The #1 reason for why I dislike the New Update | (Hint: It's worse than Apple)

I normally don't hate things. I don't mind getting used to new updates. In fact, I like when things get updated.
I'm sure the staff worked a lot on this new update, but to be honest, it's really bad. Very bad. I'm doing my best not to break the Be Nice Policy, but this is seriously really bad. 

You've taken away from us the dozens of amazing features, And we have no control over them.

"Oh, it's just a small update" - NO! IT IS NOT! 
"But it's so small!"  - Oh, really?
Hi Staff, I've hacked into your car, and removed a small screen. Now you can't see the amount of gas that's left. Don't worry, you'll get used to it.
"Jokes on you! I'm just searching for a new car! Until I finish my research, I'll find a way to hack it." - Good for you. Unfortunately, on Instructables.com, we can't do that. Youtube has an option that allows you to choose how your YouTube channel looks. You have two different layouts that you can choose...

I mean, seriously! You're removing the features that we love? WHY?
Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7. Do they force you to buy the Iphone 7? NO! Did they kill all of the previous versions? NO.

"It's only you" - Take a look at the forums... You're hurting YOUR MEMBERS! Without us, you would be NOTHING. You should respect our feedback, y'know...
"Why does this bother you, and you don't want to post Instructables now?" There are plenty of DIY websites. There's a reason for why I chose Instructables.com. It is a user-friendly website, it is very well designed, and has an amazing community. Now?
User friendly? Absolutely not. 
Very well designed? What?
Amazing community? Well, you're making some of them leave, so...

If you're going to change, change in a way that will help. Don't change because you haven't changed the layout in 3 years. 
"*sigh* Looks like we've lost something good here for the sake of "progress"..." - An old comment by ItemsOnHand.

If you disagree, think differently, or anything else, I'd like to read your comment. 

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Yonatan24 (author) 6 months ago

Yes, I know I've written so much without receiving a reply from the staff. I've been writing while they've been sleeping.

Yonatan24 (author)  Yonatan246 months ago

Changed my mind a bit (only a bit) about what I wrote. If you comment here, I'll probably only reply on Monday-ish...

Yonatan24 (author)  Yonatan246 months ago


Downunder35m6 months ago

Problem with updates is that the people who do them usually have little to no connection to the users.
In the forums I am active in we actually ask the users once or twice a year, before we apply software updates to the forum, what changes they would like to see or add.
For Instructables it is too hard to provide an option to sort the comments in the forum by time and date, which is utterly useless in the curent form IMHO.
And you think they will change the profile features again to actually make them more user friendly? LOOOOOOL

I would not be at all surprised if they
commit to the new profile page layout. Rather than valuing things on
their merits, people nowadays feel that the simple creation of something
makes it equal to whatever like it was around--without regard for
actual capabilities.

The new layout is objectively inferior to
the previous setup, but it will likely remain because too many people
are unwilling to face the fact that sometimes they make things that
aren't quite as good as they thought they'd be.

Just a reminder that when they changed the homepage to a feed-based system that was different for each logged in user, they changed it back after reasonable objections from the members.

The statement given thus far regarding parts of this one (the activity feed in specific) has been "love it or hate it, it's here to stay." That's verbatim.

I imagine that for the most part that'll be true for the whole bit, minus a few modifications.

I'm not suggesting they will get rid of the feed, just that they have listened in the past and have expressed a willingness to do so now. Just because they're putting their foot down on that one aspect doesn't mean they aren't listening or don't care.

Even before the press release in the other section was posted I had already forecasted that the new layout would not see any major alterations or reversals.

My confidence in feedback is not shaken by the response as much as the tone of it. The statement made said in no uncertain terms that, regardless of how it was received, the activity feed would be put in. That is why I questioned the point in submitting feedback.

The feed's existence doesn't negate all feedback. For example, the long drawn out exchanges on this topic have resulted in some very large chunks of text on my feed. Those fields of type are quite possibly discouraging visitors from scrolling and seeing my older ibles that have been favorited, because they may assume that's all there is. I would suggest giving a box a max size with a "view more" button at the bottom instead. The feed is here to stay, but I can still suggest an improvement for it.

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