Tesla Coils

Is there an easer way to make a homemade Teslacoil? Thanks

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tech-king will soon be bringing out a simpler smaller solid state coil...
true. my version is simpler, uses no high voltage capacitors or spark gaps, is so easy to tune itll be impossible to screw up, and totally non-lethal.
The last two words, I disbelieve, this is coming from someone that has frawn blood with a mcdonalds straw... Also What kind of arcing capabilities would a pair likely have? Along with a question about the end voltage, current and frequency?
end voltage is something like 500 volts, less than 10 milliamps. low khz frequency. according to my full size coil calculator, 3.2 inches is the max arc lengh. factors like tuning and toroid will increase it and from what ive seen, it should be longer than 6 inches minimum. also, the power is too low to kill you; you could put your hand in the sparks and live to tell the tale. how do you hurt yourself at mcdo with a straw?
I hurt someone else with a straw... Cool, just wondering about the end stats but assumably they'll change as you go through the project...
yeah. this is my first time using a torroid instead of primary impulse transformer.
I always wondered if toroids could do that...
it depends on the setup of the rest of the sstc. a lot of sstc dont work like that; they uses a solid state part to drive the impulse transformer.
Ah right... Well it'll be interesting to see this thing then... Also I'm still alive...

How can a mcdonalds straw possibly draw blood??
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