Tennis Ball Cannon

Alright, so ive been into making all sorts of cannons whether they are pneumatic or hairspray, and recently I've been wanting to build a pneumatic tennisball cannon. i came across halve a dozen empty fire extinguishers, i am still deciding if i should use one as the chamber. i am using an electronic sprinkler valve and a 2 1/2" barrel i am also getting a 12 volt (dc) car air compressor (125 psi) and i am going to incorporate this somewhere in the cannon, the air compressor is really small so i could make it built in.

i really want to make this cannon portable but i am concerned about the weight of it with the fire extinguisher tank,

Any Ideas?

Picture of Tennis Ball Cannon
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knuckel6 years ago
nice job, what is the psi you shoot at ? will it fire anything else?
struckbyanarrow (author)  knuckel6 years ago
i can get it only to about 100 psi because of my air compressor only goes to 200. you can shoot whatever you can fit in the barrel, tennis balls is all that i shoot though.
 nice, and tennis balls is a good selection because thay dont hirt alot like rocks and wooden bullets 
knuckel knuckel6 years ago
 i just drew this nice little desighn for you i have more coming up today k.
knuckel knuckel6 years ago
penumic, tennis ball cannon w charger bank.png
knuckel7 years ago
 can i see some photos ? 
struckbyanarrow (author)  knuckel7 years ago
here is the cannon, i don't have a photo of the refill canister due to me leaving it in my dads car.
knuckel7 years ago
with lemonies idea, use a under slung barrel and a clip would be nice, and look at my penumic gun and compare it to some of the gas guns thay have, read my instructabule for better selection
struckbyanarrow (author)  knuckel7 years ago
i finished my cannon, it is and over under design, 3 /12" chamber, modded 1" sprinkler valve and a 2 1/2' barrel, chrome pressure gauge, shoulder strap, shrader valve, 3L fire extinguisher backpack with chrome pressure gauge, and mini fill valve, i prssure the cannon to 100 psi and the fire extinguisher to 300. psi.
lemonie7 years ago
The extinguisher(s) will strap to your back, use that for your gas supply - they'll hold a lot.

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