Texas Renaissance booth for sale

TRF Renaissance Festival Booth for sale. $38,000  I built this shop in 1998 it 26' by 40'deep. Very good location. Furniture would sell good out of this booth. Give me a call to view. Must be accepted through jury process and then approval of Festival that you can buy my booth before we can enter into contract.
Thank you David 936 419 1941

Picture of Texas Renaissance booth for sale
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caitlinsdad2 years ago
That's interesting. Is that for the land, lease on the land, the business, just the building on the property or just rights to use the space?
handcraftsup (author)  caitlinsdad2 years ago
Hello No it is just for the shop. The way a Renaissance fair works is you own the shop and have to pay a show fee to the fair owner every year. Kind of like a mobile home park. The show fee for artist is $1700 and the show is open weekends October through Thanksgiving weekend. The fair has well over 300,000 people that attend.
Hopefully someone will snap it up for a medieval hackerspace. Good luck.