Thanks for the free t-shirt, Instructables!

Got my free shirt in the mail today. Cheers!

(I think i filled out an author survey or something.. I dunno. :p)

Picture of Thanks for the free t-shirt, Instructables!
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jeff-o6 years ago
Nice! Maybe I'll request that colour next time I get the chance.
ajleece (author)  jeff-o6 years ago
I didn't actually get to choose the colour. ;p
Kiteman6 years ago
you rang?
I didn't think you were TALL enough to play LURCH ! LOL
Hmm, ok I thought it looked more "Burgundy" but I am a bit color blind ;-)
It looked a bit more "Claret" to me.
Hmmm, I can't tell the difference between burgundy and claret.....
maybe if you lick the screen?
Blech! Tastes like dust.....
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