The 7 pound bike

The wheels are barely over 700 grams for the pair and weight has been shaved off of every possible spot to create a ride that weighs in at 3,195 grams or just over 7 pounds. Damn. I used to have a beast of a cruiser that was easily over 50 pounds.

This bike isn't just for show either. The owner has ridden 1,000 kilometers a week on it!


Picture of The 7 pound bike
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Koosie7 years ago
Wow, cool bike.  Not so sure about the seat, though.  Looks like an instant wedgie!
whiteoakart9 years ago
This bike has a high ratio of Boron, particularly in the wheelset. This material is nearly the lightest metal on the periodic chart. Only Beryllium is lighter. Be, however, is extremely toxic. It is used in aerospace and is machined by men in full hazard suits.
Beryllium is also illegal to own ?(not sure) due to it being associated with the production of a nuclear bomb
I think it is because of its toxicity.  In a powdered form it could be used as a weapon of mass destruction.  It's that bad.
yeah. solid form is perfectly safe. powdered form causes all sorts of problems internally. It doesn't have as much style as strychnine, but hey, a poison is a poison.
So, I'm not a biker, what's a bike normally weigh? And that seat looks more uncomfortable than a trip to the Urologist.
Typically, a racing road bike weighs in at 17 to 19 lbs.
 i got myself i giant cadex for 70€, 19 pounds... 
whiteoakart9 years ago
I have a carbon fiber racing bike that is considered very light. It has titanium components, carbon fiber tubes, and aluminum lugs. It weighs roughly 17 lbs! This is nothing short of amazing. David
totally amazing. You could lift that bike over your head with one hand. MY CAT WEIGHTS 13 POUNDS!!!!
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