That "new coffee pot" plastic taste.

Here's a useful bit of technology I discovered. Having bought a new coffee maker - a "Mr. Coffee" type drip machine - I found that it left the coffee with a nasty plastic taste. You could also smell the same plasticy aroma just opening up the packaging. I was advised that washing the coffeemaker and running a lot of water through it would cure this. Well, it didn't seem to.
Other suggestions included vinegar, powdered "coffee pot cleaner", and running it through the dishwasher (well, please don't run an electrical appliance through your dishwasher, OK?)

But I did have something on hand that eliminated the smell and taste completely - Vodka. Thoroughly moisten a paper towel with vodka (Everclear would work, too)  - and wipe down all the interior surfaces (especially plastic ones).  Mostly this means the water reservoir, the filter basket, and any lids. The glass carafe can be done, too. Use at least a shot or two of vodka. (Not counting that which you drink.) Follow with a thorough rinse.

Evidently the bad-tasting plastic residue is soluble in alcohol.

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ToddY71 year ago

tried the vodka and it really works, thank you

buydontbuy1 year ago

I've heard a lot of people say that alcohol is the solution. Isn't alcohol the solution to ALL of life's problems? haha

Anyway here are some more ways to deal with plastic taste if the alcohol rubdown doesn't work: http://buydontbuy.net/2015/06/23/seven-ways-to-get-rid-of-coffee-maker-plastic-taste-and-smell/

davenota4 years ago
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ilpug4 years ago
This is just what I needed, but i can't use it, since i'm in a college dorm. bummer.
Orngrimm ilpug4 years ago
Then try to get into the lab at your university and get some high-proof-alcohol from there. :)
Often they have 70%vol Ethanol there as cleaning-solution
ilpug Orngrimm4 years ago
Well, being resourceful college student, I obtained some vodka. It worked beautifully.

It also cleaned my coffee maker

blkhawk4 years ago
How do you dare to waste good vodka like that! Shame on you! ;-)
ebenostby (author)  blkhawk4 years ago
Nothing is a waste if it improves coffee!
He COULD use cheap, not so good, vodka :-)
Blasphemer! Even cheap vodka does not get wasted! ;-)
Eh? Brewed at home gutrot would suffice I suppose ;-)
You mean moonshine?
Made in small enough quantities for a non-beverage reason, many states allow it, yes.
Kiteman5 years ago
Thanks for sharing that.

You could turn it into an instructable, you know.
ebenostby (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
I will sometime! Thank you.
I just hope you saved the packaging, then you can re-stage opening the new machine...