S. limit switches on the door might be enough feed back to keep up and down straight.
Use a micro controller with a temp sensor to detect the temp and activate a relay or transistor to open and shut the door. Or you can attach a small servo to the controller that can physically push the button.
mcsxr2 (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
Thanks mpilchfamily; I guess I'm going to learn about Arduinos