Tempted to leave instructables just because of the new layouts

I may have only been here for 2 years but this site is changing a bit too much for my tastes. In those 2 years most of the major changes have been pretty recent. Why they haven't implemented legacy views yet baffles me. Or allowing us to customize our own personal layout. By personal layout I mean that each person can customize how the site looks to HIM OR HER.
If they implemented that I would be willing to put up with the bugs and glitches it would cause just for the fact that it pleases my eye.

What they seem to be doing is copying facebook's style. This absolutely sickens me. I HATE facebook and the only reason I got it was to see just how bad it is. The layout for facebook form over function. It is needlessly over complicated  I am a function over form guy. I bet most of the people here are function over form too. 

Don't be a facebook. If you do I will take my 10$ worth of advertising else where. Maybe if a couple thousand leave you will get it.

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Kiteman5 years ago
You've spent years consuming this site, for free, without paying back in the form of showing off your own projects, and yet now you are demanding that your wishes be fulfilled or you will leave?
tytiger33 (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
I DID have projects on here. I thought you were an admin here that could see my deleted ibles. As for "consuming for free for years" I DIDN'T do it for free. I paid for my stay here with ads. Ads and viruses. And yes Norton has blocked a great many viruses from this site.
Why did you remove your projects?

Do you think that having a few ignorable images on the page means you have "paid" for everything you have gotten out of this site? Do you know the cash value of my time? Or of the other Community Team members and staff who have gone out of their way to help you in your time here?

(You're mistaken about the viruses)
tytiger33 (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
The cash value of your time is about 15-20$ an hr. Maybe more. As for the amount of time I have wasted I say I have wasted about 1-1.5 hours of staff time in my 4 YEAR use of this site(3 years with an account). Also my most viewed thing wasn't a slideshow(not that they could be called that anymore). I never ran ad-blocker plugins either.

I don't share my stuff do to the fact that I don't really build much. And the stuff that I do design might go against what ever rules of posting you have. Also I don't want others to figure out how to make it do to the danger it presents to it's user and the fact that I want to be the one who finally makes it.

As for the viruses even Google Chrome told me not to go here sometimes do to malicious activity being discovered on your site. If you want I can dig up a link to a site that will tell me if there were viruses on your site.
Who are you reffering to Kiteman? I hope its not me cause you have no clue what has happened in my last 6 comments about the one instructable that I was asking about and another thing, who asked for your input? Thats why I come to this site is to learn but you cant learn from misleading instructables can you? If and when I feel confident enough to leave an instructable which I am close to, I will. If it was for somebody else then disregard.
1. I was addressing the OP.

2. I don't need an invitation to comment on a public forum.
I think he is writing to the OP.
oh, ok, whew, lol, thats good
blkhawk Kiteman5 years ago
Orngrimm5 years ago
Whatever you want. Dont let the door hit you on the way out.

Instructables is about the instructables as it and not the layout in my oppinion.
And i think the major usergroup will have adjusted to the new layout in notime. If you arent one of those, stay or leave. It is finally up to you.
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