The Best Halo Costumes Yet

It's hard to believe that these costumes are made by dedicated fans and aren't official costumes, but these guys have done it. After what has surely been hundreds of hours of work, they've got the look... and the power.


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pepperdogg4 years ago
whatsisface8 years ago
Ahh, I just spent 3 hours playing halo 3. People with headsets are funny.
i beat halo 3 the day it came out in 4 hours starting at 12:25 (thill then i didnt know how fast i could drive) lol
I assume from the avatar you've beaten legendary too then? My outright favourite part of the whole campaign was the 2 scarab fight, it looks awesome in HD.
Yes It is the best part of the campaign and yes it is awesome in HD oh yeah I have beaten all the halo's on legendary complete jyp about no legendary cut scene in halo 2 :(
yup a 56 inch HDTV with surround sound makes it seem almost realistic. and i do love the two scarab part also
Was it really worth necroposting?
abc1235905 years ago
and im 11 years old
abc1235905 years ago
i am in the middle of making one and its so easy with papekura
those costumes are acculey really easy to make theres a video on you tube that explains it all
You stated that there is a video on Youtube explaining how to make Mjolinir Armor, could you provide a link please? Thank you!
wizerd 7457 years ago
I think the marine is wearing a ACU (Army Combat Uniforme) under his armor. I were one in jROTC
GMer567 years ago
I started work on a Mjolnir Mark VI armor suit for myself last week (I've almost got the paper mock-up done). Mine probably won't even get within a lightyear of these, but I can hope.
TrIAd219917 years ago
BS, gotta be from the movie
no, people on 405th made them.
about what?
did you read the article?
i might have a while ago. i dont remember.
these were photos smuggled off the set of the Halo movie I'd totally agree with them, for a second, before remembering there is no Halo movie,

mainly because of that
Pambo7 years ago
hi guys, yes, these are 405th costumes created by the site master Adam, they are made from a rubber silicone mold he sculpted out of clay and painted, and yes, i consider this to be the best armor yet. I you want to know more about the halo costume community go to the405th (the registration is temporarily closed but you can still browse the forums) where you are supplied with all the information needed for your own halo suit
Thornburg8 years ago
That is pretty sweet. Defiantly the best I've seen.
nice great job dude who cant hear me.
oh did you make it?
no..... (i was responding to "dude who cant hear me")
oh ok I said that because the person who made this has no idea about this site.
ok lol
RelyNupon8 years ago
throw in one of those Japanese muscle suits and it would be real!
The assault rifle in the first pic is really messed up.
theres two of them
What? In the first picture? No there isn't... Oh wtf lol there is two!
Kiteman8 years ago
Just as well Halo isn't a BBC franchise!
=SMART= Kiteman8 years ago
the Bungie motto warns all...... BBC is too afraid
I understand all those words, but put them together in that order, and...

Why would the BBC be afraid of some elasticated luggage straps?
Oh i didnt read the WHOLE link i thought that BBC took that persons idea. Drrrrrr..... my bad
Jake Turner8 years ago
Yay, a post to toot my own horn on! I'm making a EOD helmet as we speak, I've already tried to do a full suit, but I screwed it up by rushing to get it all done in a month's time. So as of now I have one oversized ugly Mark VI helmet, an EOD helmet in the resin stage, and a new Mark VI helm will be made after the EOD. 405th.com FTW!!onethousandonehundredeleven!
Holy eggs!
Keith-Kid8 years ago
What I would give for bring able to make those!!!!!!!!!
Labot20018 years ago