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Welcome to the clinic, a place to get help and constructive criticism on your projects. Here's a brief intro on what it is, written by AngryRedhead:

"Some Instructables don't get the attention that they deserve. Many times the reason boils down to presentation, and if the presentation is off in one way or another, an Instructable might flop no matter how wonderful the project is. The presentation of an Instructable requires a certain set of skills which involve story telling, technical writing, planning, and photography. Even the most experienced technical writers and photographers still benefit from an edit or an outside opinion. As an author, it's difficult to see the flaws and errors because your thoughts and experience fill the gaps that might leave readers puzzled. It happens to every author.

If you feel you have an Instructable that isn't getting the attention that it deserves and you would like some ideas on how to improve its presentation, please post a link to it! We're not here to tear it apart or to tell you that you're the most horrible, stupidester person in the whole wide world. We're here to give you ideas for improvement and hopefully get you more attention and recognition for your project ideas. Think of this like editing or proofreading which is something everyone needs regardless of experience, intellect, and knowledge.

If you would like ideas on taking your idea to the next level and making it bigger and more awesomer, please say that you would like this extra advice. You can even post a link to an unpublished instructable if you like, but just remember, please check out the featuring checklist first since this will tell you all of the things that the best instructables have."

So... that's what this forum topic's for. There's a team of seasoned Instructables authors watching this topic, waiting to give you help!

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Kiteman11 months ago

Starting your first Instructable?

Trying to get more views for an existing project?

You need to read this guide:


Focussed on getting Featured?

You need to be aware of this checklist:


PLEASE, do not reply to this comment - you need to start a fresh top-comment for each new project or problem.

comments here are the opinions of those making the comments, and do not
guarantee that your work will be Featured or win a contest.

YukonJulie21 hours ago

I posted an instructable called How to Make a Paper Funnel. After I posted it, I did a search and discovered that in 2012, someone else posted an instructable with exactly the same name! I'm wondering if this is the reason that my instructablle was not featured - it makes sense to try to avoid repetition - although I think my instructablle has clearer steps and is easier to follow.

I've since re-named my instructable "Easy Paper Funnel" and you can find it here:


I would be interested in any suggestions on how to improve it, or comments on how original an idea has to be in order to be featured. (Interestingly, the 2012 funnel instructable does not appear to have been featured either).

Many thanks!


Hi there,
I've updated this instructable - adding a few more pictures and making the title more descriptive. Does anyone have further suggestions to help me to get it featured?

Also, I posted this maple syrup egg recipe a while ago, which I think is pretty delicious. Does anyone have suggestions for me here?


I'd really appreciate your help! Thanks!

I like the changes you've made to the green onion instructable. The photos are much easier to understand now.

If you're making the eggs again sometime soon, maybe try to get a photo of the finished eggs next to the bottle of maple syrup. Something like the photo in your ingredients step but with the cooked eggs. I think it would help people understand what they are looking at in the thumbnail (I really like the photo of the fork on the black background, but at first I thought it was a piece of bacon on the end)

It seems like a great idea, but it's somewhat unclear to me what happens to the green onions when they are sitting in the water. Do they reproduce so that you have more green onions? Or does the original bunch of onions just stay fresh, so that if you only use one onion a week, you can keep the bunch for months?

That's a good point - I'll make that more clear.

I posted what I thought was one of my best instructables - how to make a lace earring holder - and it has not been featured. Any suggestions to improve it? I'm wondering if the problem is that it's white lace on a white wall, so perhaps the main photo doesn't show up enough? Any other ideas? Thanks!


The thumbnail is good because it shows everything, but not good because it's hard to understand what it is. Get closer to the earrings, and take a picture that's close up of only a couple.

You might also want to change the title to "Organizer". I think it fits the project better.

Hope this helps! :)

Thanks! This is very helpful and I will revise the instructable to incorporate your suggestions.
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