The Boy Mechanic

Found this:
The Boy Mechanic
If you look at it, it seems old hat, but a few Hidrogen Generators, countless Photo projects, a real cool Turbine, and a pair of Lathe How-tos, along with an Aluminum Casting one, I find it interesting to say the least.
...And a Stationary windmill, that turns no mather where the wind comes from!

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Edgar (author) 11 years ago
Racism? Well, in those days, it was considered Politically Correct to be one.

And you guys didn't found the several animal abuse ones...

Well, it is as wrong to judge those guys by today's standarts, as it is not to frown at them, if still used today.

Whimshurst machine?
Gotta see that one!

Edgar (author)  Edgar11 years ago
...Forgot the lensless Microscope, #76
Edgar (author)  Edgar11 years ago
Well, the Batiscaph, was invented 50 years after the Airship, alltough it's the same principle!
trebuchet0311 years ago
Wow... "Home Made Asbestos Table Pads." Sign of the times I guess :P
Edgar (author)  trebuchet0311 years ago
Yeah, right, but if you can see past the dated stuff, you can find a lot of good stuff.

Anyhoo, here's a list of things I've liked:

Number Page Description
54 72 Small Electrical Hydrogen Generator

57 75 A Homemade Acetylene-Gas Generator

59 77 How to Make a Thermo Battery
70 91 A Constant-Pressure Hydrogen Generator

86 111 How to Make a Lathe

167 206 Gear-Cutting Attachment for Small Lathes

171 212 How to Make a Glider

355 436 How to make a Turbine engine
361 445 Rolling uphill illusion
362 445 Annealing Chisel Steel

374 461 How To Build An Imitation Street Car Line

376 483 Measuring the Height of a Tree

379 467 A Tin Drinking Cup for the Camp

403 497 How to Make a Wood Turning Lathe Out of an Old Sewing Machine

419 514 Sharpening Scissors

420 516 Glass Blowing and Forming

422 519 Telegraph Codes

426 524 Piercing Glass Plates with a Spark Coil

426 524 A Home-Made Still

428 527 How to Make a Small Motor

432 531 How to Make a Wireless Telephone

436 536 How to Make a Wondergraph
442 543 Homemade Workbench
445 546 How to Make a Stationary Windmill
455 558 How to Construct a Small Thermostat

316 387 A Small Bench Lathe Made of Pipe Fittings

trebuchet03 Edgar11 years ago
Yes, I can see past them ;) Take it for what it is; a comment about how things have changed and not a personal attack ;) I went through about 2/3 of the thing (which was the same time adobe crashed on me :P)
Edgar (author)  trebuchet0311 years ago
I didn't tough as much, that's why I used the italics on "yeah, right", as a kind of light tone to it, like saying " but seriously, folks...".

Better use " but seriously, folks...", next time.

You guys have to bear with me, as English is not my Mother Language, and I don't suppose any of you knows Portuguese.

It is better to download the compressed .Pdf vesion, that way, it takes a wee bit less time.
Edgar (author)  Edgar11 years ago
...Forget the compressed one, doesen't work, just go for the other and hope for the best.
Edgar (author)  Edgar11 years ago
There SHOULD have been an image, here..
Not a Spiral.JPG
Edgar (author)  Edgar11 years ago
Great, it worked! It's an optical illusion, from the same book. And now, the plans for a Lathe made with Plumbing materials:
Sem título.JPG
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