Test the new Instructables Android App!

Hey Everyone!

We are wrapping up development on our android app and we want you to become a part of the fun!

If you are interested in getting involved, email me at greggawatt@instructables.com with your android version, your instructables username and how you intend to use the app.

We want to get information on to make the app better for our authors and this is the perfect way to do so.

Gregg Horton
QA Engineer

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wnorman1 year ago

I wish this would be released for kindle fire

uersel4 years ago
Since the android app it's in the play store now, I gave it a try. So far it looks very nice, and if you are just browsing it's absolutly great.
But for writing a ible I would like to have some more features like bulk-adding pics (navigating trough subfolders is a pain) or autosave (lost my ible after switching to another app by accident and the reopening the ible-app again).
But I will stick to it for shure!
uersel uersel4 years ago
A way to pull drafts I created online down to my android device would also be great, so I dont need to be online for working on and saving my ible
freeza364 years ago
Hey I have to ask this... All i have is a Kindle Fire. All it supports is the Amazon App Store. Will instructables eventually be there too? Thanks
doriean4 years ago
thank god and here I was about to get all medieval for there not being an android version. lol I love to beta test.
aiml0u5 years ago
Arnova 7h g3, upcycling, kids projects, recipes, sewing, knitting, woodwork
Can't wait
Goodhart aiml0u5 years ago
I have been seeing a LOT of this happening.....double posts.....odd and probably not the fault of the one posting.
If you hit the "Post" button multiple times before it goes away then it posts multiple times. Happened to be the other day.
Yes, but I don't recall doing that.
sook5 years ago
I can't wait for this. The only other alternative on the Play Store is.... not adequate.
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