The Brickster 2 SLDS Trailer

Well I was bored one day and I just discovered I had windows movie maker on my computer so I made this. My next step, get a facebook and youtube account (or at least google video). LMAO!

Picture of The Brickster 2 SLDS Trailer
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DJ Radio8 years ago
Google video seems pointless because Google now owns youtube.
Electroinnovation (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
Well yea but my mom "extremely dislikes" youtube so she may let me get a google video account instead.
why does she dislike youtube?
Electroinnovation (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
SHe thinks there's "bad things" on it which there is some but I'd never look it up
everything "bad" gets flagged and deleted, no?
NYPA DJ Radio8 years ago
ShanedawsonTV is extremely bad.
DJ Radio NYPA8 years ago
NYPA DJ Radio8 years ago
on youtube.
nope i have been linked to bad things
if you want i can upload them to my you tube on my auccount