The Best of Instructables Has Arrived

My copy of Best of Instructables Book just arrived! All work here at Instructables HQ has essentially stopped, so if the servers go down, send me an email or something...

The book is softcover and the same format as Make Magazine, except around twice the thickness.

There's also a thank-you page listing projects and photos that were submitted to the book, but were cut due to space limitations. Sorry we couldn't fit everyone in, but we still wanted to give you a shout-out. Maybe you'll appear in the next volume?

See the latest news about The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here.

Order The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here!

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drips9 years ago
Have any of you contributers received your copy yet?
momo! drips9 years ago
Just got it today. Thank you so much Instructables. It's an honor to be featured!
bumpus drips9 years ago
Me neither... :(
No. :( Soon, I hope!
Kiteman drips9 years ago
No :-(
I've almost died every day when it hasn't come. I really almost died on Friday, when I held a large white heavy envelope in my hands. I was elated! It's here! It finally came! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA-

That mail isn't for you, it's boring papers for someone else.


I've had so many NDEs with this, it's ridiculous.

The instructables book is killing me!
I thought it had arrived today - big white envelope, return addressee one E. Wilhelm...

It was only the knitting book I won in the craft contest.

Kitewife was pleased, though...
Hahaha, that happened to me last week. Not that the knitting book was bad - it's actually quite lovely... I just really want the Instructabook!
LOL< that must have been heartrending.
It was the right size and everything!
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