The Best Kind of Duct Tape

What do you think the best kind of duct tape is: 1) Duck Tape 2) Nashua 3) Gorilla Tape 4) ect.

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spectacular7 years ago
Any duct tape that is relatively cheap and sticks well. I mean, that IS kind of the whole point of duct tape. Sticking well, that is.
Sean_Voodoo8 years ago
duct tape or gorilla
tyler210 years ago
my husband is a duct tape addict. he uses it for almost everything. we really like using Walmart's Mainstays but haven't been able to find it lately. He went to 4 different Walmart's yesterday with no luck. any suggestions?
Sunbanks9 years ago
I prefer purple Duck Tape.
Is the tape purple or is it only supposed to be used on purple ducts ? :-)
not for ducts you find it in craft stores
I was just easing a bit there ;-)
:) It's purple
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