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Welcome to the clinic, a place to get help and constructive criticism on your projects. Here's a brief intro on what it is, written by AngryRedhead:

"Some Instructables don't get the attention that they deserve. Many times the reason boils down to presentation, and if the presentation is off in one way or another, an Instructable might flop no matter how wonderful the project is. The presentation of an Instructable requires a certain set of skills which involve story telling, technical writing, planning, and photography. Even the most experienced technical writers and photographers still benefit from an edit or an outside opinion. As an author, it's difficult to see the flaws and errors because your thoughts and experience fill the gaps that might leave readers puzzled. It happens to every author.

If you feel you have an Instructable that isn't getting the attention that it deserves and you would like some ideas on how to improve its presentation, please post a link to it! We're not here to tear it apart or to tell you that you're the most horrible, stupidester person in the whole wide world. We're here to give you ideas for improvement and hopefully get you more attention and recognition for your project ideas. Think of this like editing or proofreading which is something everyone needs regardless of experience, intellect, and knowledge.

If you would like ideas on taking your idea to the next level and making it bigger and more awesomer, please say that you would like this extra advice. You can even post a link to an unpublished instructable if you like, but just remember, please check out the featuring checklist first since this will tell you all of the things that the best instructables have."

So... that's what this forum topic's for. There's a team of seasoned Instructables authors watching this topic, waiting to give you help!

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Kiteman3 years ago

Starting your first Instructable?

Then you need to read this how-to guide.
(Please remember that comments here are the opinions of those making the comments, and do not guarantee that your work will be Featured or win a contest.)

Anyone want to review this Instructable? Go to the URL below to view it.

Anyone going to review mine? Thanks!

kondzio296 hours ago

Hey all! Can you check out my instructable ? I would like to qualify for the homepage so more people can see it! thanks for any advice!

What do you thick about this instructable?It's high quality and step by step!

Great Instructable! Very easy to understand!

Giulia Art4 days ago

Made another instructable:

What do you guys thinck about it?:)

Thank you!

Nice tutorial! Have known about 3-D origami for a long time, but never been able to master it........Until now!

Thank you:)

I know this is already featured but I need help in making this better.

Thank you

Giulia Art3 days ago

I thinck that this need to be featured!What do you thinck guys?

Anyone want to review this instructable for me?

Thank you:)

I think it's tough to get paper airplanes featured. has >300 instructables on the topic, all high quality, and only 6% featured.

thank you for your answer makendo:)

My indestructible comes from experience from 2 years
& I am surprised people like it 20 favorite in 5 hours, I think it deserve to be featured :)

A few of your pictures look like stock photos. Featured instructables usually, if not always, include only original photos created by the author.

ok thanks :) I take your advice in my new Indestructible, In featured section now

Great! FYI, it's instructable not indestructable. To instruct means to teach and indestructable means it can't be destroyed.

looool sorry :D I hate auto correct....

your awesomeness is indestructible! :)

Thanks :D awsome guy

GillB12 days ago

I just found tons of free Steam games at Works for all countries!

I know this is already featured but I need help in making this better.

Thank You

Proto G12 days ago

It has been 1 month since I published my my first instructable! So far, I have published 11 instructables and 7 of them have been featured. Can you guys/gals critique my instructables. What am I doing right? What could I be doing better? Thanks!

Seems you're off to a great start. The instructable as a means to drive traffic to Youtube is perfectly legit, but I think it works best when sufficient instructions appear to reproduce the project without needing to watch the video (even if it really helps). TheKingOfRandom does this the best on this site, I reckon. Projects like your Enigma box are interesting ideas but contain little info on how to actually do it, so generally if you're looking to improve I'd bump the instructional content up.

Akinventor6 days ago

Anyone want to review mine? (Thanks Kiteman for pointing me here!)

A small but important issue is that you misspelled instructable at the end of the first step. Primarily though, I think it may be too experimental and short to be featured. As you say, it is an interesting possibility and a great start for further work. I would continue to experiment with your process and see what you can come up with that could be more reliably recreated. Perhaps you could create another instructable on a fun object using your thin printing method.

That is a great idea!! I want to try and find a object that "Needs" a flexible filament, so I can try and print it without. Hmmm....

Thank you!!
HarizI4 days ago

Hi im hariz, a diploma student .i have to make a final year project and i decide to build a project like an airwheel or segway unicycle .can anyone tell me the instruction or guide me how to build that kind of project?

Type in what you want to make at the top of this page where it says "let's make."

kasperfish10 days ago

Hi,I recently posted my first instructable. I would like some tips to make it better and get featured eventually. here is a link to my instructable:

anyone want to review my instructable?

At first glance, I recommend changing the cover image. You can barely see the project in the current one. The first step in getting views is having an appealing cover image. I would use the first image in step 8 instead.

thank you for your feedback! I changed the cover images but I have problems getting the size right. Do you know the recommended dimensions of the image? apparently it is not just a square image. grtz

Giulia Art7 days ago


Just posted this instructable:
Can anyone tell me if i need to change something to be featured?


You have to have some patience. It usually takes some hours to a day (they are humans)

It looks good, just wait a bit.

thank you for your answer :) i will wait:)

I published a new instructable and the wrong picture is on the front page. I tried editing it, but I can't get the picture to change. I need help Thank you

Go into edit mode for the instructable. Click publish. There you'll be able to choose any image in the first step of the instructable for the cover image. Be sure to click save when you've made the changes. If that doesn't work, contact

Thanks Brooklyntonia Now I have another problem. While trying to change that image, I made my image into the project. Anyway I can be unknown again?

I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean by "made my image into the project."

The little purse you see next to my name is the project I just finished. Before my profile just showed a shadow.

Up in the top right of the site there is a link that has your profile image and says "you." From there, in the drop down menu, choose settings. Choose the settings tab and you can change your profile image to whatever you want. I suggest choosing an image you like better than your project image instead of deleting it completely.

Thanks for all your help. As you can see I am not too computer literate.

Glad you figured it out! Great choice for your profile pic, by the way.

Giulia Art9 days ago

Hello:)I just posted this instructable and i don't know why is not featured!

Can someone tell me why?

How much i need to wait for it to be featured?


That's an excellent tutorial! Just needed a little time. ;)

Thank you Sam :)

this is featured on the instructable home page

Yes:) Just now i see that:)

Is there a reason why this

is not featured? There are nice pictures and clean instructions.

Niche + many similar projects already. One of the two is generally OK but rarely both it seems.

It's OK. I did manage to get one of my projects featured.

Rayan9013 days ago


I am happy to become a member of the community.. it's very useful.

I am a student(1st yr) and I am trying to do a project, which allows students to answer multiple choice questions using remote controllers. I am trying to build the code, but I don't know how to differentiate each student's answer and different codes from different remote controllers. can you please help me? I am a beginner and sorry for troubling.

#include "IRremote.h"

int receiver = 11;

IRrecv irrecv(receiver);

decode_results results;

//decode_results value;

int value;

void setup()



Serial.println("IR Receiver Data - ANSWER SHEET");



void loop()


if (irrecv.decode(&results))


//Serial.println(results.value, HEX);

value = translateIR();




void translateIR() // takes action using IR code received




case FD00FF:

Serial.println(" PERASON A - CHOOSEN ANSWER IS 01 ");


case FD807F:

Serial.println(" PERASON A - CHOOSEN ANSWER IS 02 ");


case FD40BF:

Serial.println(" PERASON A - CHOOSEN ANSWER IS 03 ");


case FD20DF:

Serial.println(" PERASON A - CHOOSEN ANSWER IS 04 ");


case FDA05F:

Serial.println(" PERASON A - CHOOSEN ANSWER IS 05 ");



Serial.println(" other button ");




I made this instructable and i think it is feature worthy what do you think?

Craft Board (or Instructable Board)

Tough to get something as simple as this featured. You need to better illustrate how it is more than a piece of painted cardboard.

This is the first instructable I ever made and I want to make it featured. Any help :)

How to Throw a Tomahawk

Any help would be appreiciated

You got some good feedback in the comments about technique that you could easily incorporate. Don't repeat photos. Replace last step with troubleshooting. Does type of tomahawk matter? Add a video.

how can this be featured? and what can i improve?

Your capitalization and punctuation is seriously hurting this ible. Even in your comment here, be sure to capitalize the beginning letter in every sentence.

Thanks, I'll make sure to do that. I haven't really paid attention to punctuating since I hate English grammar.

Any idea on how I could make this homepage-worthy?

hunter99921 days ago

Hm, this is a categoric feature. Anything needed or that it is missing for a homepage feature? Thanks!

LoSkana24 days ago

Hi! I don't have much experience with 'ibles, time for a general check-up at the clinic! Do you see any major flaw with this one?

I got this Instructable featured -

But till now only 2k views; I expected to get much more views and get featured on the homepage... Is there anything i can still improve on?

Some possible tweaks. It's pretty neat, but not especially photogenic... perhaps try shooting the main photo from a more interesting angle? The overlaid text doesn't show up that well. Perhaps explain why this is better for you than a commercial version (which cost ~half of what you paid in parts)? Also, it's not clear to me how the robot dispenses the same amount of food each time as the level in the jar changes over time.

Can you help me make my Irish Meat Pie homepage worthy?

That is one fine looking pie. There must be something wrong with the taste. Tell you what; freeze half a dozen, courier them to me, and I promise to tell you what you need to do them to bump them up to the next level :)

M3G1 month ago

Time and time again I keep coming back to this old instructable, trying to improve it. Does anyone have any suggestions on what would make it feature-worthy, or is it a lost cause? Thanks in advance!

makendo M3G1 month ago

Looks like a classic overlooked instructable to me; nice photos & instructions, 20k views already banked; good luck.

M3G makendo1 month ago
Thanks for the kind words, I've got my fingers crossed.
antoniraj M3G1 month ago

I have an instructable which has more than 157k views and not even featured...

That's rough. But food ones need really good photos to get featured, and your main one could be easily improved. Perhaps spread the jam on something tasty and shoot it in good light without your thumb in the picture?

Any way I could improve my latest instructable on how to make an LED Steampunk lamp using old light bulbs to get it featured?

It's the first instructable I do that doesn't get featured. O___O I guess there's a first time for everything, though. :P


A couple of steps are missing photos. The main picture doesn't look like the lamp is actually on. But I think the main issue is that steampunk projects are usually characterized by a high finish quality that is very much part of the aesthetic, so yours may be suffering somewhat in comparison.

Okay, thanks for the help.

I'll just forget about it and do new instructables instead. :)

Teisha1 month ago

Any suggestions on changing/improving my 'ible on automating shopping so it could get featured? Thanks in advance!

Too risque for a feature or just not that great?

Oh it's great (the pictures are hysterical), but yeah it's probably a wee bit risque.

how can i make my instructable featured "wood pendent " please help too much fed up out of 19 instructable not even a single one!!!! please help ?

Could you post a link so I could review you 'ible?
KRA5H1 month ago

Please review my Instructable, LaserOscope, and let me know if I need to make any changes to it to get it featured.

kondzio291 month ago

Heyy all! It's my new instructable :

It was featurted in technology category, but i want badly to make it land at homepage, what is missing ?

It's pretty good; there are a few typos e.g. wit, i, ther, wher etc and you probably overuse emoticons & !, but no big deal. More problematic is that it is a 3d design at this stage and not a print - if you are at a university there pretty much *must* be 3d printers available - ask around. It looks pretty small so it will be cheap & quick.

I've made some changes, and added photos a working prototype made from foam board.

Congrats on the feature!

What do you mean?

Oh, sorry - I noticed it had been featured, but had forgotten you were looking for the home page. Give it time.

Any other way I can improve it to qualify for homepage?

So, there are photos of 3D printed objects now, with help of one user we manage to do some test prints. There is still quite long way to make them perfect but for now I am happy with results since its my first design that was 3D printed

University have 3D printers... however students are not allowed to use them for their personal purposes. Haha... it sounds weird but this is how things are in my country... University bought recently new workstations for solidworks... and again. Students will not use them. I have to carry my own laptop to the university to avoid using laggy computers on which we are working. I realize that In USA or England or wherever 3D printers at univerity are easily available but not here... unfortunately

Jayccob1 month ago

Hi everyone. I posted my first Instructable and I am looking for critic to help improve my future ones.

Anything helps, and thanks in advance.

makendo Jayccob1 month ago

You need to improve your photography a lot. The project itself is good. Check out for some tips on how to get the most out of a simple camera.

Jayccob makendo1 month ago

I figured that would be a problem. That was using the only camera I have and I don't own a smartphone, Andriod or Apple.

Jayccob Jayccob1 month ago

Thanks for the feed back though. Anything else you can think of?

KarmaN11 month ago

this is emergency......... plz can somebody help me to make piezoelectric element or from where can i get it??

Jayccob KarmaN11 month ago

Hey I don't know how to make one but you can get them from most BBQs and BBQ lighters use them to spark the flame. Is that the knid you are looking for?

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