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Welcome to the clinic, a place to get help and constructive criticism on your projects. Here's a brief intro on what it is, written by AngryRedhead:

"Some Instructables don't get the attention that they deserve. Many times the reason boils down to presentation, and if the presentation is off in one way or another, an Instructable might flop no matter how wonderful the project is. The presentation of an Instructable requires a certain set of skills which involve story telling, technical writing, planning, and photography. Even the most experienced technical writers and photographers still benefit from an edit or an outside opinion. As an author, it's difficult to see the flaws and errors because your thoughts and experience fill the gaps that might leave readers puzzled. It happens to every author.

If you feel you have an Instructable that isn't getting the attention that it deserves and you would like some ideas on how to improve its presentation, please post a link to it! We're not here to tear it apart or to tell you that you're the most horrible, stupidester person in the whole wide world. We're here to give you ideas for improvement and hopefully get you more attention and recognition for your project ideas. Think of this like editing or proofreading which is something everyone needs regardless of experience, intellect, and knowledge.

If you would like ideas on taking your idea to the next level and making it bigger and more awesomer, please say that you would like this extra advice. You can even post a link to an unpublished instructable if you like, but just remember, please check out the featuring checklist first since this will tell you all of the things that the best instructables have."

So... that's what this forum topic's for. There's a team of seasoned Instructables authors watching this topic, waiting to give you help!

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Kiteman3 years ago

Starting your first Instructable?

Then you need to read this how-to guide.
(Please remember that comments here are the opinions of those making the comments, and do not guarantee that your work will be Featured or win a contest.)

This is the first instructable I ever made and I want to make it featured. Any help :)

How to Throw a Tomahawk

Any help would be appreiciated

I got this Instructable featured -

But till now only 2k views; I expected to get much more views and get featured on the homepage... Is there anything i can still improve on?

Some possible tweaks. It's pretty neat, but not especially photogenic... perhaps try shooting the main photo from a more interesting angle? The overlaid text doesn't show up that well. Perhaps explain why this is better for you than a commercial version (which cost ~half of what you paid in parts)? Also, it's not clear to me how the robot dispenses the same amount of food each time as the level in the jar changes over time.

Can you help me make my Irish Meat Pie homepage worthy?

That is one fine looking pie. There must be something wrong with the taste. Tell you what; freeze half a dozen, courier them to me, and I promise to tell you what you need to do them to bump them up to the next level :)

M3G13 days ago

Time and time again I keep coming back to this old instructable, trying to improve it. Does anyone have any suggestions on what would make it feature-worthy, or is it a lost cause? Thanks in advance!

makendo M3G8 days ago

Looks like a classic overlooked instructable to me; nice photos & instructions, 20k views already banked; good luck.

M3G makendo8 days ago
Thanks for the kind words, I've got my fingers crossed.
antoniraj M3G8 days ago

I have an instructable which has more than 157k views and not even featured...

That's rough. But food ones need really good photos to get featured, and your main one could be easily improved. Perhaps spread the jam on something tasty and shoot it in good light without your thumb in the picture?

Any way I could improve my latest instructable on how to make an LED Steampunk lamp using old light bulbs to get it featured?

It's the first instructable I do that doesn't get featured. O___O I guess there's a first time for everything, though. :P


A couple of steps are missing photos. The main picture doesn't look like the lamp is actually on. But I think the main issue is that steampunk projects are usually characterized by a high finish quality that is very much part of the aesthetic, so yours may be suffering somewhat in comparison.

Okay, thanks for the help.

I'll just forget about it and do new instructables instead. :)

Teisha10 days ago

Any suggestions on changing/improving my 'ible on automating shopping so it could get featured? Thanks in advance!

Too risque for a feature or just not that great?

Oh it's great (the pictures are hysterical), but yeah it's probably a wee bit risque.

how can i make my instructable featured "wood pendent " please help too much fed up out of 19 instructable not even a single one!!!! please help ?

Could you post a link so I could review you 'ible?
KRA5H17 days ago

Please review my Instructable, LaserOscope, and let me know if I need to make any changes to it to get it featured.

kondzio2921 days ago

Heyy all! It's my new instructable :

It was featurted in technology category, but i want badly to make it land at homepage, what is missing ?

It's pretty good; there are a few typos e.g. wit, i, ther, wher etc and you probably overuse emoticons & !, but no big deal. More problematic is that it is a 3d design at this stage and not a print - if you are at a university there pretty much *must* be 3d printers available - ask around. It looks pretty small so it will be cheap & quick.

I've made some changes, and added photos a working prototype made from foam board.

Congrats on the feature!

What do you mean?

Oh, sorry - I noticed it had been featured, but had forgotten you were looking for the home page. Give it time.

Any other way I can improve it to qualify for homepage?

So, there are photos of 3D printed objects now, with help of one user we manage to do some test prints. There is still quite long way to make them perfect but for now I am happy with results since its my first design that was 3D printed

University have 3D printers... however students are not allowed to use them for their personal purposes. Haha... it sounds weird but this is how things are in my country... University bought recently new workstations for solidworks... and again. Students will not use them. I have to carry my own laptop to the university to avoid using laggy computers on which we are working. I realize that In USA or England or wherever 3D printers at univerity are easily available but not here... unfortunately

Jayccob19 days ago

Hi everyone. I posted my first Instructable and I am looking for critic to help improve my future ones.

Anything helps, and thanks in advance.

makendo Jayccob18 days ago

You need to improve your photography a lot. The project itself is good. Check out for some tips on how to get the most out of a simple camera.

Jayccob makendo18 days ago

I figured that would be a problem. That was using the only camera I have and I don't own a smartphone, Andriod or Apple.

Jayccob Jayccob18 days ago

Thanks for the feed back though. Anything else you can think of?

KarmaN119 days ago

this is emergency......... plz can somebody help me to make piezoelectric element or from where can i get it??

Jayccob KarmaN119 days ago

Hey I don't know how to make one but you can get them from most BBQs and BBQ lighters use them to spark the flame. Is that the knid you are looking for?

MAYER MAKES19 days ago

Here is my ´ible

Any suggestions how to improve it?

KarmaN119 days ago

can somebody help me to make piezoelectric element?

Hey guys!

here's an instructable i
made to use the waste energy from a a bike's exhaust pipe and convert
it to electricity. Please do let me know what you think. :)

ArvindK120 days ago

please provide me 16 servo controlling of hexapod arduino code

Please help... The ible was created with a great effort..!

For ideas as simple as this to work, the product needs to be really photogenic, and the result here is not. Stylistically, you should try to be a little less overwrought and also avoid telling your audience how great your project is - let them draw their own conclusions.
I've already posted three times here, and I really need help. This 'ible was posted a week ago, and hasn't even hit 100 views yet! please help!
How do I make it feature worthy?

CharBob22 days ago

Hey! All this is my first 'ible! Please check it out!

Are all the steps clear? Do you think you could follow it if you wanted to? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Not bad! Unlike some, your spelling and grammar are good, and you explained well. Some of the photos (Especially steps 3 and 4) could stand to be cropped down to show only the subject and less clutter.

Very true, there can never be enough attention to detail! thanks for your feedback!

here is an Instructable i recently finished...

As usual I can't decide well on the thumbnail image. Also can anyone tell me how to improve this Ible to make it feature worthy? Thanks in advance...

I like the thumbnail image that you've picked and I think it's the best of those in your Instructable. However, there's a lot going on in the background of your images that might serve to distract from the foreground (your project). Maybe make a DIY lightbox. That's going to be a project for me this weekend. Overall, I think it's a great Instructable and I think if you can figure out how to up the ante on pictures it ought to definitely get featured.


Keep a nice clean background to Showcase your I`ble

Well, thanks, i did that. What about now?

That does look pretty cool ! :D

Maybe lose the wires, and some Color in the Background would be my only Critique !

Just do something similar with your next one and you should fair well :)

Well, thanks, i followed your suggestion. How about now?

dcq3226 days ago

Hi! What ought I do to improve this Intractable and get it feature-worthy?


it's a very good (and yummy) Instructable! I think the last image could work better for the thumbnail. Also add a caption in the image itself. In the "ingredients" step, try adding a list, like a bullet list or a numbered one, along with the very detailed explanation. Thats all I can say.... I do hope it gets featured!

Thanks for the feedback. I changed the thumbnail image and added a numbered ingredients list. I also added notes to each of the images (although I'm having a hard time getting them to show up on the desktop version of Instructables).

There is ALOT of white in you're Tumb-Nail... Between the Egg white and the Background I had to take a second and try to see what it was. Maybe a colored plate? Possibly some parsley or some sliced Veg to munch on? Tiny bit of pepper wouldn`t hurt Either :)

Can anyone give me some advice on this 'ible. How can I get it featured??

It looks pretty decent but the main thing you should try is to improve your images by decluttering your backgrounds - as is they're distracting. Also perhaps try some slower music so the robot looks like it is moving less randomly (there is enough lag that its hard to see that the movements correspond to the beat).

Thanx for the advice. One more quick thing do I have a chance in the DIY music competition ???

You always have a chance, but it's probably fair to say that the majority of winning projects are featured (and often in the newsletter as well).

KRA5H26 days ago

Howdy folks! Please review my Instructable "The Tyndall Effect" and let me know what I need to do to improve it to get it featured. It was a feature article on Science 2.0 (you can find it in the list featured articles here Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have that will help get my article featured here on Instructables.

Maybe a point of criticism is that you don't necessarily demonstrate Tyndall Scattering. Just scattering.

The entire point of the Tyndall effect is that shorter wavelengths are scattered more than longer wavelengths.
You can't illustrate that with a laser pointer which has only one frequency (or at least a very narrow band).

You should light with more colours such as a beam of sunlight or white LEDs.
You will see that the blue component of the light is scattered more which makes your emulsion look blue and your longer wavelengths should reach the end of your container.

Or for example take a red, green and blue laser.
Then you will see that blue light is scattered more than green which in turn is scattered more than red light.

Also, the muddy particles in your dirt step are much bit too big to clearly see the Tyndall effect. (You can even see that all your red light scatters away)

You must keep your particles <1µm
I really think that this is worth a feature.
35 favs!

I think it's a great instructable, nice work! My only suggestion would be to take a picture of all of the stuff needed and use that instead of the stock photo you have now.

Can anyone give me some advice on this 'ible and how can I get it featured.

JM19991 month ago

Can anyone please give me some advice on this Instructable?

It is consistently getting between 30 and 50 views a day and it never got featured?

makendo JM19991 month ago

You've picked a much-searched for title/keywords, especially around science fair time. To make it feature-worthy, I think you'd have to redo the photos, perhaps add video and tighten up the text.

JM1999 makendo1 month ago

Right, so basically another 'ible :(

I'll think about re-doing it but at this point I don't have any materials for it.

makendo JM19991 month ago

On the bright side, you've already done some good SEO :)

Hey, I was wondering about this ible that I posted a while back. I was wondering for future reference what I could do to make article like this feature ready? Is it a bit niche in your opinion? Was it too long? Do you think the instructions were overly complicated? Is it too targeted? Would love some constructive feedback :) Thanks!

The Ultimate guide to creating a headless Minecraft server

It's well written (save for the odd your/you're, bare/bear), but the main problems are the density of jargon and that you don't really explain your motivation for what looks like an expensive and complicated build. Why would anyone want a minecraft server? Why is a headless one desirable? The main photo says "The Ultimate Guide" but it's not clear to what.

Thanks, so I should work on:

  • Make sure you correct things like your/you’re, bare, bear.
  • Make sure you explain why you are doing the ible
  • Possibly explain why say a Headless server is desirable
  • Make sure not to use Jargon, make it easy to understand

Awesome! The help is really appreciated. I noticed that on the one ible of mine that was featured I had a good reason for doing it and a story to back it up.
Really need help... i never get any attention over here.... :(

I'd start with a Different Background. I Usually go with White too, but there is soooo much white + clear plastic in your Piece that it fades into the Background

Try some colored poster board from the Dollar store !

Also, perhaps use some clear tape next time ? ( Least on the outside)

Otherwise the content is nice and clearly written :) I like the caption on your Thumbnail !

Anything else that could help me?

I agree about the tape. It doesn't look high quality with tape all over the outside. I also don't have any confidence that the sharpener would be held firmly enough by the tape to allow sharpening. I suggest you redo the project with a strong glue like E-6000.

I changed the tape!
BTW, I have done this and I can really assure you that it does really hold the sharpener PRETTY tight, so as to allow sharpening.

Your cover shot looks Nice !

I was just browsing through the Diy Music contest and saw your I`Ble ! Good Luck !

(Sorry for the late response, The Robot up there miss-filed that Email :P )

Make the Thumbnail for your Next I`Ble that Nice, and you should do well :)


ThisIsSteve1 month ago

I personally would be much more interested in actually seeing you create something with the Makey Makey as oppose to just showing us how to program it. Your article, because of the aforementioned reasons, seems very targeted at beginners and people who actually need to use a Makey Makey.

However, I hope you don't mind if I bookmark your project for future reference :P

Most readers probably don't know what a makeymakey is or does, so your project is very niche (i.e. only for those that have or want one of these things). You could make it more broadly interesting by providing some background, and providing an example of programming it to do something.

This instructable got a category feature, but I'd love to get some advice on how to make it homepage-worthy.

I was literally just marveling over your project on the homepage, Being a avid harry potter fan It just caught my eye instally!

It's on the homepage!

I'm wondering the same thing about my Classy Warrior Trophy Jewelry.

Nevermind, it's on the homepage.


The writing is pretty solid but has a couple small typo-like errors. You may want to read over it carefully again. Primarily, I think your issue is the images. They're all back-lit with the window in the background. This makes for a dark subject. You may be able to lighten up the foreground a bit with a photo editor. Also, there's no need to list what each image is. If you feel there's some specification needed, I would suggest tagging the image with the "add note" button instead.

dashinggurl1 month ago

How an instructables become featured?

Any help for this instructable?

I thought it was pretty good but I don't know for sure

There was another instructable with the same name and same type of content entered in the How to play contest. Both the instructables are also posted on the same date. you can see the other one here

Wow! I did not know that.

yea, that may be one of the reasons your instructable did not get much attention

I simply don't understand how to play based on your rules. Perhaps some images with drawings or diagrams to explain how the stones move would be helpful.

Can someone help me improve this 'ible!!

how do i get it feature worthy?

You need to document more than just applying purple primer. A photo of all the parts and the final assembled product would be useful. Avoid using stock photographs. Stating "---------------------------------lowes or local hardware store" over and over is redundant.

ok thanks!!!

i will do that!

Well new i'ble -

Any comments or suggestions to make it feature worthy?

It did get featured, good job!

Silly me, I didn't mean that one... It was this

Soooo sorry for the mistake :(

Totally fine!

Umm, on the solar powered one, I went to your page to check the recent and straight away I saw it, it stood out but not quite in a good way - I mean, all your other 'ibles have amazing thumbnail images - the first thing I would do is change it out to a different one (if possible).

Apart from that I didn't really see any other inconsistencies in it :)

I'm so bad in choosing thumbnail images... Like... Why doesn't it stand out in a good way? I've got another worthy image in the intro and the last step... will that work?

Compared to your other intro images, this is a little below.

I would start by making a kind of electronics background - it's hard to explain.

What I saw in the thumbnail was the following:

An interesting window, a holey tablecloth (lots of holes).

And then I see a round device that I have no idea what it is so I do either of the following:

Click it and satisfy my curiosity

Or I would check the view count (1.4K) and bypass it

Or I would check the view/favourites rate (1 per 51 people) and bypass it again.

It would only be curiosity that would bring me in but I am different.

Maybe take a photo of it on your bedroom window with the solar panel visible pointing out the window and maybe a few cords but not too much, the clock needs to be the main focus.

I just reached the last step of your 'ible and realised your "window" is actually a solar panel XD I totally thought it was a window until like 10 seconds ago...

Otherwise, your photos of the wiring and diagrams are clear, the finished product photos could do with a little improvement imho.

Don't take all of what I say as total straight speaking, I only have an 8% feature rate myself (mind you, I have 105 'ibles!).

Hope you get featured again,


Yes I now changed the cover image... Wonder if its any better.... Like more interesting and understandable than the earlier one... Your opinions do help a lot, thank you!

Much better!

I really hope it gets featured for you :D

Oh and on the images in the intro and the last step - I personally would re-do them or at least take a new one for the thumbnail.

But that is me - you are different and so is everyone else.

Any suggestions on how to get my projects featured?

They're good quality, but it's tough to get featured with builds that use a special type of proprietary building block. Lego is marginally easier because it is a little less niche.

Thanks, but I do know that some folks can get their knex guns featured simply for good, clear photos.

shazni1 month ago


I would like to know how a featured instructable get's to be in the homepage.

kind of confused about this as some of my instructables has made it to
the homepage and some has not. I actually thought that my

homepage material. But as it did not make it I was really wondering
what makes homepage. Is it possible to give me some pointers in what
makes homepage and what does not?


P3020133 (640x480) (2).jpg

Yes... This Instructables -

Definitely needs some improveimprovement, though I dunno how :/ any help is appreciated :)

Hey, would be great to have some feedback on my first Ible to make my next one better.

It is awesome and the editors think so too - it got featured!

I don't know what you could do to improve, the qualities are there - keep building :)

Wow! It just made it to the Instructables Homepage!

I guess I don't need to improve anything major then.

Thanks for your time, I'm working on another Ible at the moment! ^_^

JM19991 month ago

Any suggestions on one of my latest 'ibles please?

mgandm52 months ago

Could someone please tell me which of these cover photos would be better. If you can think of a better idea for a photo, please let me know. The instructable I want to use is here:


My personal preferance would be the one with the person. But I think the one with just the red board and the snow is more clear, since the other one doesn't have the board on the picture. If you have a picture with a person on the board, I'd go for that one ;)

I like the one with just the red board and the snow :) just my personal preferance

Do any of you have some advice for why these were not featured

Homemade Snow Cones

Delicious Heart Shaped French Toast

Whenever I post here I almost never get a response.

Your written instructions are very well done--clear, well organized and easy to follow. Good work!

Your images are the weak point in both of those, in my opinion, as images are for many food-type instructables. To get peoples' attention, images of food need to be well-lit with vivid colors, and in perfect focus (not blurry at all). As they say, we eat first with our eyes! If you snap a photo of a food item, and it looks anything other than mouth-watering and delectable, you should keep adjusting lighting, angle, and so forth. As far as editing photos, adjusting brightness and contrast alone will do wonders, especially with food items.

Also, for familiar and common types of foods, the importance of nailing the image quality is even greater. Just a couple thoughts! :)

Thanks. I am not the best at taking pictures of food

dashinggurl2 months ago

Any ideas on this why this was not featured?

wall hanging wood vase and mason jar tissue box.

There's two things I would suggest you work on when looking at both ibles. First, the image quality is not great. Be sure you have good lighting. I know how difficult it can be to get good indoor lighting, but play around with different settings on your camera and different types of bulbs in your light source. Better yet, work near an open window with natural light.

The second issue I see is the overall craftsmanship. There are several moments when something could have been done more precisely to make the project look more appealing at first glance. For example, the metal you glued to the lid of the mason jar could be cut more carefully and glued on more evenly.

Don't give up. They're cool ideas. They just need a bit more polish.

Thank what will u suggest me what will i do more to get better feedback?

I'm sorry, but I don't understand your question.

I asked u that what will i do more to improve my instructables in future?

Thanks in advance..

mgandm52 months ago

Could someone please give me some feedback/opinions about this 'ible: I would really appreciate it.

makendo mgandm52 months ago

Nicely documented, but I'm mildly skeptical that duct tape could possibly be (a) slippery enough and (b) hard wearing enough to work well in this context, and tbh your video doesn't fill me with confidence. Also, your main picture doesn't actually show any of the modifications you made.

mgandm5 makendo2 months ago

The duct tape is durable and the wax helps with the slipperiness. It is very smooth. I will point that out more. I guess I really need to wait until it snows again (fingers crossed) and get a better video.

Thank you so much for the constructive feedback!

Raitis2 months ago

Hi there!

I need some unbiased (meaning not mine) opinion about this one. Or does it appeal to a too small audience to be noteworthy at all?

Also, maybe I should use a POV video still as a main image instead (not sure about quality here, so avoided it)?

makendo Raitis2 months ago

Oh, I think this will get featured all right, it is pretty cool. A little niche perhaps but most of the ideas are presumably transferable to other small cameras. However, your second picture is way more interesting than the first, so think about making it the main picture (though it does have a *really* busy background).

Raitis makendo2 months ago

Thanks for the answer. Image was one of my concerns as well so it's already changed, the busy background is out of focus, so shouldn't be an issue I guess. Did change the title not too long after publishing too, so it doesn't sound like a completely niche thing either. :)

Brooklyntonia2 months ago

This isn't quite the usual post for the clinic, but I'm vexed. I recently published one of my favorite projects that I'm quite proud of, a hat box converted into storage on my scooter. About an hour later I published an ible detailing how I used leftover wood to build a workbench in my garage. The hat box was featured to the homepage almost immediately and didn't get bumped off for at least two days. The hatbox only had 100 or so more views than the workbench for those two days despite the workbench not being featured. So, at this point, the hat box had around 500 views and the workbench had around 400. Around the third day, the workbench got featured to the channel and now it has almost 2200 views while the hat box only has a bit over 700. They're both in 2 or 3 contests, so they are most likely receiving traffic from those pages as well, but they are not receiving any significant traffic from outside Instructables.

So, why do you think the hat box isn't getting as many views. Does it not interest the instructables member base as much as the workbench? Does no one have a scooter? I know there are lots of bike riders here, and it's easily converted to a bicycle. In my experience, a day on the homepage is good for around 2000 views. Of course it will vary, but this is one of the least popular homepage featured ibles I've ever made and I'm not sure why.

Perhaps it comes across as having relevance only to those that possess both a scooter and a hatbox, which I suspect is a pretty small constituency. On the other hand, lots of people want a workbench and often have little space for one.

Your heart shaped french toast ible doesn't have an intro image that shows heart shaped french toast. I would either make them again and take some images that show off the heart-y goodness or at least use one of the images in step 5 that shows the heart shape.

dashinggurl2 months ago

Any ideas on why this was not featured

wall hanging wood vase and mason jar tissue box..
JM19992 months ago

Any suggestions on my latest 'ible:


shazni2 months ago

Any idea why above was not featured?

JM1999 shazni2 months ago

It is featured!

Any ideas on why this was not featured

Hot Glue Ring

Any advice would be helpful :)

KRA5H2 months ago

Howdy folks! Please review my Instructable "DIY Super Selfie Stick" and let me know what I need to do to improve it to get it featured. As I type this, my Super Selfie Stick article is being featured on Science 2.0 ( I'm in the featured articles box on the front page with Sascha Vongher, Josh Bloom, Steve Hentges, and Alan Levinovitz all of whom have PhDs. And then there's li'l ol' me! Here's the link to the featured articles page in case my story is pushed off the front page before you have a chance to take a look: Obviously I've made some change from my feature Science 2.0 article to my Instructable that caused it not to be featured here. Thanks in advance for any suggestion you may have the will help get my article featured here on Instructables.

It just got featured, but I'm still posting the following: sometimes it's just a matter of time, waiting for your project to be noticed. I personally browse recent instructables quite frequently, but I hadn't seen it yet. Yes, it had probably already been seen by someone who decided not to feature it, but there are quite a few people here with different opinions. Sometimes it's just about the right person seeing it at the right time.

Thank you for featuring my Instructable!

crashzoom2 months ago feedback?

crashzoom2 months ago
makendo crashzoom2 months ago

Photos and documentation is good, thought the tool looks for all the world like a shiv. Could perhaps be made more elegant and easier to swap blades if you use two wire split rings (say made of a paper clip) to secure it.

amorarun2 months ago

Not featured... suggestions welcome

Akin Yildiz2 months ago

how about these, why didn't they get featured?




they are all very clearly documented, informative and fun ! :(


have a nice day everybody !!

The pictures and documentation are good, but try writing proper sentences and fix up the punctuation and grammar. Also, repeated instructables on the same theme don't tend to keep getting featured even if they are high quality, just a representative few (see OrigamiAirEnforcer, for example).

hkerr2 months ago

Any info on this?

Hey could someone give advice for why these 2 instructables were not featured I don't know how to tell. Thanks in advance :)

3 Ways To Paint With Rubber Bands

DIY Decorative Vase

Hey could someone give advice for why these 2 instructables were not featured I don't know how to tell. Thanks in advance :)

3 Ways To Paint With Rubber Bands

DIY Decorative Vase

ThisIsSteve3 months ago

How can I improve this instructable-
Thank You

I think a more descriptive title would be helpful in generating more views. Also add links between your spark core series, and place them all in a collection when you are done.

ThisIsSteve2 months ago

Any suggestions on this instructable

Thank You

Hi ThisIsSteve :) Glad to see you're back with more SparkCore instructables.

A few suggestions :

- in Step 1 : Getting started, you could add links to the SparkCore website as well as your previous Instructables since you're mentioning them in the text ;

- in Step 2 : You could go into much more detail on how to setup your breadboard, where to put the components and how to hook them up to the SparkCore. A lot of people might have no experience using a breadboard at all, and wonder why you're putting components where you're putting them ;

- in Step 3 : Buzzer, all one can see on your picture is the Buzzer - the photoresistor is gone. Therefore it doesn't really seem to show the next step in the project so much as a setup for another part, and doesn't seem to show how the whole circuit interacts together. Perhaps reuse the picture from Step 5 ?

- In Step 4 : Code, you could either provide a link to SparkCore's Tutorial 101 or detail uploading code in detail ;

- in Step 5 : Finishing, you could use this step to show how to make the circuit more permanent - maybe with soldered wires or gator clips ? - and how to set it up so that you can actually use it as a burglar alarm (to each side of a sliding window for example ?).

It's a really great idea for a beginner project with SparkCore though, and I look forward to your next Instructables !

Hey Deslivres, Thanks for the fast reply and I'm editing on the project, as you said. I will get proper images of the breadboard, and I will let you know when its done. And I also have one more instructable with spark core coming up in a day or two.


NomadHobbyist2 months ago

I could use some advice on this guy.

Thanks to anyone who helps.

Hi NomadHobbyist :)

First off : Looooove Minecraft :D A series of basic tutorials to do in Minecraft could be a great idea for new players as well as parents wanting to play with their kids (for the parents or for the kids).

Second, suggestions :

- Your title : you might want to add "In Minecraft" in there somewhere so that people who're looking to build an actual jungle treehouse don't get the wrong idea ;

- Step 1 : Materials : you could insert the crafting recipes as a picture for the people who don't know how to make the materials for the project.

That's all I can think of right now - if you make more Minecraft Instructables, do try to link from the last step for anyone who might be looking for inspiration after they are done with this project. I hope this helps !

Thanks you guys!

I changed it!

Sorry it took so long:)

I don't know much about Minecraft, so I can't help much on the ible itself. However, I agree that the title could be better. The "Make your own" portion is always unnecessary when writing an ible title. It's the point of instructables to show how to make something, so you don't need to say it in your title.

good day . i really need help . how this BC547 works on the circuit and its flow? please . I need to present this on my class . thanks .

5 LEDchaser ..gif

This forum is for authors who need help with their Instructables. You would probably get more help if this was posted in the Tech section. Having said that, one thing I would recommend is bread boarding the circuit so you can watch it operate and see how the LEDs light up. In this circuit the capacitors are blocking DC current and the transistors connect each LED to ground. Think about what happens when the current flows through each resistor and the transistor is turned on- when the transistor base (b) is powered electricity flows from the collector (c) to the emitter (e), connecting each LED to ground and allowing it to turn on. So what you need to figure out is why are the capacitors there and how do they affect the transistor function.

How could I improve this one, apart from more pictures (since I don't have those but would still like to make it as good as possible):

That's a tough one. Maybe show the different types of brushes you used and why you used different brushes in different areas? Or maybe show different brush techniques?

The only area that I think really needs any improvement is between the Tardis outline sketch and the next step. It seems like you would need something in between the two that show some work in process. I know that's difficult (if not impossible) to do at this point. I think a lot of people who are wanting to learn how to paint would like some sort of guide here- something like "I blocked in the blue first," etc. Maybe you could do a sketch like the Tardis sketch that shows a numbered sequence for how you began putting the color down?

Edit: I've recreated all the steps of the painting process to make it clearer

That is a huge improvement- well done! It looks great. Of course I'm a big Doctor Who fan and my middle name is Vincent since van Gogh was my Dad's favorite painter so maybe I'm a bit biased. :)

Thanks again! It is a great combination ;D

Thank you so much for your advice! I've recreated a few steps to clarify the process a bit.

Dr. Joe3 months ago

I have an idea that I don't know where to share it. This is the project.

Dr. Joe3 months ago

Hi: I am new to this game this year and am trying to learn to play by the rules. I entered a story that I thought would be a two for one. One idea in two contests. The contests are Para Cord and Protect. After a day of trying to come up with an idea. I thought about self defense for my daughters, not that my son could use this skill too. I also thought about when I fly on an airline how I sometimes feel vulnerable thinking only the bad guys might have a weapon. What could I do to protect my family. I have packed a metal water bottle my daughter gave me for years as I travel the air lines. Then there was the aha moment.

A water bottle on a cord could be a great defensive weapon. It passes thorough security if it is empty. I don;t think it would raise an eyebrow in a social setting for an old man to carry a water bottle and a cord. In my backyard test it looks like it would be a powerful weapon that does not take much training to use.

The project was accepted for the para cord but rejected then accepted and rejected again on the protect contest. with this latest comment.

"I'm sorry for the back and forth on this, but in the end it was decided
that the material in your Instructable is too sensitive to be included
in the Protected Contest." They suggested I post this on the clinic.

I would like advice on where I went wrong.

Here is the link.

Honus Dr. Joe3 months ago

I'm guessing it was rejected because you are endorsing carrying a weapon on an airplane.

Dr. Joe Honus3 months ago

Good point. Thanks. Sometimes when I get too close to a forest I can't see the trees.


Please check out my instructable and suggest me if there needs to be any changes made to make it better. This is my first instructable by the way. :

Thanks in advance.

I think it's well written, easy to understand and the project is easy to duplicate. Nice circuit diagrams too! The only suggestions I can think of are maybe change the lead image to a nice clear photo that shows the finished project as I think people tend to respond better to that than illustrations. When the first thing I see is a photo of the finished project it tells me that you've actually made the project.

The other suggestion I have is to change the title to something shorter, maybe something like "Human powered phone charger"?

Thank you so much once again Honus. Following your suggestion made me get featured :D :D :D

Thank you for the appreciation :)

Thank you very much for the suggestions Honus. I have made changes as per your suggestions. Hope it gets featured.

zimitt3 months ago

I was lucky enough to be featured with my first instructable and I'm addicted to the drug. Need some more.

My second did not create the same high. Could use some advice.

NomadHobbyist3 months ago


This was my first Instructable and I was wondering if you guys could give me some tips to make it better. Thanks!

Great first ible! Your biggest issue is that your primary image is difficult to read since your paracord is the same color as your bag. Try some different lighting to see if you can get an image that shows off your work better, or perhaps you could make another one in a different color.

liakparker3 months ago

HELP ME OUT! I just laid down my first "ible". It's titled "how to make "David's Sling"". Read, critique, and make me a better maker! Thanks, guys!

JM1999 liakparker3 months ago

Hi, I just checked out your 'ible, it looks great!

A video may make it a bit better but apart from that, it looks awesome!

I voted for you - I hope you win!

liakparker JM19993 months ago
YOU ARE THE BEST! Thanks for giving it your time! I'm going to have to work on my video editing skills and start learning to document with that media. Your encouragement helps.... as well as your votes! I appreciate the feedback. It sure does help a first timer get started on the right foot!

JM1999 liakparker3 months ago

That is totally fine, if you scroll through the comments in the clinic you will see that I have asked for plenty of help myself - time to give back!

JM19993 months ago

Can I please get some suggestions on the linked 'ible?

I have done the clearest photos I can and described everything to what I thought was feature worthy but it seems I am missing something.

ThisIsSteve3 months ago

How can I improve these instructables -

Thank you

tomheylen3 months ago

This is my 2nd instructable and I'm planning to make a lot more.

So I would like to have some feedback on this instructable to be able to provide good quality for the next instructables.


Tom Heylen

Honus tomheylen3 months ago

Hi Tom,

I really liked the diagrams, especially the one showing all of the materials- I thought that was great. Overall I found it very easy to follow.

What I think would make it better would be more step by step large construction photos with notes or a even a video in the instructable that shows the construction. Maybe you could have a temperature sensor at the inlets/outlets to show people how well it works?

tomheylen Honus3 months ago

Thanks for the feedback Honus.

For now I'm staying in another country far away from the heat exchanger.

But when I get back I'll make some footage and add it to the instructable.

Have a nice day,


Wired_Mist3 months ago

I was a bit disappointed that this didn't get featured. I know I need to take a cover shot that shows more of the chicken, rather then the Pasta and Sauce it's sitting on.

Any other thoughts on how to make my next one better?

Based on your comment, I'm assuming that you originally had the picture of the finished product as your primary image. I would put it back the way it was. It looks quite appetizing in that image. Photographing food is hard and that picture is pretty good. The chicken in the pan isn't as interesting or yummy looking.

Also, I'd enter the superfood challenge. When you enter a contest, an editor has to look it over to make sure it qualifies. They may decide it's feature-worthy in the process.

Fair enough, I'll do both for sure!

Thanks for the help :)

smalltortoise4 months ago

I could use some tips, I'm not sure the next few steps to take to improve my Instructables projects. This is my most recent one (my second Instructables project):

Thanks to anyone who has feedback!!

Some suggestions:

1. You might want to change your title to something like Giant Touch Sensor Controller. An oversized box is an oversized box.

2. Do up a separate intro which is like a summary to the project. A big part of the audience here does not know what the MaKey MaKey is or what it does. The rest of the instructions are pretty intense and might want to edit some of the narrative style for more succinct steps.

3. Use an intro image, which becomes the thumbnail, of a clearer shot of the controller box with fingers touching it. It is hard to make out at a glance looking at the entire setup to figure out what you made. Use a contrasting background to your plain lasercut box.

4. The video could be improved with better sound and closeup of the items. I had to play it a few times to see it was triggering some garageband like drum setup on the laptop,.

5. It's fine to promote your hackerspace, do it in the intro.

I wanted to thank you again for this feedback. We ended up getting this featured in Science. You have been an excellent source of feedback for us for multiple projects. This is the kind of thing that really gives meat to a community. Thank you for being open and encouraging. Great feedback that works!

Back again.. I made some changes. I need to get more pics and better video, but I think this might be a start. I tried addressing the name of the project like you suggested, cleaned up the intro, added resource links and summary info for those unfamiliar with MaKey MaKey, and added a more clean intro image. I might post a better one, but regardless am going to add pics for more of the sub steps and try to get a better quality video with good sound and res. Thanks again! This was very helpful feedback.

Thanks!! I will work on this. This was very helpful

smalltortoise3 months ago

Hey there, I am not too concerned about whether or not this gets Featured but I would appreciate feedback. I am still new here and trying to figure this all out. Care to take a look? Thanks for any help!

I would change the title to something more descriptive for the big non-tech audience here to Liquid Button Drum Controller or Liquid Button Keypad... Hydrophobic or Hydroscopic, I can't remember and MaKey-MaKey is a product known more in electronics circles. I really had to go through the whole ible a few times to see that you only float the surface of the cut out button shape with water but thought you flood the box with water but then how did you fill up the shapes? Then is the wire sandwiched between your cutout acrylic or it needs to contact that water button. Maybe a video of you using it, what happens when all the water is splashed off the button. The build steps are fine but you want to explain what a MaKeyMaKey is and show how cool your adaptation of capacitance touch works. Good luck.

Hi, caitlinsdad! Thanks for the feedback. It is useful to see how this comes across to some people. Having said that, I am not going to make all the changes you suggested at this time. I tried to link to MaKey MaKey and to a resource on hydrophobics, but I have edited in a little more to the first step summary with some more layman information. I will work on a video, I think that's a great idea. I think I will keep the name, however. This is for an Instructables Build Night with MaKey MaKey and it is aimed at people who already have or will be getting a MaKey MaKey. I won't say that it is useless without one, but getting into capacitive touch sensing on an Arduino or other microcontroller is well beyond the scope of this Instructable. I'm OK with this being a bit of a niche Instructable in that regard. I'm also OK with leaving "hydrophobics" in the name because that is exactly what it is. I don't know if you noticed, but we included a 3D print badge people can put on their fridge to show they learned about hydrophobics. I am all for reducing unnecessary entry barriers, but I am going to gamble that hydrophobics isn't too big of a concept to take on for most people. It might help with my new summary and especially, as you suggest, with a video. You brought a lot for me to think about and I really appreciate it! Best wishes!

No worries, if it works, don't touch a thing.

Thanks so much for all your help. We got this project featured in Science and then homepaged to top it off!! I feel like your advice helped us take it to the next level to make that possible, thanks for being so awesome!

I would say it works better now because of your feedback. I'm working on a video. You gave excellent constructive criticism, which is what this thread seems to be about. Greatly appreciated, mate!

dashinggurl3 months ago

i am not getting as many views as i am expecting?

please give your suggestions where i did wrong?

wall hanging pocket vase..that i make.

Hi there dashinggurl ! Here are a few suggestions for your hanging vase Instructable :

- double check your spelling - there are a few spelling mistakes here and there through your tutorial ;

- retitle Step 1 - the title you chose for it would fit your Instructable better than for this specific step. Perhaps you could call it "Materials" or "Things you'll need" ;

- use a bullet list in step 1 instead of a numbered list - bullet lists make more sense when you're just listing things in no particular order, such as materials for a project. You can use numbered lists for lists of things to do in a specific step instead ;

- split Step 2 in 2 parts - you could then explain more into details how to make the whole structure and how to decorate it ;

- use picture annotations - you took a lot of pictures for your Instructables, so make the most of it ! Use the annotation function to highlight what you're doing in the picture ;

- link to more flower types - you could look around for other tissue paper flowers around Instructables (perhaps even those you might make in the future) and link to them from your wall-hanging vase Instructable.

I hope this helps, and good luck for your next Instructables !


Pleasure to help, have a good day !

JM1999 Deslivres3 months ago

You have comment number #1000 on the clinic!

Deslivres JM19993 months ago

:D Next up, first comment over #9000 ! Thanks for the heads-up.

joachimba3 months ago

Could someone have a look at my instructable? I might be able to take new photos of the finished project, but not the process unfortunately...


You could change the title to Custom Boat Cabinet. I guess the thing that is missing is seeing the refrigerator. Is there ventilation for the compressor, is it a special kind of refrigerator for marine/mobile camper use? The table top hinges open? You could lay out a few charts to make the picture more interesting. You might want to take a longer shot of the boat interior as I couldn't picture where you had to shoehorn in the cabinet as you described the ladder but it doesn't look like an access hatch next to the spot where the cabinet is placed. More familiar woodworking terms in English are sheets or cuts of plywood. The rod would be a moulding or trim strip. Good luck.

Thank you. I have done some modifications and will probably do some more. Your input is highly appreciated!

M3G3 months ago

Hey instructables! I've been going through some of my old posts trying to improve the writing and such. Any suggestions for this instructable? Thanks!

Wired_Mist M3G3 months ago

I Would suggest a different background. If you want to showcase your piece, It needs a different material in the background then the piece it's self. Personally I like white office paper. as per writing, mabye some filler before you go to point form? Hope it Helps!

M3G Wired_Mist3 months ago
Thanks for the suggestions! I'll get to work.
vsiderskiy3 months ago

Hello Clinic volunteers,

Thank you in advanced for taking a look at my Instructable, I would like to do what ever is necessary to make it better.

When making my Instructable my main priority was to make the project reproducible, adding as many photos and details as possible. I believe in holding a certain amount of responsibility to guiding my readers properly in to a feasible project. Now I would love for someone to take a fresh look. Maybe some steps should turn to videos (like step 6 which is mostly about cutting wire). Also I have a step that maybe has too many photos (like step 4). Or maybe I can just add something to make everything more appealing.



I think it is great.
Maybe to satisfy Brooklyntonia you could mention using Chua systems for cryptography like you do on your site.
Chaotic attractors are a small niche on the internet. But cryptography will likely have far more attention.

Thanks. I added the two paragraphs I have on my site.

The most important thing it's missing IMO is...

What is a chaos circuit, and why would I want to make one?

This info would be very helpful in your info step.

Thank You. I added a bit more information without going into too much detail.

Hi . Good day . can I please ask for help . can u help me explain how clap switch using a BC547 works? please . thanks

You really need to start a fresh topic in the Tech forum for that - click the link below:

ThisIsSteve4 months ago

Still need some help with this


Hello ThisIsSteve :)

It's been some time since you posted, so I hope this'll still be relevant advice you're looking for. Here are a few suggestions :

- check for spelling and typography : there are a few mistakes here and there through the text (for example, arduino/Arduino, led/LEDs, etc.) ;

- check your links : for example in Step 2 : Setting up the core, a link is missing for the Tinker app download and the link to the Spark Store doesn't seem to work ;

- add more details : for example, you could expand the whole section about pairing with the Spark Core for a step-by-step explanation, as well as add picture(s) for the various states of the Spark Core (or link to a tutorial about that process) ;

- use the code format for code : in Step 3 - Blinking LED time, you could use the code formatting option from the editor menu to separate it from the rest of the text.

- lead your readers on to a follow-up : in Step 4 - Flashing, you mention moving on with your next tutorial, but don't provide a link. Adding it would help your readers naturally follow up on what you taught in this Instructable. You also mentioned you and your friends decided to write your own instructables together : you could add links to these as well ;

- give more context : you could add links to explain what you exactly mean by Build Night Program, as well as links to the official website for Spark Core and links to beginner tutorials or community forums where you readers might find help troubleshooting their issues. Besides, a big share of working with open-source platforms is to join the corresponding communities ;

It's nice to have Instructables about new development/hobbyist platforms, and congratulations on you and your friends on writing instructables for the community at large. Let me know if this helped !

Hi . Good day . can I please ask for help . can u help me explain how clap switch using a BC547 works? please . thanks

shazni3 months ago

I'm so confused as to why this is not featured.

My ballerina was not homepage material , it this not homepage and featured material too? please let me know where I am giong wrong

Deslivres shazni3 months ago

Wow, this is a lovely project shazni ! I don't know the first thing about quilling, but that certainly makes me want to give it a shot at some point.

Now for a few suggestions :

- check your links : the link to basic quilling shapes you provided in your intro doesn't seem to work

- use bullet lists for your list of materials to help readability

- provide links to quilling board templates, where to download a template to make one yourself or suggest stores where they can be found

- check your titles : Step 3 has no title !

- explain quilling more : if this was someone's first contact with quilling, and because it's such a beautiful project, you'd want them to be able to find all the information they need to make the project. Barring that, you can link to another Instructable about the basics of quilling ?

I hope this helps - let me know what you think !

shazni Deslivres3 months ago

Thanks for your input ! I think those are all wonderfully useful suggestions and made due changes as per your suggestions .

Yes, I must put another tutorial on all the shapes that can be made. The one I linked to is not so clear and it's not the total of all basic shapes. So stay tuned for that tutorial ;-)

I hope you get into paper quilling it's a wonderful craft and very inexpensive too. You can basically start with the stuff you have on hand.

Last year I put up many paper qulling tutorials in the hope of winning a cricut machine (which I didn't win. I hope I have better luck this time!! pray pray pray) Check them out and try it :-)

Deslivres shazni3 months ago

Hi shazni,

You're welcome ! Good luck with your future entries into Instructables contests, and I'm definitely looking forward to your next tutorials on quilling - especially the beginner level ones. See you around !

Nawaz3 months ago

Any pointers as to why my instructable was not featured? What did I miss and how could I have made it better?


Instructables get featured for all sorts of reasons, not always beause they are good or complete.

As many will say: A catching front pic is often enough to get featured.

Check some features 'ibles and you see what I mean ;)

So don't worry too much if you won't get featured for this one - I quite like it!

Hey Downunder35m,

Thank you for your kind words. Actually it's not about getting featured or not. But as you know, there are some requirements you need to get featured which includes proper documentation with adequate pictures.

Whenever I plan to post something, the main goal is to make sure anyone can understand it. So naturally, when my instructable was not featured the first thing that came to mind was something is missing there. Which is why I wanted feedback from others.

Also, since this instrucable is a fix and not a build, the front picture is limited to showing what the problem is.

But as you said, instructables get featured for all sorts of reasons and not always because they are good or complete.

Kind Regards,


Deslivres Nawaz3 months ago

Hi Nawaz :)

First off, congratulations on writing that Instructable : it is very detailed and very thorough, for a very technical problem.

Now for some suggestions that could help make it better (an Instructable is never really finished !) :

- spelling ad grammar : there are a few spelling and grammatical mistakes through your Instructable (for example, your first step spells "Tool required" when it should be plural ;

- use the appropriate lists : bullet lists for lists of items, and numbered lists for steps to follow : in "Step 3 : Disassembling the phone" you use numbered lists for boths, which (I think) can hurt readability.

- use bold text for important points : for example, you highlighted how you tested the power connection without the battery in Step 3 part 6, but you didn't use it to highlight the important elements of each step, which could help readability a lot.

- provide component references and suppliers : if possible, share some product IDs with your readers to make it easier to order what they need, and even better, provide links to suppliers catalogues. Extra points for pointing to suppliers that will ship internationally !

I hope this helps, let me know what you think. Keep up the great work, and here's to a new year full of projects for you !

Nawaz Deslivres3 months ago

Hello Deslivres,

Thank you for taking the time to go through my intructable and for your suggestions.

I already made some changes, especially for the bullets and numbering. Am pretty sure there must be other spelling and grammar mistakes to be corrected.

Kind Regards,


Deslivres Nawaz3 months ago

Hi Nawaz,

Pleasure to be of help. See you around !

(Leave it to me to make typos in the section of a comment dedicated to spelling and grammar... :p)

Olike3 months ago

Hey, I've got this instructable and I think it's a quit good idea but it didn't get featured. Some help maybe :) ? Thanks

caitlinsdad Olike3 months ago

1. Yup, "The Clinic" is the right place to come to get your swinging balls checked out.

2. It is a good ible but it is hard to tell what is on the minds of the featuring powers that be. Don't worry, ibles can be featured later on, maybe this might be more popular when we have warmer weather here or outdoor activities.

Olike Olike3 months ago

I've added some better pictures :)

DangerousTim3 months ago

Hello everyone! I came up with this new i'ble,

Its a very unique idea, and I have documented it extensively. It got featured, but isn't getting as many views I expected, and isn't on the home page.

Can anyone tell me what's missing?!

It's the holidays so many readers are not ible'ing. I think they may have done something with the homepage featuring/display and gone back to the channel/category featuring thing. Don't worry, views should catch up once people get back to things.

nancyjohns3 months ago

I want to keep making instructables that use my dad's SECRET family recipe:(

But I don't want to disclose the information, but the recipe isn't the same....Because I can make cinnamon rolls, pretzels, bread, etc. Is there some way I can do this without using the recipe? I think it's nice to keep it a secret so no one else can make it like my family and I do.

Half the fun of cooking is reverse engineering a dish that you do not know what the secret ingredient is, special technique or tools used to make it. I would do the ible and just say there are additional secret ingredients or whatever. Actually title your ible SECRET FAMILY RECIPE BREAD, it should pique the interest of the readers.

JM19994 months ago
Could I please have some help on the linked 'ible?

I have done it fairly well, it has been entered in 3 contests so it has been reviewed.

Thanks in advance, JM1999

JM1999 JM19994 months ago


HowToLou4 months ago

Hi - This video instructable was just published at Hackaday and is getting over 100 views per hour. I think it is very clear and teaches people how to build a $700 laser hat for $60. I have posted 100+ instructables, and a few have been featured. I don't expect most of them to be featured, but I thought this one was pretty useful.

Any thoughts? Thank You.

JM1999 HowToLou4 months ago

Is it your video?

If not it can't get featured.

If it is your video I think you should do a better write-up on it and go from there.

HowToLou JM19994 months ago
It is my video.
JM1999 HowToLou4 months ago

Cool, well I don't know much about video 'ibles but the least I can say is give it a bigger write-up and see what happens.

treehog JM19994 months ago

I'd agree that the writeup is really lacking in detail for each step.

HowToLou JM19994 months ago
It is my video, yes.

Hmm it's just pretty sparse. Here's a collection of award winning instructables I made:

Take a look at what they did and try to emulate would be my best suggestion.

What specifically do you think is missing from the video?

From the video? Nothing, but we don't feature videos here. We feature instructables. Instructables have a decent amount of text, and TONS of photos. Your instructables had very little text and no photos at all. Look at the instructables in the collections. Does your looks like theirs? If the answer is no, then change your instructable until it does.

The rules must have changed. I only do video instructables, and have had several featured. When did the rule change to what you just said?

I think about 6 months ago we got rid of video style instructables and focused on step by steps. Hence why we recommend checking the featuring checklist. The collection I linked to you, are people who do video instructables and they get featured, just try to emulate them.

Thanks for the info. All my videos are over 95% liked on Youtube, so I hate to mess with the style my subscribers like. I may take a look though.

Don't mess with the video! Just add photos and text to the Instructable itself like in the link MSS showed.

Think of it like a cooking show. It's helpful/fun/enjoyable to watch, but it's nice to have photos and a written recipe when it comes time to cook.

Thanks for that perspective and good advice. I guess I never really thought about what instructables Really is. People that prefer video instruction just go directly to YouTube. People that like pictures and text come here. I hate to read, so I have always focused on watching and making videos. I have 20+ video projects in the pipeline, and think I can be of more benefit to the internet by creating than translating to another medium. Maybe when I run out of ideas, I will go back and do translation.

I see your point though. Some people really prefer reading, or watching, then reading. This explains why I get 50 subscribers a week on Youtube, but only 1 here. I always wondered about that. I am a video black sheep in a community of readers :). Getting featured is not a huge goal for me. I just think that people who struggle with hair loss are being taken advantage of by companies who are selling these laser hats for $700 when you can easily make them for $60. I wanted to get the word out. Its getting a lot of views on YouTube, so thats good enough.

Actually, this just made me recall something. There is a guy that breaks my videos into steps, for his web site, so they are available somewhere, at least.

Everyone loves video! And people would certainly still watch the video if you're worried about views (I assume you're trying to publicize your channel).

Creating a video takes A LOT more time than writing or photographing, but with writing, readers can see all the details in a way and a speed that makes sense to them. If instructions aren't written out, then viewers have to literally take notes like they're in a school lecture (only with the benefit of being able to rewind).

Getting featured should matter because it increases your views by A LOT, and the only way to get into the newsletter is by getting featured which REALLY increases views. Featuring also increases your odds of being noticed elsewhere online.

And there's the snowball effect. The more you publish and get featured, the more views and subscribers you get at an almost exponential rate (just like on YouTube as I doubt you started with 50 subscribers a week). It took me around 4 years to get 1 million views on my Instructables, but I've gained nearly another million views in only 1 year.

However, it's up to you if you want to put in a couple more hours of work (literally) for more views and subscribers and starting that snowball rolling. I personally think it's worthwhile for the sake of promoting your channel, but that's just my opinion. People will watch the video on Instructables, and viewers on YouTube will check out your Instructable, and la-la-la...

Thanks ARH. I am closing in on 3 million youtube views. I know video is a lot harder, but it is what I do. Posting my videos on Instructables helps a little, but it's not my core base. As I see it, either my topic is a blockbuster or its not. I can't see a moderator saying "Wow, this is an awesome project that could really benefit a lot of people, and the video is very well done and informative, BUT its not in text form, so skip it." That would be a disservice to the membership. If I had some assurance that taking the time to convert my medium would get it featured, it would be worth it. Without that, my time is better spent making my next video, which, on average, generates way more views and subscribers.

No one can guarantee anything because no one knows how good your photographs or write-up will be. Fortunately, people here can help so it meets all the featuring criteria, and generally, if you meet/exceed the featuring criteria, you get featured. Period. Beyond that, it's up to the witchery of the internets.

And you don't know that Instructables won't become a good segment of your base until you get featured. A feature rate of 3% is quite low, so it's unsurprising that this site doesn't have a huge impact. The better the feature rate, the better the views, the better the hits. People have gotten featured on television (e.g., The Colbert Report) because of their Instructables (e.g., Useless Machine).

If you go by cost vs. risk, you should just go ahead and work towards getting featured (probably a couple times), and then you can decide whether it's worthwhile pursuing further. I've not found many publicity opportunities that didn't require more work (e.g., Instructables), voodoo (e.g., StumbleUpon), or losing certain rights to my content (e.g., Apartment Therapy). You are the publicist for your channel, so you will have to determine what's a good fit for you.

So do what you want!

ARH - I really respect your tenacity and docile nature. You have taught me something. I thought ibles were featured based on usefulness or impact to the community. You are saying that is not the case. Rather, they are featured based on clarity, for lack of a better word to describe the featuring criteria list. So, by this system, a crystal clear ible on how to wad up a scrap of paper would be featured, whereas a somewhat murky, or worse yet, Video, ible on how to cure cancer, would not. Ok, that is a real eye opener. I would totally not have guessed that. Thank you.

In all the time I have spent communicating with you, I did find time to heed your advice to some extent. I added 8 simple written :) steps. I may even break down and add pictures. While I would like to this ible featured based on its substance, if clarity is all that matters, it may be worth my time to get the word out that people can easily save $600.

Kiteman HowToLou4 months ago

Regarding featuring criteria, you really ought to read the featuring criteria for the true situation, rather than resorting to baseless hyperbole. If you don't want to follow the featuring criteria, and not interested in meeting the expected standards of writing and illustration, that's fine. Nobody is trying to stifle your creativity, but you will have to resign yourself to the fact that you will not get featured.

If your interest is solely in the video format, then maybe you'll be happier sticking with a site created for the video format, rather than a site created for quality writing and photography (especially if you already feel you are successful there)?

We find that text+photo step-by-step instructables are much more useful to for people
when they are wanting to follow them themselves - videos cannot be
printed out to use in your workshop, videos that look nice have often been edited so much that important details are missing, and very few people can work
as fast as the video they are following, so end up having to stop,
rewind, watch again etc, which is not easy when your hands are full of
tools or covered in glue etc.

(Oh, and if your aim is to save people money, why do you use lasers? The research data available shows that cheap red LEDs are equally as effective as red laser diodes - you would be able to illuminate the whole scalp for a fraction of the cost of your small square patch.)

Well said. That is precisely why I am not a fan of videos on instructables. They're great for understanding how something moves or functions, but not great for perusing or actually following while making. I very rarely click on videos.

Exactly. Thank you. You guys don't really like videos. That is why you are here. People love my videos, but this is not the place. That is totally fair. You hate videos, and I hate text. I respect your position, and hope you respect mine. Wouldn't it be neat to do a random survey on this. I wonder what percentage of people prefer video or text. My wife is in your camp, by the way.

Kiteman HowToLou4 months ago

So, we have established that your videos are popular on a video site, and unpopular on a text/photo site, and that you do not like the text/photo format.

This begs two questions:

> Why are we still having this conversation?

> Why are you still here?

If the answer to the former is to persuade us to move to your position, then you have failed. Time to end the conversation.

If the answer to the latter is to try and garner more views for your videos, then you have likewise failed, since a purely video-based instructable does not meet the standards of this site - video should be used purely as a back-up option in a particular step. The success of the instructable should not ride on the content of the video. So, if you are unwilling to meet the standards of this site, may I politely suggest you focus your efforts on YouTube or Vimeo?

HowToLou Kiteman4 months ago

Kiteman -

I am not the only one still having this conversation :)

I post here, because it does generate some more views and I now have 300 or so subscribers that obviously like me to be here. Please show me where it says that pure video does not "meet the standards of this site". Thanks for the invitation to leave, but no thanks.

Kiteman HowToLou4 months ago

You started by moaning that your video wasn't featured. Try reading the Feature criteria.

Other than that, this topic is supposed to be for people who want to get featured by doing well, not just because they expect the squeaky wheel to get greased. You have been given the advice you need, but refused to accept it. If you want to continue to discuss the featuring criteria, start a new topic in the Feedback section.

HowToLou Kiteman4 months ago

If you look at the comments, I said I already added text, and plan to add pictures to this particular instructable. I also do not appreciate the personal attacks you are making on me. If you look at all my comments you will find no personal remarks, With the exception of the one I made to ARH, and that was a genuine compliment. I think we are done here.

Kiteman HowToLou4 months ago

Bye, then.

Listen to your wife. She might be a better publicist for your channel. ;)

If I was aiming for you text/pic folks, yes, but I am a video guy, and flourish on YouTube. This video was posted a few days ago and will have 3,000 views by morning :)

Really? I love videos, but I still need written tutorials with photos for close inspection. I think Mark Montano does a WONDERFUL job of both, and I love watching his videos and reading his tutorials. It's nice to see how materials behave and are manipulated in 3D real world space and what-not.

Granted, you're probably talking about video-only tutorials, but I still like me some tutorials with video. :)

<3 I love videos too!!

HowToLou Kiteman4 months ago

You make good arguments. I see your perspective, and it is a very reasonable one, but don't share it. I have read 4 books total, in my life, and have regretted 2 of them, because they were made into movies after I read them. I avoid reading projects, at all costs, but when I have no other choice, I want to scream "Why can't you just show me?!!!". I still think think my stance that I am a video black sheep in your readers world, is accurate. Everyone on this thread either says they don't like/watch videos or they need the writing too. I have yet to hear from anyone that has actually watched the video and has comments on it. Everyone just wants text and pictures. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said this is a site created for writing and photography. Video creators need not apply... unless they ALSO write and pic. But, I guess that is fair. Its not my site and not my rules.

A hyperbole is a great way to prove a point. ARH said "follow the guide, and get featured, Perdiod.", which is not really true. My hyperbole brought out the clarification that there is a "coolness" factor that is not listed in the rules.

Regarding lasers vs LEDs: The Lasers are only 50 cents each and have 3-inch electrically shielded wires, instead of two bare metal posts which would have to have wires connected and shielded. The time/cost equation favors lasers by far. Also, the leading products like the laser comb and laser cap have lasers, not LEDs. That may mean something, or not, but I went with what has the best track record.

To clarify, "coolness" and/or utility are both major factors in featuring. "How to Wad Paper" would not be featured no matter how spectacular the photos and write-up, and "How to Cure Cancer" would win the Nobel Prize, particularly because the researchers wouldn't have just published on YouTube but rather in appropriate medical journals following the format guidelines for those journals regardless of how awesome the research was.

Thanks for the clarification. I thought your original description was too narrow. I used the example to prove the point. Also, I am quite sure if someone cured cancer, they could publish it any way they wanted, and the world would listen. I know you know that, but were also just trying to make a point. The bottom line is that the people that control this web site are the type of people that love text and pics. I, like many others, hate them, so I just don't fit in here.

Having said that, I am convinced I have a really cool topic. I would like to hear any comments to the contrary, if there are any. I think I am shining light on an almost scam-level overpricing of hair loss treatment. I am not convinced that anyone from this clinic has actually watched the video, because I have gotten zero feedback on it, but I am often told my videos are very easy to follow. While I plan on generally sticking with video format, to my own detriment here, I will add the text/photo stuff to this one ible, because I feel it is worth the extra effort to expose the "scam".

JM1999 HowToLou4 months ago

The photos *should* be no problem, just open the video in something like windows media player and use the functions there to take still images out of the video!

No extra camerawork required at all!

HowToLou JM19994 months ago

True, now that I have written the steps.

Kiteman HowToLou4 months ago

The number of views argument is invalid - I have twice your views across my text-based projects, and we have at least four projects that each have more views than your entire output.

HowToLou Kiteman4 months ago

Good point, Kiteman. Written and Video probably get the same views. It is really about the audience. A portion of the consumers want video, and the other portion wants text. I am just in the video camp.

Kiteman HowToLou4 months ago

"Written and Video probably get the same views."

Not here, they don't.

HowToLou Kiteman4 months ago

I don't recall saying they did.

"Everyone loves video!"

Except me...

HowToLou JM19994 months ago

Thank you JM. Exactly my point. People, like you, are drawn to instructables for the text. My videos are rated highly on Youtube, among video lovers, but are out of their element among you readers.

JM1999 HowToLou4 months ago

It isn't just that I don't like them it is more the point my computer will jam if I play them.

I also enjoy reading so it is a + that I can't play the videos because it makes me read instead.

HowToLou JM19994 months ago

Exactly. If my computer would not play videos, it would quickly find itself nestled between my sledge hammer and my driveway.

JM1999 HowToLou4 months ago

You know, out of all the pages on the clinic, you have created the longest string of help ever!

HowToLou JM19994 months ago

Cool! I did that in a facebook group of flowboarders too. Flowboards cost $350 each, and I posted a video showing how I made one for $40 and proceeded to shred the the wave with it! I created a huge storm of comments from the people that were profiting from their way overpriced boards. I try to expose gross overpricing, as I have done with this laser hat.

Here, I learned that I am not like the rest of you text/pic lovers. I respect you, but am not like you. I keep thinking there should be a "video instructables" site for people like me, where you can't get featured unless you have good video. I guess YouTube is sort of that.

JM19994 months ago

Does anybody have suggestions on this 'ible?

I don't think it got reviewed fully not being entered into a contest so some help would be appreciated.

Time to kick it up a notch with the intro photo! Try doing something like this. :)

So what do you think about it now?

That is the best I can do for a cover photo, I hope it gets featured :)

It's much more interesting to look at - feet inside shoes makes shoes look better IMO, but now it's hard to see the lacing (and crossed legs are a little confusing and reduce the presence of the shoes in the shot). Can you get someone to take the photo from low to the ground or set up a camera with a timer, remote release, or voice command? I have my phone set to voice command which makes photographing a lot easier.

So I have to do it - - -again?

I don't mind re-doing it though.

BTW, how do you set up a voice command on your camera? Is there a special app that does it?

You don't HAVE to do anything, but a great intro picture is likely to get you featured with lots of views. Plus this is just my opinion/recommendation and no one else's. :)

I have a Samsung Galaxy (Android), and to do it, click on Camera -> Gear Symbol ->Microphone Symbol. Then you can say smile, cheese, capture, or shoot for the shutter release. SO MUCH better than hitting the button, and it produces fewer blurry pictures. :)

A roll of duct tape helps as an impromptu holder - just stick your phone in the middle of the roll and coax it into the right position/angle. You can't get super crazy with it, and it'll only work for portrait/vertical photos. Still, if you're going for the perfect square thumbnail for an intro shot, it doesn't really matter if you shoot portrait or landscape. :P

Cool, thank you so much!

I will try to get a better intro pic done by today or tomorrow.

BTW, do you work here?

Take your time and get creative.

And nope, I don't work here. :)

ThisIsSteve4 months ago

Any suggestions on this one...


It's the beginning that lets you down -

Try a new title: maybe "Spark 101 - Blinking LEDs"?

The introduction needs to be shorter, and more of a story - I would stick to just the first and last paragraphs. Put the middle section into a new step, before the set-up step.

Thanks for the suggestions,

How does it look now? I added some changes to the instructable as you suggested.

pelegren4 months ago

anyone out there can advice me on my 4th instructable presentation, improvement tips,etc?

dot7244 months ago

Hey, could someone give me advice about the desighn layout of my website.

This belongs elsewhere in the forums. Maybe try the Tech forum?

Hello, would anyone please give some advice on how to make this instructable better and if possible get it Featured? Thanks a Lot.

Cute idea! It just needs some extra "cool" injected into it. I don't really have any creative ideas on how to jazz it up, but there has to be something... Maybe do something with a spooky hand pressed against the screen with your own message (just need to do scanner photography in a dark room)? Slender Man style?

Or maybe something with sprites? The Secret of Mana has a whole lot of sleeping in it.


Ok, with some blurring, vignette, and darkening, you can easily animate a single scan so it sort of looks like a hand coming from the darkness and hitting the screen. I did it quick and dirty, but it's seriously just the same image with increasing gaussian blur, vignetting, and darkening. Then you can pull a medium dark/blurred frame, duplicate, and fling it in the beginning before the focused one - you just need to add motion blur. Then some black frames and voila!

Fool around with it and see what cool thing you can create. :)

Also, click the image below to see the animation.


Thanks for the info. My instructable was supposed to be a screen saver that looks like the monitor is sleeping. I'll try adding more "cool" to it but doing a "smooth" animation like yours would be a little hard since the "photo" option takes about 2 seconds to change photos. :/

Dangit. What about doing a customized Magic 8 Ball screensaver (Photo Gallery as screensaver, set to fade with random photos)?

Amazing Idea! ill be sure to include it.

Glad you like it! Be sure to include a "blank" so people can add their own text for whatever they want their options to be and a link for the best font to use.

Good luck!

You ever try to shake a 21" CRT color monitor and yell at it?

Plenty of times! It's how I got my Popeye guns.

Although it doesn't quite explain the anchor tattoo...

Oh, that scanner thing gives me an idea - instead of drawing a face, use scans of your own face scrunched against the scanner bed, one with your eyes open, one with eyes shut, and then it will look like you are trapped behind the screen, blinking.

Dangerous! You should never scan your eyes because of blindness and stuff. You could alternatively take a normal photo of your face against glass. With the right lighting, you can still achieve a black background.

Is it that bright? I had it down as on the level of a photocopier...

Photocopiers are also dangerous although a single exposure likely isn't - it's still not a good idea. Even when I do scans in a dark room, I turn my face away because it's still bright from arm's length. :/

I have a feeling with a spot light in a dark room, you can achieve the effect with a camera and a piece of glass. Not much risk there. :)

There are a couple of grammar issues (your when it should be you're, capital letters missing from the beginning of sentences), but the main thing missing is a bit of the *wow* factor that makes the project stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, I cannot think of any way of injecting it into that particular project.

Do not be disheartened, though - your writing is improving, and you're only on your third project; it is only a matter of time and practice.

shazni4 months ago

Hi. Can I have some feedback on my instructable Please?. I was wondering whereI went wrong for it not to be featured. Thanks.

JM1999 shazni4 months ago

Maybe change the first and second photos?

I think the first photo may be a pixelated effect but I'm not sure on it.

The second photo you have the ballerinas holding white (flowers?) on a white background, the two first photos may be all it needs to be featured!

Show danger/Jessy and they should be able to give you some helpful tips :)

shazni JM19994 months ago

Thanks, I sent a message to both. I don't know who featured it but someone did. Only it didn't make it to the homepage. :-( so less views. I guess I shall try something else for the paper contest as this doesn't seem to be doing well.

JM1999 shazni4 months ago

Cool, glad it got featured :)

Homepage feature? do you know much about it?

If so I would love more info on it -- it is one of the least talked about things on the site.

Check out the new Feature Checklist, it outlines it very well.

Brooklyntonia4 months ago

This ible wasn't featured initially (presumably because the photos weren't great) so I reshot the whole thing. Does anyone see any other issues I could correct?

shazni4 months ago
fadecomic4 months ago


Can I have some feedback on ? Thanks in advance.

There are a few little things that should be easy enough to fix.

-Intro Photo. The photo is a bit dark, and there's some general tidying to do to really put the focus on the tree. Look into night photography for some tips, and get your camera lower - don't take the shot at standing height but rather sitting height. The effect might be visible if you take a long exposure so that the bottom is very bright but the top is considerably dimmer. You can do this by making some adjustments to your camera for a long exposure and then occasionally making sound. If you only have your iPhone, then check for "Long Exposure Camera" apps. You'll need to rig a tripod with chairs, books, etc. if you don't have one for your phone.

-Step 2: Step 1: Need some editing on your step titles.

-Combine Step 1 (Materials section) with your intro. That's what a lot of people do for steps that don't have photos because the materials have already been used up.

-Final step is missing a photo. This should be easy enough to fix with just a close-up of the lights on the tree that shows the cords and bulbs and what-not.

Hope it helps! It's a cute idea!

I appreciate the tips. I'm a fairly practiced photographer, but I didn't have a picture of the tree available when I posted the article. I just captured a still from YouTube.

TopDIY4 months ago

Hey everyone,

Any constructive criticism on my recent Instructable:

Thanks in advance and cheers!

It needs a full explanation of the mechanics and why it works. Outside of that, just a better intro photo and some tidying for publishing. :)

JM19994 months ago

Does anyone have any suggestions on this 'ible?
As far as I have seen most shoelace 'ibles get featured so why not this one?

Try to give us 12-24 hours before asking why. Sometimes Community Managers and Team Members sleep, and trust me you want it that way.

OK, I see what you are saying.

Thanks for the pointer.

gizmologist4 months ago


Any constructive criticism on my recent Instructable:

would be highly appreciated!

The biggest issue right now is the intro photo, and the best thing you could possibly do is to re-shoot it in near dark so the lights really shine and give a beautiful glow. I'm not sure what sort of camera you're using (guessing camera on your phone?), so you'll need to search out how to take essentially night time photography. The more of the finished project you can get in the shot, the better. You want people to be awed and to click, and for a ship, well.... it's tricksy when it comes to angle.

Thanks for the feedback!

I've done lots of night photography. I just hadn't gotten around to taking better photos, but you were right. Did a new shoot on two of the models and the page (especially the intro) now looks much better.
Used the flying saucer for intro photo since that's a more recognizable shape.

Very tricky balancing the model lights with the photo lighting. Dimmers help a lot. Any additional comments?

Looks good!

The only thing I noticed is that you might want to put the Instructable in Technology -> LEDs. :)

I disagree. It's about integrating LED technology with crafts.

It got featured, YAY!

Good job, the help was certainly worth asking for!

I think it looks pretty solid. My one piece of advice would be to add another image to the first step to be used as your primary image. The one you are currently using doesn't read well. It was hard for me to tell what it was and it's a bit out of focus. If no one can tell what the image is, they won't click on it. I would recommend this one.

Kirkthepyro4 months ago

Also please look at my DIY-grinder one:

Sorry, thanks again

Kirkthepyro4 months ago

Can someone review mine about adding LED's to a 3D printer?


Becca Rose4 months ago

Hello there! Would anyone like to give feedback on my vinyl cutting instructable?

thoughts and comments much apprciated!

little.g.ban4 months ago

Hi. I'm a newer member to this site... (I've only been on here for about 2 weeks) I just love this community... I've currently released four instructables and I wish to see if their is any improvements to be made to the way I can add to this delightful website... Just click on my name, and help however you can! Thanks!

First of all, welcome to Instructables! I'm just going to give you a few basic tips that may help you improve your current or future instructables.

1) Keep titles short. You want people to be able to quickly understand what your ible is about. If you can't read the entire title when it comes up in a search, shorten it.

2) Document everything. For example, your Mario ible doesn't have enough images in it for me to create my own version of the Mario you made. If it had more screenshots of your process, perhaps I could. The sword ible is much better in this area. There are several screenshots showing me some basics, like what tools you used. If you can't document it yourself, providing a wealth of resources like in your LEGO ible is an alternative.

Annabel1234 months ago

that's pretty cool.

ohoilett4 months ago

I came across this as I was perusing through the site and thought I would give it a try. I would also like this "extra advice."

PCDAILY5 months ago

Hi folks!

We just published our first instructable :) Not only this would be reason enough to kindly ask for your feedback but we are also (German speaking) journalists - so please don't expect object oriented coding or standardized technical schemes since our daily business is reviewing products rather than creating something new ^^

Our instructable is all about monitoring intercom relays with a Raspberry Pi and can be found here:

Thanks in advance and cheers!

JM1999 PCDAILY5 months ago

Firstly I would like to say; Welcome to Instructables!

Secondly I would like to say that your 'ible looks great but I think it is in need of clearer photos and maybe break up the large blocks of text, it gets hard to read paragraph after paragraph without a break in the line.

I would say it is a good first 'ible but I would like to also say that you should review all the featured electronic 'ibles that there are and make modifications based on them.

Hope this helps you!

PCDAILY JM19995 months ago

Seems the reply from a couple of hours ago didn't make it's way to the server...

Anyways, thank you very much for the feedback ;) Those are some interesting and definitely valid points. Trying to get my colleague's Raspberry Pi since it's not modified and fitted into a GameBoy enclosure like the one we used to make the pictures. Then the wiring should be way easier to see. We will also prepare some sort of a rig installing all the components there and shoot another video with it ^^

Awesome I just checked it out!

Thank you ;)

Hey guys! Im having some trouble getting followers and viewers :(

Please help!!!

Review some of the related 'ibles before starting your next one and see if you can copy the general photos/idea behind them photos and do it yourself.

Keep posting content, but make it good content.

I have 67 'ibles, 11 have over 1,000 views and only 7 of those are featured so it is quality not quantity.

Just take the best photos possible and learn from other 'ibles!

If you use social media you should post your channel and projects there and see if you can drive more traffic from there.

It is a bit ovewhelming at the start to see first time authors getting over 20,000 views and you can't get 2,000 but everyone had to start somewhere!

ekarweta5 months ago

Hey guys,

Can you review my intructable? trying to make it better :)

JM1999 ekarweta5 months ago

That it as good as it is going to get!

When something gets featured/wins a contest that is as good as you can get with that 'ible.

Glad to see it got featured, you did an awesome job especially considering it was your first 'ible!

You should enter it into the formlabs contest too and see what happens!

rjkorn5 months ago

Hi All,

I have an instructable I'd appreciate your comments on.

It is a headlight polishing one at . It got a almost a thousand views in the first week so I thought it might be featured. Then it kinda died out. Maybe the taillight picture in the last step would have been a better cover image? The red is more catchy.

I have so many problems getting videos to play right I shy away from them but would a video of the actual polishing motion help?

JM1999 rjkorn5 months ago

You really should add a video or more text and better photos to clearly explain the whole thing.

You should also get family members to read it and give you their opinion on it because sometimes your mind will fill in a gap in the information and you won't realize there is an error there.

Popularity hardly ever gets something featured, you need to check out these two opposite ends of the scale here:

The first one got featured but it only has 756 views

The second one has over 3K views and hasn't gotten featured.

So better photos, maybe a video and lots more description and I think it should be good to go!

inspiretomake5 months ago

Hey guys!

I recently posted this Instructable -

It got featured for a few seconds and now it's not =( Any suggestions why it could happen?

I'm not sure about the possible featuring bug. You may want to send an email to

I happen to love the video, and it cleared up the questions I had when looking at the pictures. However, if you are going to put the images into steps, a small amount of explanatory text would be helpful to those who don't want to commit to watching the video. A materials list would be helpful as well. I'm wondering what kind of nails and torch you used.

Are you sure you received the email to say it was featured?

If not I would suggest (as tough as it sounds) to type at least 2 paragraphs in each step explaining what you are doing in the photos.

Some people (like me) HATE videos in 'ibles because of download restrictions.

BillT35 months ago

I have created a new Instructable (unpublished) for using GE Color Effects christmas light bulbs in a homemade holiday lighting display. Any concerns about using a specific commercial product? What sharing license is appropriate?...I am not expecting any profit from this.

JM1999 BillT35 months ago

Many people used purchased items in their 'ibles, this is what the site is about! Create something new/different from an item that already exists (and sometimse from next to nothing!)

DangerousTim5 months ago

Hey guys!

I recently posted this Instructable -

I worked quite hard to make this stuff, and ive tried my best at presentation, but it ain't getting featured.... Please Help!!!

I would use a pic of the finger over the sensor board as your first image. It's more important to see it is a heartbeat sensor because solar powered arduinos are solar powered arduinos. If the thumbnail doesn't change you might need to use the publish button and republish to switch out the image. You should also embed your video in your intro. More interest comes from seeing it in action than to read through the theory and build process and trying to figure out what it does. I don't know who that personal pic is in the last step but kinda irrelevant to the build and more facebooky. No need to have a separate step to beg for votes. The ible will get votes if it stands on its own. Good luck.

oh, you did have the video in the intro. I did scroll past it on an ipad because you had too many shots of the cluttered arduino wiring setup. Closeup image of finger on sensor. Closeup of LCD readout or graph and a wide shot of the setup should be all you need. I guess the angle shot of the setup looks more complicated for people who like things laid out schematic wise.

Is it better now? have changed and edited the pics completely....

Look at the other pics you have from your previous featured ibles. They are simple and to the point. This photo doesn't catch the eye, and when it does, you have to really think about it, what is the arrow pointing too, the text is hard to read. Try to get a closeup shot of the finger on the sensor centered in the shot. In contrasting text you can have a full title solar heartbeat monitor below or above everything. There is just too much going on and you want to distinguish it all from a quick look from the thumbnail.

So do you think I don't need to show the panel in the intro PIC? Or just a thumbnail? And what about the LCD readout?

try to simplify the composition into this, that embedded second image in an image was too busy.


i edited it now... With a new intro PIC,.... Is it good?

I think if you crop out some of the white space on the right...the photo is a bit washed out, taking a good shot of an LCD and the reflections are hard. You seem fixated on collage pictures. In the ible, change the order so that the your edited simple shot is the first one.

Let's see if you can get that BPM up over 100. LOL.


ah, much better, now you can just chill and relax.

Is there any way I can bring the ible to the attention of the editors? Cos its already 1 week old.... H

No one dares to look the Great Robot in the eye. Patience is a virtue, my friend.

besides, they are out partying for the weekend.

Hey there! Thanks to your extremely helpful advice my BPM is well over 120..:-D it was Featured! Yay! Thanks a bunch!!

Haha OK :D :-)

Thanks! If you think there's anything else to improve , do tell me.... I'm sure my BPM will go over 120 when it gets featured! ;-) :P

Thanks :p will do it.
little.g.ban5 months ago I just recently posted this instructable: its my first one. I would greatly apreciate it if you looked at it a provided constructive criticisms. Thank you in advanced.

And yes I looked at the how-to guide... I just want to make sure to maintain good form when I work on more instructables

JR Tyner5 months ago

How is this?

ThisIsSteve5 months ago


Need some feedback with this one


Both of the photos where the device is on the fridge could be re-done, the first one has quite a bit of glare and the last photo, the magnet kinda gets lost on the empty fridge.

Also the first diagram of connecting the UNO to the LCD screen is a little bit unclear, maybe expand it a little bit or change some of the colours.

Other than that I reckon it is a great 'ible!

Nikus5 months ago


Please, can you look at my project. Why is not featured :(

What can I do to improve this Instructable?

Ben Finio Nikus5 months ago

It looks like you have a lot of what's required for a good electronics Instructable, including a detailed parts list, circuit diagrams, and clear photos with white backgrounds. One thing I'd recommend changing is your cover photo. In general, I think the cover photo for an Instructable should always show the actual final product. You have a graphic with the Arduino and Android logos, which could apply to a number of projects. Maybe try taking a picture of the final Arduino assembly and/or include a screenshot of the app, like what you have in Step 5.

Nikus Ben Finio5 months ago

Yes, I know, but when I wanted to make a video with my smart home my Arduino has failed and does not work. I do not have pictures of the whole system, so I added screenshots to the main photo.

Is it enough to get featured?

Ben Finio Nikus5 months ago

I think this is coming down to personal opinion - I think the graphic is still featured more prominently, and the screenshot inserts are too small. I would redo it completely just using the screenshot on the right, make it as large as possible (while still fitting in the thumbnail), and then shrink down the text and Arduino/Android logos. BUT that is getting really nitpicky and just my personal opinion of what would look good for a thumbnail. I think your bigger problem is that you need to actually show that the project works - what do you mean by your Arduino "failed"? Did you burn something out? Does the circuit just not work as intended?

Nikus Ben Finio5 months ago

My arduino probably be burned or something happened with bootloader. Unfortunately I have no programmer so I do not have to upload it. Thanks for your help but I can't do anything to improve my Instructable.

Ben Finio Nikus5 months ago

FYI in case you aren't signed up for the newsletter, your project was actually included in today's email! So, your improvements were certainly enough to impress someone on the staff.

Just a heads up, since I didn't know about the newsletter for a long time, until someone told me one of my projects was in it. You can sign up in the little "join our newsletter" box waaaayyyy at the bottom of the page.

robodude955 months ago

Hey folks,

Would love some feedback on making my instructable better (maybe get it featured).

Thanks in advance :)

It looks like your writing is good, you did a good job taking a ton of photos, and you certainly made a cool robot. A few suggestions for improvement:

- Buy a piece of white posterboard and use it as the background for your photos. This is a little extra work, but it eliminates background clutter and makes your pictures look much nicer. I recommend looking at some of Randofo's robotics Instructables as a good standard.

- Use a computer program to make your circuit diagrams instead of drawing them by hand. Again, it's extra work but worth it if you really want to get featured or stand a good chance in a contest, it's worth the effort. Fritzing is a really nice free program that will also give you "breadboard view" diagrams. Also, the hand-drawn diagrams you do have in there need to be rotated by 90 degrees, right now they're sideways.

- Provide links to where you got your parts. I don't think this is strictly necessary for being featured, but it helps out beginners who might not be comfortable browsing electronics websites for parts.

I wrote a guide on How to Write a Good Electronics Instructable that goes over some of these things in more detail, if you find that helpful.

Thanks a lot for the pointers and links...especially your guide!!

I've updated the instructable with the Fritzing ckts though I won't be able to get my hands on posterboard so resorted to a couple of A4s instead..hope it doesn't look too shabby. :p

Cheers :)

Nice improvements! The white paper certainly looks better. For future projects if you can ever pick up posterboard or a white sheet or something, that will help even more.

Thanks Ben Finio for helping so many folks with their electronics ibles! I had wanted to provide some feedback to several, but I am simply not experienced enough with these types of tech projects.

No problem! I am completely useless for craft and cooking Instructables, so it's good that collectively we have all our bases covered :-).

Definitely will!Thanks for the help. :)

DangerousTim5 months ago

Please help me make this i'ble feature worthy!

rowansmom11276 months ago

ok how do I embed my collections on my blog

This specific forum thread is for help writing Instructables. You might want to create a new thread to ask this question in the Authors topic area:

(It looks like you aren't the first person to get this confused, it's kind of ambiguous since this thread gets linked to as "Author Help" from the homepage)

Anwar Farooq6 months ago

Could someone please help me?

I bought these DC 4.5v motors:

that run at 24,000 RPM. I want to slow these motors down to 10 to 50RPM using Arduino Uno. Could someone please help me with the circuit and parts list?



Hey, sorry you never got a reply on this. This forum thread is for help writing Instructables, not technical help with a project (this is a little misleading if you just saw the "Author Help" link from the home page, but it will make sense if you read the original post). If you go to the main forum page, there are a bunch of different topics:

This question is probably good for Tech:

For the record though, you should be able to just follow this tutorial:

KRA5H5 months ago

Any suggestions to improve my Instructable to make it a featured Instructable?

Ben Finio KRA5H5 months ago

While I don't completely agree with JM1999 that this "isn't really an 'ible", I do think you have one problem - in Step 5 you explicitly tell users not to try this at home. The point of an Instructable is that people should be able to reproduce your work, so you should explain how they would go about properly hooking up a current-limiting resistor and an LED. There are some other tools that could improve the general presentation of the Instructable:

- Fritzing for making a breadboard diagram of how to connect the LED and resistor

- scrot is a command that lets you take screenshots of the Pi's desktop, these look much nicer than photos of a monitor. This would be especially nice to show the Scratch program. Directions here.

- If you want to be really fancy, you can use VNC to remotely control your Raspberry Pi's desktop from another computer, and then use screen-recording software like CamStudio to make a video tutorial. Some of the popular Raspberry Pi YouTube channels like Geek Gurl Diaries and RaspberryPiIVBeginners do this.

JM1999 KRA5H5 months ago

It isn't really an 'ible, you are basically telling people what happens in the setup process of a Kano computer.

If you wanted to change something, I would make the photos clearer and in better lighting.

Hope this helps!

So I spent two hours typing up my instructible last night to have everything be really clear. However, today when I went to look at it, over half of what I typed is missing. I made sure I saved it multiple times during the process to prevent that from happening. Is there any way of recovering all that information?

FYI there is a separate forum for bug reports so you might wan to report this there as well:

Technically this one is supposed to be for help writing Instructables and not technical support, but I guess it's a little ambiguous since it's linked to as "Author Help" from the homepage. Hope you can get your work back!

Maybe click the little drop-down box that displays the options:

"view all steps"

"go to step one"






Click "HISTORY" and there should be an option to revert to original, if not you will have to contact Instructables direct via this email: service (at)

(at) ahouls be replaced with the "@" symbol.

Hope this helps :)

DangerousTim5 months ago

OK I made this Instructable,

I just feel something's wrong... ¶

Can anyone offer help on how to make it better? I know the pics "may" be a weak point, but other than that anything else? Even *if* it gets featured, I'd still want to make this Instructable as good as possible.

Like JM1999 said, your writing is pretty good, and you already got featured, so it doesn't look like you have a ton to worry about. If you want to make it even better, here are some suggestions:

- Include individual links to the Radio Shack parts on your materials list

- Use a computer-generated schematic for the circuit in step 6 instead of a hand-drawn one. It looks like you already used Fritzing for the breadboard diagram in step 3 - Fritzing also has a "schematic" mode.

- Do try to get better lighting for your photos. You're off to the right start with the white background for your cover image. Try fiddling with your camera settings to increase the exposure, or post-processing in a program like Photoshop or GIMP to brighten up the images a bit. You can try to get more artificial lighting (by bringing another lamp nearby), or more natural lighting by taking photos in a room with lots of windows during the day.

It is awesome, readable and well done.

If I made this 'ible I couldn't find anything to change in it either.

After browsing through the text I couldn't find anything that prohibited or distracted me from viewing the displayed content.

It is very well written and congrats on the feature!

Really? Cool!

14409555 months ago

I'm doing a project for my science class. I need to interview a robotics expert. Please Help!!!

Ben Finio 14409555 months ago

Hi - I don't think you're quite in the right place, this forum thread is for asking for feedback on an Instructable you've written. Have you posted this question anywhere else?

JR Tyner5 months ago

How is this:

Any constructive feedback?

What a fun idea! Something I would recommend is to separate the two different cakes into two instructables. It seems a bit confusing having them both together. Something you can do to make your next food ible better is to concentrate more on the photos. Photographing food so that it looks delicious is tricky. While I believe that your party goers loved the cake, it doesn't look as appetizing as it could in many of your pictures.

siemenc6 months ago

Hi Clinic,

What do you think I can do to improve this Instructable? I'm not sure if there are some things missing or not clear.


It looks pretty good to me with a glance. Did you enter it in a contest? I can see it hasn't been accepted into one yet, so If you did, I wouldn't worry about it not being featured until it has been reviewed by the contest moderator. Often this is when good instructables get featured.

Yes, I entered it in 3 contests and got accepted & featured right after your reply. Thank you!

I thought you would. Good luck!

JM19996 months ago

How can I improve this one to get featured?

I *think* it *may* be the intro photo, I don't know how to change it to make it better so any suggestions will help.

Thanks in advance.

The icon image is definitely a problem as it gets cut off in the square format and it doesn't seem to make any sense. Leave the image as your intro in the instructable but use a different image when creating the icon during publishing. The craftsmanship on the project is also not fantastic. You may want to burnish the edges, mark a straight line for your stitches, and use a lighter marker since the marks can be seen in the finished project. Here's an ible about burnishing.

You can also hit the edges gently with a lighter.

OK, thanks.
I won't be able to do anything different now, a friend owns it :)

Thanks for the tips, the intro image was a bit of a fail, I modded it in Adobe and when I uploaded it the image sort of messed up.

I think I will have to let it slide and focus on my papercraft 'ible I have mentioned several times - it should be awesome!


I'm quickly becoming an Instructables addict. Posted this late last night, just wondering how it might be improved.

It's already featured. Congrats!

RJM20016 months ago

Hi, does anyone know how I can improve my instructable?

It has already been featured. If it's featured, it's quite good already if not great.

DangerousTim6 months ago

hello again guys!

I need your help... Any thing you can tell me for improving my Instructable

Yes of course it isn't anything big or anything different or unique, but I've tried to make it as elaborate and easy to understand for beginners as possible. I've also included my own video, which I think for an amateur youtuber, quite good.

Hopefully with your ideas I can make my Instructable much much better...



Looks like this was already featured! Congratulations!

I really like the videos, your hand-drawn circuit diagram is helpful, and most of the room for improvement is in photo quality. A tripod is your friend. Or a friend with a tripod is your friend. :D

Im sorry I made a mistake... I wanted to know your opinions of this Instructable m...


It's well-documented aside from two important questions: "how does it attach to the book?" and "what are my Mechanix-alternatives?"

I suspect that's what stood in the way of a feature. Otherwise, your words and pictures are good.

Jazzmyn6 months ago

What can I do to improve this instructable to make it feature worthy? I put a lot and I mean a lot of work into this project and was surprised it was not featured. Did I not put enough effort into the instructable itself? Dose it being a remix hurt its chances? Maybe switch out cover photo? Any suggestions are welcome.

I see that you did put a lot of work into it. A couple of things; you might want to edit the title to be "Giant Robot arm remix" or "Supersized MeArm Mechanical Arm", something like that. There are a lot of people that do not know what the MeArm is. The first image, which becomes the thumbnail for the ible, is cluttered with two mechanical arms and the 3d printer. You should have just your mechanical arm in the shot, maybe with better lighting with a solid white or contrasting background. You can play around with pixlr to edit the uploaded image in the editor. From your intro and a quick read, I really couldn't tell if your meArm was the kit that was purchased since you drew the comparison so quickly. I think just a better narrative as your opening would help frame your project. And as for me, a set of googly eyes on the arm would personalize it and show it was a fun project. Good luck.

I made some changes to the intro and cover photo. Any idea how long before the image will update? I am nervous about changing the title because it is linked on other web sights. Thanks for your suggestions. After rereading my origional intro you were right.

I think the first image you have now is much better. Go ahead and change the title. I've got old ibles with typos in the url because it is system generated when you create the instructable. When they link to it or see it in the listings, it will have the edited title. By the way, you might have to hit the publish button again to select the new thumbnail image. The system will still retain your original publish date for contests and it should retain the two contests it was entered in. Yeah, it's quirky but you came to the right place to ask.

We did it! Just got my "Your Instructable was Featured email"! Thanks for all the help.

You did it! Hope to see more ibles from you in the future.

I made the changes now I will sit back and hope they will be noticed. Thanks for taking the time to help me and to explain some of the odd bits of the Instructables system. I did not even know about pixlr. This will be my new favorite tool.

JM1999 Jazzmyn6 months ago

Even if you change the title, the URL will stay the same.

You can see that on my mini fitness park.

Jazzmyn JM19996 months ago

This is good to know. I always debate on what to call a project.

Passion Make6 months ago

I am back to the clinic. Can you please help me on this instructables of mine, so that I can improve on it and make it feature worthy. Thanks in advance.

You can't mod it to get featured - it already is featured!

Good job!!

Happy it got featured. It was not when I had posted here.