The Best Halo Costumes Yet

It's hard to believe that these costumes are made by dedicated fans and aren't official costumes, but these guys have done it. After what has surely been hundreds of hours of work, they've got the look... and the power.


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pepperdogg5 years ago
whatsisface9 years ago
Ahh, I just spent 3 hours playing halo 3. People with headsets are funny.
i beat halo 3 the day it came out in 4 hours starting at 12:25 (thill then i didnt know how fast i could drive) lol
I assume from the avatar you've beaten legendary too then? My outright favourite part of the whole campaign was the 2 scarab fight, it looks awesome in HD.
Yes It is the best part of the campaign and yes it is awesome in HD oh yeah I have beaten all the halo's on legendary complete jyp about no legendary cut scene in halo 2 :(
yup a 56 inch HDTV with surround sound makes it seem almost realistic. and i do love the two scarab part also
Was it really worth necroposting?
abc1235907 years ago
and im 11 years old
abc1235907 years ago
i am in the middle of making one and its so easy with papekura
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