Thanks for the Robot Hoodie!

It just came in the mail. Awesome! (I've mislaid my camera, so unfortunately I can't get a super-snazzy shot of it). This will be great to wear to school.

Thanks again for the hoodie!

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splazem4 years ago
Awesome! I'd love to see a picture of it. Oh, and how did you get it?
iceng splazem4 years ago
vishalapr iceng4 years ago
+7 lol
splazem dombeef4 years ago
I'd say "+12", but I know it will never happen.

Kitewife just got one as well (it arrived just after she got back from Switzerland) - I'll try and persuade her to join me in a photo with my own.
splazem Kiteman4 years ago
I'll do it for you. :)

dombeef splazem4 years ago
+13 :D
splazem dombeef4 years ago
+14 (not again) ;)
+15 .....LOL!
+17 (we really need to do something more useful :P)
+18 (more useful?!?!?)
This is useful! +19

Not again! I was doing this on the make it move challenge, we reached a limit of like 75 replies before it would delete every reply
+21 Lol Lets see if it happens this time!

It was because I guess the limit was 100 and other people were commenting above it, so it was from 75 to 55 to now I think it is 44.
+27 this will take a while
splazem dombeef4 years ago
It was dombeef and I who did all of the ones on the Make It Move Challange.
dombeef splazem4 years ago

Yeah, it was fun while it lasted!
+33 ooh this is getting tiny
+35 OMG the comment boxes are getting so small!!!!
ccccccccombo breaker.
says +38

Are they on the Instruc-o-store? If not, why not?
Kiteman PKM4 years ago
I'm sure that there is something similar at [caution, spam].
Yes but still +41...
dombeef splazem4 years ago
Its getting really small!

I have seen smaller :D
+49, this has got to be annoying someone...

Yeah, we just go over it, without much thought...

And we now have to comment one word per line!
+55 did u notice we skipped 50 and 51?!?!??!?!?!?
No, the comment was there but they didnt say 50 or 51
splazem dombeef4 years ago
And no, Kiteman, I'm not annoyed.
+57 I cant even read that anymore :P
dombeef splazem4 years ago
+59 and we now cant see anything!
splazem dombeef4 years ago
dombeef splazem4 years ago
splazem dombeef4 years ago
dombeef splazem4 years ago
+64! The numbers are going invisible!
dombeef splazem4 years ago


oh my.
+70 :)
Lithium Rain (author)  dombeef4 years ago
Can I join the fun? ;)

Only if you post a picture of the hoodie!
Do you know why you got one?
+74? Where have the other gone?!
+76 i suspect i will delete very soon...

I dont know yet, the other one was deleting because other people were commenting above, I think it was about like 100 total, I guess we will find out!
+78 Its starting to loook completly jack :P

I agree.
splazem dombeef4 years ago
dombeef splazem4 years ago
Lithium Rain (author)  Goodhart4 years ago
dombeef splazem4 years ago

and instructables is back online! Whoooooo!
splazem dombeef4 years ago

Thank god, I was going through withdrawal syndromes! :)
dombeef splazem4 years ago

Yeah, I was going to go on instructables this morning and waking up to the error really freaked me out, I though it was a usual update but a few hours later it was still like that, then I was a bit worried, but that was before they had the instructables official site offline page up.
+90 yeah i thought instructables died

but it is back!
splazem dombeef4 years ago
R.I.P. Instructables.
+93 We are destroying the site! LOL!
+101 really? it doenst show anything after +96 to me
Did you press the Next button? I thought the same thing too, but i press the next button and all is well.
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