Ten round turret


I was screwing around with my knex and I made a ten round turret it is really cool looking and I was wondering if someone can make a working gun out of it. If you do make a gun with it I will give a free sub to anyone who makes it, if I have already subbed you I will five any two instructables of your choice.


Picture of Ten round turret
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coreyt8 years ago
this is bakenbitz"s design its nothing new and soilerkiller has used it aswell its hardly new
LOLOL "soilerkiller"
smilee (author)  coreyt8 years ago
Can you please erad the topic! I didn't say it was new!
So now there is a tr4,8,10,12,18,24 and 36. lots of options!
umm u were screwing around with your knex...
late but..... 
DJ Radio8 years ago
I know this was done on KI.
yep I think it was charlie.
LMFAO, it was carlisle.
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