The Best Invention workshop ever ?

Hey, You see i am a new member around here but i have been here for a long time as a guest , i explored the site and it has some pretty need stuff around here. I tried some of it and really enjoyed it , then slowly i made it a hobby to invent things from here. Now i have a bunch of inventions and electronics lying around. Then i planned to design and make my own small invention workshop in my room, you see i don't want to take it as a full time work and keep it a hobby thats why i never made it big. So my question is now to you professionals who may have a personal workspace where they carry out there little evil works, how to design a effective and efficient workshop layout with the following things taken into considerations: - A work are where i would do the work ( Give m a list of things i should put over here) - A smooth storage area for my parts ( i am thinking of putting on my spare bed) - A display area for m inventions - And a circuit processing area (pcb) - And a enough space to sleep in. I hope you would help me and guide me through it. - Please let me know all the tools and things needed to start a invention workshop. ;) Arylic

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arylic (author) 9 years ago
Cool workspace nice, neat and arranged. I was thing of something like that.
Firebert0109 years ago
Probably the workshop they built from the ground up in MAKE. It was pretty awesome. I'd scan the articles for you but I'm traveling at the moment.
Thought this would be helpful, this is my workshop. It seems near identical to your needs, and it's also in my room. The picture is old, and I've since updated my prize display.

Here's one of my threads, it might be helpful.
arylic (author) 9 years ago
Thanks guys for your opinions on this situation, well let me give you a brief of what i am and what i have done already. My name is Arylic Singh and am 18 years old, i am a hobbyist electronic engineer i have done a side course in mechanical engineering also. You see i have built some cool inventions from the past years and developed a good skills in it. Some of my inventions include : - 300 litter water holder of about 5cm x 5cm box. - Heena © which is a custom home computer - hygrogen powered hovercraft (i did this with my school mates) etc... Currently i use my bedroom as a workspace. i have a big table where i put my Heena © and use as a work area. Also i use a spare bed in my room as a storage area where i put my parts in boxes and then put it on the bed. i use my sink in the room as a pcb development area with etching tanks. Thats what i have currently.
A pad of paper and a pencil, all else is predicated on what you invent.
Ok, First a desk is absolutely necessary. I actually worked off a sing shelf for about a year before I got a desk. Try to find one at a garage sale. Next, a shelf. I use a shelf for storage of all my larger parts and for display. Some drawers are great for storing components. A good soldering iron is alson necessary. I recomend you get an adjustable one with a max wattage of 60Watts. If you don't get an adjustable one, get a 40 watt soldering iron. Just don't get some cheap one from wal-mart, you have to get one of those $20 ones from radio shack. I use lead free solder as it is less toxic. As for the rest of the tools: Wire clippers, wire strippers, wire crimpers, and a set of screwdrivers are a must. Also, try to save up for a Multimeter. You have no idea how useful those are. And finally, a helping hand tool is the most useful thing you will ever come across. Anyway, you can store all this on the shelves and desk with no problem. I've done it for years.
Flumpkins9 years ago
Tape!!! To tape posters to the walls
Doctor What9 years ago
Geniuses have messy rooms. I do my projects on my bed, with the TV on (including soldering). I can't handle a workspace. I hates it. But I do work outside alot. Fresh air helps the hed. So does Tetris. I do have a desk that I thought about using at one point, but now it's covered in projects and felt pieces (alot of felt). It all depends on what you like to do (for tools). Every person is different. But if you need a tool, buy duct tape.
There's no set of tools you need for an invention workshop, in fact all you really need to start with is a good set of ideas, the tools you need come after unless you already have them. A soldering iron, allen keys, a few wrenches, tonnes of nuts and bolts will always come in handy, I personally build most of my stuff on my desk and have found the best way to have ideas is to have a completely un-organized junk box, full of crazy things that would never seem at all useful to someone with a normally functioning brain... What kind of things are you interested in? Like are you an electronics whiz or are you more in to mechanical stuff, all this goes in to deciding what kind of space you'll need.