The Childen of Instructables

Recently, I have seen that there's actually a lot people under 21 here on instructables. Have you ever stopped to think what will happen to kids who find this site? With more and more of all the knowledge of people here, I've come to think that most of us under 18 here on instructables will have quite an advantage on life over other people. I'm thinkin that kids that find Instructables will end up with super careers like Special Effects or something. Mostly engineers

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Yes we are going to have an advantage....more creative minds.... We are always reading on this site and reading is learning... BOOKS ARE BORING well the ones in my library I would rather read something on the internet or watch discovery channel or hang out with my friends then anything else. But I like it here on instructabkles everybody is smart . I am only thirteen..... and I wanna be a pilot and a chef. This place is the bomb......
w00ty329 years ago
I'm 12, and I want to be either a Chef, or a marine biologist..... kinda odd, I either wanna research the fish, or I wanna cook it.... eh. I'm an odd kid. I'm way too smart & mature 4 my age(common opinion in our house). God, i wanna have a kid's common sense, not an adult's. it keeps me from doing things.
smart as in street smart or book smart or inventive smart? it's good to be mature, picks up the ladies ;) No girl wants to go out with a jackass can I say that on the forum? Flag me if I can't, just saying
Keith-Kid (author)  guyfrom7up9 years ago
No girl wants to go with a jackass

Where have you been all these years?! From what I've seen, its the exact opposite
it keeps me from doing things.

Like blowing your arm off with an explosive ? :-)
Ya. stuff like that. and other stupid things that could get me or other people hurt. i do martial arts, tho.
In high school I was into Isshinryu karate-do mostly.
I'm in ninjutsu
Although the popular view is that ninjutsu is the art of secrecy or stealth, actual practitioners consider it to mean the art of enduring - enduring all of life's hardships. (Hayes, Stephen. “The Mystic Arts of the Ninja.” 1985: 1) Understood.
ninjas were upgraded to near mythical status in feudal japan. Is that quote from a book? and would you reccomend it?
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