The Adaptive Knex Rifle

I almost sold all 35+ pounds worth of Knex, but am glad I didn't. I have resurrected my old mag fed design and will be posting it here on Instructables.

Picture of The Adaptive Knex Rifle
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MrRadicalEd (author) 6 years ago
Progress is slow yet steady. I had to revise the sear mechanism for a more robust pin guide, but it is nearly complete. The trigger is tiny.. like green rod tiny, so I might need to do something about that, but the action is smooth and responsive. My favorite part about this gun is using the ambidextrous mag release switch to perform tactical reloads.

Expect something more some time this coming week...
Im ready when it comes out =D
I'll be excited to see it. I'm curious how well it will work. I thought you left years ago as well. Hope to see the gun soon.
Woah you're still here!? I thought you left YEARS ago.