Tentacular awesomeness pushes limits of body image

From The Design Blog, via NOTCOT:

Pushing the boundaries of current upper-limb prosthetic design, designer Kaylene Kau has created a prosthetic arm that supports the dominant functioning hand in accomplishing day-to-day tasks with ease and efficiency. Featuring a flexible design, the prosthetic arm adjusts to allow a variety of different grips to hold a variety of objects with minimum fuss. The Prosthetic Arm also integrates motors and cables, which help the user control the amount of arm curls required for different tasks. Presenting a simple yet effective design, the new prosthetic limb makes users self-reliant, as they can carry out their everyday tasks without any assistance.

Of course, any advances in prosthetics is welcome, but I bet the first thoughts of most people reading this here were either Cool!  I could be an octopus! or Woah - I want one of those on my next Hallowe'en costume!

I'd really like to see a video of it in action - I can't decide if it would be cool or creepy.

I also imagine that an arm like this would be (relatively) easy to engineer for the amateur.

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gmjhowe7 years ago
Its nice to see a modern option for prosthetics that is not all about replicated the human hand.
V-Man7377 years ago
Creative, but the application is confined to things that require only the "curl" utility of grasping. What about things like playing a piano, or typing on a computer, or dicing tomatoes?
Or push ups, or lighting a cigar?

I love you.
And I love you, I'm just not in love with you. But we can still be friends.
Raise your hand if you misread the title
Kiteman (author)  Lithium Rain7 years ago
(The mucky minds of youth)
Aye, even I was momentarily subject to such a misread :-)
*LOL* Only momentarily, I got it right before coming to see the post though ;-)
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