Thank you, all!

Okay, I've been really inactive the last year and a bit, and I'm really sorry for all my subscribers!
I just don't have anywhere near enough time anymore :(
But what strikes me is, I still get new subscribers!
To me, that's amazing.
I'm setting a goal to get at least one good instructable published by September.
Wish me luck!

I just noticed I have over 70,000 views.
That means that either:
A: 70,000 people have looked at something I've made, or
B: A lot of people have looked at stuff I've made, and liked it enough to look at more.

Thanks so much. It means a lot.

rhysc77 years ago
sorry for what
Bartboy (author)  rhysc77 years ago
 For not posting anything.
dombeef7 years ago