The Assault Umbrella

This umbrella is so tough you can stand on it, destroy scary watermelons with it and even use it in a bit of self-defense. Apparently these are used in the Philippine Secret Service who are happy with their $180 umbrellas.

Gotta love the video, though. Seeing this guy take out the watermelon in what seems like a serious parody of Gallagher is awesome.


Picture of The Assault Umbrella
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Now terrorists have a new weapon that's completely (what's the word?)
No....when you don't notice something.
Well don't ask Georgi Markov...
umbrella = weapon
Yep and it killed him, well the Ricin actually killed him the umbrella just shot it into his leg...(( Ya Ricin is not a new 911 weapon the US would have you believe ))
they don't check for it? there are so many holes in security, yet it's still so uncomfortable *goes off to start forum* there are, however metal-detector-looking-thingies made by G.E. sniff for drugs\explosives by blowing air at you...
It was used in 1978, well before GE developed there drug / explosives detectors ... And there is even holes in GE's systems, but why would you want to make a weapon designed to kill some one that can make it past GE's drug and explosives detector? (( and there is new X-ray equipment on the way which will find just about any thing, I know it can tell the difference between regular coke and diet coke while the cans are packed in a suit case full of junk ))
Can it tell the difference between Pepsi and Coke??
also the difference between purell and liquid explosive, from what i've heard. i've actually seen the things in some countries, but they're not regularly used. ps-i haven't been able to start forums or groups for some reason, do you know why???
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