The Cake was ALWAYS a lie!

I was thinking of Les Miserables today... which made me think of Marie Antoinette. You know, she said "Let them eat cake!" to the people in her kingdom... But they never got any! So the cake... was a LIE! The cake was a lie! It's ALWAYS been a lie!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!

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DJ Radio7 years ago
the lie is a lie.
REA DJ Radio6 years ago
the cake is a cake.
DJ Radio REA6 years ago
if the lie is a lie then a lie is a thruth but calling a lie a truth would mean its a lie so its a truth but if ur calling it a truth then i ges its...............................BOOM!
Nah, It's a paradoxical comment.
You're a lie. If the lie is a lie, wouldn't that make it the truth?
not if you lied about telling a lie.
Meaning you told the truth?(or something in between XD)
"So, you're always going to say no to me?" "No...?" "I win." The cake is not a lie, only the frosting is.
Kiteman7 years ago
Even worse, the saying is a lie - she never actually said it.
watermelonhead (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
She who, GLADoS or marie? If it's GLADos, well, it says it on the wall, in Grafitti
Marie - she never said "let them eat cake".
watermelonhead (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
O rly? hm. then not only is THE CAKE A LIE! but THE QUOTE IS A LIE!!! aaaaaaaah! where is our world headed???!?!!?
where is our world headed?

In the same direction it always has been, it is the choice of roads it takes that will determine the final destination of our species.
Do you have to ruin everything with your logic?
That wasn't really logic, it was more of a philosophical suggestion :-p
OH that makes it better. XD
Hmm, do I have to tag all my philosophical meanderings with Philo! from now on? ;-)
Bigev Goodhart7 years ago
Wow. A meme thwarted by logic and rational thinking. That's a new one to teh internets.
where is our world headed???!?!!?
Into a black, cakeless void...
Marie, It was from Rousseau's confessions and when it was released Marie was only a teenager. Did you happen to watch "Supersizers Eat..." Kiteman? It was very interesting.
I catch it occasionally, Kitewife watches it more.
REA7 years ago
also, THE GAME...
Matt21497 REA7 years ago
watermelonhead (author)  REA7 years ago
what? no, Glados says you'll get cake and grief counseling at the end of the test. and someone wrote "the cake is a lie" like, ten times on the wall. anyways, this forum topic is great. it's so delicious and moist
i was talknig about the meme.
watermelonhead (author)  REA7 years ago
ooooh. DANG! I just lost.
ll.137 years ago
Let us eat cake and sing songs around a campfire.
Joe Martin7 years ago
The brioche is a lie