Tetranitrate Lives!

Just got my alumni magazine in the mail.  I open it up and see one of the former ibles interns featured in a two page color spread - Tetranitrate.   I guess he answered our "Earth calling Billy" to see what he has been up to lately.  See the article here http://cable.poly.edu/issue/spring-2011/news/campus-buzz/bright-ideas-billy-gordon 

I had met him at Maker Faire last year with his LED dredlocks.  So what is the moral of this story? Somewhere out there is a market for the pants kilt.

Picture of Tetranitrate Lives!
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kcls6 years ago
Fire Shaving and breathing fire FTW! The legacy lives on...
caitlinsdad (author)  kcls6 years ago
Don't forget his self-inflicted Robot lasercut tattoo!
Gosh! How could I?
Goodhart kcls6 years ago
Or his ignition of the Giant Match LOL
SHIFT!6 years ago
Hey, I remember Tetranite! He was the instructabrarian/ibler that posted the E-Bola hoop back in 2008!

Thanks for sharing, it's great to see what former interns are up to nowadays!
caitlinsdad (author)  SHIFT!6 years ago
Awww, he would have been the first ibler to win a Darwin Award IIRC.