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Welcome to the clinic, a place to get help and constructive criticism on your projects. Here's a brief intro on what it is, written by AngryRedhead:

"Some Instructables don't get the attention that they deserve. Many times the reason boils down to presentation, and if the presentation is off in one way or another, an Instructable might flop no matter how wonderful the project is. The presentation of an Instructable requires a certain set of skills which involve story telling, technical writing, planning, and photography. Even the most experienced technical writers and photographers still benefit from an edit or an outside opinion. As an author, it's difficult to see the flaws and errors because your thoughts and experience fill the gaps that might leave readers puzzled. It happens to every author.

If you feel you have an Instructable that isn't getting the attention that it deserves and you would like some ideas on how to improve its presentation, please post a link to it! We're not here to tear it apart or to tell you that you're the most horrible, stupidester person in the whole wide world. We're here to give you ideas for improvement and hopefully get you more attention and recognition for your project ideas. Think of this like editing or proofreading which is something everyone needs regardless of experience, intellect, and knowledge.

If you would like ideas on taking your idea to the next level and making it bigger and more awesomer, please say that you would like this extra advice. You can even post a link to an unpublished instructable if you like, but just remember, please check out the featuring checklist first since this will tell you all of the things that the best instructables have."

So... that's what this forum topic's for. There's a team of seasoned Instructables authors watching this topic, waiting to give you help!

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Kiteman16 days ago

Starting your first Instructable?

Trying to get more views for an existing project?

You need to read this guide:


Focussed on getting Featured?

You need to be aware of this checklist:


PLEASE, do not reply to this comment - you need to start a fresh top-comment for each new project or problem.

comments here are the opinions of those making the comments, and do not
guarantee that your work will be Featured or win a contest.

Giulia Art12 hours ago


Can someone tell me what to do to get my last intructable on the home page?


Thank you:)

Please :)

any tips on getting my latest featured?


Hi. I created a couple of projects - and looking for the opinion here as how best to get them to a state they could be considered for "Featured". I've gone through the checklist and think I have it all covered but let me know if you think I have missed anything. Thanks :)



both are written very well but for the proximity sensor you might want to use different pictures for the assemble and parts list steps and for the other instructable instead of using stock images use you own! also I think you should put a picture in the intro instead of just a video

good luck!

Will do - Ill take some more photos tonight to cover those points - thanks :)
Wired_Mist13 days ago

Hey everyone !

I was surprised when my most recent instructable did not get featured or get too many comments.


I made the Tesseract from the Avengers. Instead of tissue paper and led's I used Rehoscopic fluid and a fountain pump to circulate it. then back lit it with about 40 led's. I felt the Rehoscopic fluid was fairly innovative compared to the other examples of the site. I think the reason it was not featured was I did not show that difference from the others well enough.

Any thoughts?

Thanks !

Pardon me look like it was featured a few hours after I posted :D

Still, any advice on what could be done better? always want to make the next one better :)

peekabooo1 month ago

I'm just getting the hang of this instructable-ing!

I'd love your suggestions on how to make this better:


Hi! Maybe try shortening your title, it gets a bit long. Remember, just quickly summarize your project in your title.

Thank you!

Maybe take the "Three Ingredient" Part out....but it's your choice!

Hi there - I took another look and I've updated the text and improved the formatting. Made sure all the bullets and numbering was nice and consistent and added a photo or two. I wish the photos were better but my cell phone can only do so much.

I'd love feedback from someone about what they think!

Thank you :)

LiveCrafts18 days ago

Anyone got any ideas for these? Kiteman, please help me!!! I might have posted this, but I can't see it. So here they are:




Your Brownie Pizza is already featured, but the main issue for the lap desk is the opening image - it is visually cluttered; it is both hard to read the title, and hard tell what the object is.

Personal thing as well - did the pen holder really need to be wrapped in socks? It may be a British first-aid thing, but it looks like a tubular bandage applicator...

Thank you! I fixed it all up, if you would like to take another look maybe! (:

Moem LiveCrafts15 days ago

I like your new intro picture, but the lettering has low contrast compared to the background, maybe make them white instead of black?

LiveCrafts Moem15 days ago

Alright, I'll do thatt!!

Just finished it!

Moem LiveCrafts15 days ago

Well, in my eyes that's a clear improvement. Good luck!

LiveCrafts Moem15 days ago


Haha! Thanks for the input. I'll do my best to fix it up. Oh, and the socks keep the pen holder together, since it is two duct tape rolls stacked on top of each other. Buying another roll of duct tape didn't fit into my budget, and I liked the way my pencil holder looked. Now, for the opening image, do you have any recommendations for what I could use? Just a picture of the desk?

Any tips on how to get this featured?


Please Help.

This doesn't really teach you how to do/make anything. Try changing the cover photos to something more attractive for more views!

gpiwowar1 month ago

Hi there - when I wrote my first Instructable, I thought I did a pretty good job of the photos and explanations, so I was rather expecting it would get "Featured".

I would really appreciate any advice you have on it: http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-Simple-Copp...

so that I can improve it, and hopefully do a better job with my future submissions.

Thank you in advance!

Hey! Great 'ible! Try taking better photos. Quite a couple of them have distracting shadows. Also, try making your cover picture a bit nicer with retouching or whatever

peekabooo1 month ago

Hi friends! Can you give me your suggestions on this instructable? I thought it was clearly described and I enjoyed making it! I would love to know how I can improve it!
Thank you in advance!

5of51 20150825-011.jpg

The title is a bit long. Also, try changing your cover picture to something more "clickable" Best of Luck!!

My Handkerchief Wedding Programs aren't doing as well as I expected. I know weddings are a pretty small audience, but if anyone has any ideas on how to make it more clickable, I'd appreciate it.

Why don't you try checking out:


It does cost a bit of money, but you'll get more views, and you only need to pay when your ad is clicked. Definitely will help! It also always helps to be featured on the front page, but I know that's out of your control. Weddings are also quite seasonal, and happen mostly in the Spring and Fall. May want to keep that into consideration too! Best of luck to you, my friend!

geekrex2 months ago


Plz review this instructable is there any thing can improve to get it featured ??

To answer your question, try cleaning up the workspace in which you take the pictures. The background is distracting a bit.

Please review my ibles as they haven't got featured



that's all please help!

For both of them, try taking clearer pictures in a well-lit area. This is very important for your instructable, I promise! Also, try using different words that flow better.

Hey I made this instructable & I thought it might get featured but it did not. So I was wondering if you guys have some suggestions on how to improve it.


See, the problem with your instructable is that it doesn't tell you how to do something; it just gives tips. This one probably won't get featured due to the type of 'ible you did: it doesn't tell you how to make anything. Also, the cover picture looks sloppy, and I don't think it's appealing, so people won't click on it when they see it. Remember: the cover photo sells it all.

please chexk my two latest ibles if they deserve to get featured pleaee help! I'll be very thankful to you and the titles are

Diy jellyfish

3d hologra

Here, I hope this helps for your Jellyfish!

You need to take clearer photos. I know this can be hard, but at first it was hard to tell that there was a jellyfish in that bottle. Also, that cover image should be more appealing; i.e; clear, organized, not crowded

Also, just an FYI, Jellyfish is one word, not two!

YuKonstruct1 month ago

This is my second post and I'm hoping to get some tips on how to improve it:



Hi! Try adding a picture for step 4., while also adding real photos instead of drawings and diagrams. Those can get confusing sometimes!

gpiwowar1 month ago

Hi there - I made some changes to my Instructable, and I'm wondering what else I can do to bring it up to "Featured" quality - all suggestions are welcome because I'm convinced it's a useful little contribution to the Instructables-universe:


Thank you in advance!

You should try maybe changing your title to "Revamp an Old TV Remote" or "Get an Old Remote Working Like New". Your title is a bit short of what your 'ible is about. Try maybe explaining what you are doing in the title, just a quick summary. This said, so many things could be wrong with a TV remote, i.e., buttons don't work, LED sensor has gone out, etc. This is why you need to clarify what you are doing. Also, there are many other 'ibles like yours. Try changing the title so people don't just skim over yours because they have seen another one with the same title. And when you do another 'ible, make sure not many other people have done it, because that certainly helps with getting "Featured!" And finally, make sure your pictures are of great quality, and appealing to the eye. Hope this helped!

Kiteman2 months ago

Starting your first instructable?

Then you need to check these links:



Please remember that comments here are the opinions of those making the comments, and do not guarantee that your work will be Featured or win a contest.

I would like to see how I could improve this instructable.


Thanks for any help!

Try to take photos in better lighting...that makes all the difference!!

( you should probably comment instead of replying to a "featured comment"

It tends to build up)

Good Point.

Hi Kiteman,

I've recently joined Instructables and have published over 40 projects, And I have two questions for you:)

1. I've recently uploaded a step by step tutorial on how to connect a flashlight to a tripod, And I'm surprised to see that it barely has any views, I thought a lot of people would be interested... Did I do anything wrong?

This is the link:


I'm trying to gain more subscribers for my account, Any tips?

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it :)

First thoughts are the title. Projects advertised as "cheap" often turn out to be something anybody could do without reading instructions, and "tutorial" has negative, back-to-school connotations.

Maybe "GorillaPod Lighting Hack" would do the trick?

Also, don't be afraid to blow your own trumpet - post your projects on Twitter and Facebook (find a photography page and post it there, for instance), or send it to other high-traffic accounts on Twitter and hope for a re-tweet etc.

Thank you for replying, I really appreciate it!

Do you think "How To Make The..." or just "How To" would be better?

I think the word hack doesn't really fit this project because it isn't really a hack, Also people are tired of the word hack also because of its regular incorrect use...

By cheap do you mean take out the "$5"?

Thanks again :)

"How to" phrases are often redundant - "how to" is, after all, the point of the site. If you are after views, you need a short, snappy, tweetable title.

I see what you mean about hack. Maybe rig instead? GorillaPod Lighting Rig, Portable Lighting Rig?

And, yes, take out the $5 (but leave "cheap" as a key word).

So are you saying cheap is a good word? Because it can also sometimes low quality, or maybe it doesn't fit here

Thanks again for your help!

Cheap is good as a key word, because it will bring views from people looking for a cheap project, but it's usually a bad title word unless you are copying something known for being an expensive luxury.

I was wondering if you could give me some tips on my first project??



Moem make_stuff1 month ago

Two thoughts:

- Is it really customising if you are basically making a product perform like it was originally intended? Maybe tune-up is a better term?

- Your lettering on the intro pic is pretty, but hard to read.

make_stuff Moem1 month ago

thanks so much!! I'll work on the photo and change the name that day, and if you think of anything else, please let me know! ☺️


This is my second post and I'm hoping to get some tips on how to improve it:



Revamped this instructable, really nice clear photo, good instruction. Keep your super glue safe and stop it falling over in the fridge


Hey Kiteman i had made this project with lots of expectation


But its not even got featured , could you please check and tell me whats wrong with it.

To be honest, it wasn't good to see this in the very first paragraph;

I'm very lazy person to read and write things so you are about to experience very bad English ,forgive me ..

There are a lot of errors in spelling and grammar (capital letters missing, oddly-placed commas etc). That might be forgiveable in somebody who lacks the skills to use English properly, but when I find that the reason is laziness, I am put off. In normal circumstances, I would have stopped reading there and moved on to a different project.

Thanks Kiteman, I now changed those lines ,and did few adjustments .
Am i ok to get featured now?

My instructible was published on the 18th and has 1400 views

It is http://www.instructables.com/id/Raspberry-pi-prin...

However there is another instructible (not mine) published on the 17th and it has 27000 views

They are both in the contest

I would like to see what I have done wrong quite soon.


First, and major impression; images.

Your photos are not very attractive, dull and shades of grey, and most steps have no images at all.

The introduction does not "sell" your project well enough to make up for the images - why would I need to make a printer server? My printer already runs fine off my computer...

The instructions are quite obscure as well. Many people have little in the way of coding skill, and so I would expect a coding instructable to include an element of education as well as simple instructions - for instance, in stape one you say;

Turn on your pi and login to the GUI. Next go to LX Terminal and type
sudo apt-get update
That’s it for this step

Why? What do those weird words mean, and why am I typing them? In fact, I am with you as far as "turn on your pi", and after that I am lost.


You clearly have skills with a RasPi, but you need to work on communicating those skills to others. In future, perhaps send a draft copy of the project to a friend to try without help, and see what they manage?

Helli,Kiteman sir I wantes to ask suggestions on my instructables " make your own speaker from scrap " as it has'nt got featured I had posted a video of it working too.And spent my 2 days making that as I wanted to guide all instructables members truthfully. Please help!!!

Firstly, you need to remember that not all projects get featured - even projects that take many days, even weeks of work.

Secondly, I'll ask you to read these two links:



In the case of your project, the issue is that English is your second language. Whilst it is far better than my Punjabi, the sentences are a bit difficult to read. I suggest you talk to one of the members active in the English Language Help forums. See here:


Thank you sir, I'll manage to rewrite the wording by tomorrow can it be featured then? Thanks you for your timely reply! I would definitely change it by tomorrow. Thanx!

reenim19 days ago

This is the web link of Instructable that I'm trying to get featured. All helps appreciated


The reason it isn't featured is because you need to provide instructions on how you made it, now what it does, or how it does it, or all of the angles of what it looks like. If you take pictures and show us how to make it, it might get featured!

LiveCrafts18 days ago

Could someone help me with mine? I really want to be featured on these two!! (;



Thanks for the help!!

reenim20 days ago

Hi everyone,

I published my second ible. It's about my remote controlled knex tank. Comments are very positive. I wrote about many details. The pictures are also really good. I just didn't include step by step construction instructions which would take like 100 steps. What is the missing part for getting it featured? I've seen many ibles featued without step by step construction details...


Trying to get another Instructable featured. Click - http://www.instructables.com/id/5-New-life-hacks/

Not sure what I could do to improve the quality of the post.

Hi everyone

I made already 4 instructables. The first one was almost instantly featured, but after that, the other three were not. I think they are the same quality, but I'm not sure.
I'm I doing something wrong? Or am I to impatient?

I would like to hear your feedback about these and see what I can do better.



I know nothing about the type of projects you do. That being said, from an outsider's perspective, the featured ible has a more attractive primary image. The others look very photoshopped with the stark white background instead of the natural background that the featured ible has. It's just less attractive and looks "cheap." Also, as an outsider, they all pretty much look the same to me, and they look like ibles I've seen many times before. I know it can be challenging with these types of tech projects, but if you can be creative about how you present the ible, you can help yourself stand out in a sea of arduino projects.

Thanks for the reaction!

I wasn't sure if I should remove the background or not, but after what you said, I'll change them to the originals.

Are there any other "traps" I should watch out for?


befunky27 days ago

Hey guys!

We're huge fans of Instructables and looking to become more active in the community. We just published our second ible and would sincerely love any feedback on this. Any tips or advice on how to get this featured would be very much appreciated (we were a little unsure as to what was the best category for it) :)


roiKosmic28 days ago


I made my first instructables how to build your own smart lamp. I would like to have your feedback as I want to reach the feature quality - your help would be much appreciated. I have checked the feature check list.



Welcome to instructables! First of all, in my opinion, the cover photo is the most important part of an instructable, as it can either make or break the whole project. Try taking your photos in a area with good lighting and not too many distractions in the background. I use white poster board from the 99 cent store, or take a photo near some plants and trees. Otherwise, I really like your instructable! Its very in depth and informative! Great work!

Thanks for your advice. I reviewed my pictures and I agree light and quality can be updgraded. I will take new picture and upload them soon.

YuKonstruct1 month ago

Hello everyone! Here is a fun one we have re-worked to make it easier to follow along. Can anyone take a look and see if anything is unclear in the instructions? Also any other feedback would be welcomed too! Thanks for taking the time! Check it out here!

http://www.instructables.com/id/Best-Paper-AirplaneEVER/ (the linking thingy doesn't seem to be working so it might need a good old copy & paste - sorry about that)

licheness1 month ago

I have two instructables that I made some changes to, and am wondering if they might be considered to be featured now, or if they need more work; I have added a method step and photo to this instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/5-uses-for-InstaMorph/ and added the design file, a materials list and converted the .mov file into a .gif file in this one: http://www.instructables.com/id/Rustic-Rat-Pet-Food-Jar/ Thank you for your feedback!

Hey all! I just published my secount instructable and was wondering if I could get some suggestions on how to get it featured.


Any feedback is welcome!

anlek1 month ago

Hey, this is only my second instructable but I was wondering anything I can do to improve it?


Honus anlek1 month ago

It appears to be really straight forward to me but maybe additional photos would be better. You could add photos of the sugru covered parts (magnet and washer) on the car and plug.

anlek Honus1 month ago
There is a shot of the washer and magnet parts in step 3 but I've added a few notes to my photos to make it easier to understand.
Thank you for the feedback! :)
anlek anlek1 month ago

Alright - I've taken another go at fixing my instructable for the block heater plug. I've gotten some new photos and believe it is now really clear and easy to understand. I love this simple idea I hope it can benefit others. Please let me know how else I can improve it! Thanks in advance - you can find the instructable here!

bertwert1 month ago

I would like to see how I could improve this instructable.


Thanks for any help!

Hi, is there a point where an Instructable is a useful build but too easy to be featured? I created these insect traps on holiday to successfully reduce wasp numbers around the table. I think they work really well but are they too simple? http://www.instructables.com/id/Campsite-Critter-Catcher/

YuKonstruct1 month ago

Hi there!
We've overhauled this
instructable on tool organization to make it easier to follow. We love
the idea of using easy to recognize pictures and hope it will be useful
for others. Is there anything more we could improve on? Your input would
be appreciated!


repair cafe drawer.jpgtools.jpg


I need some tips to improve my instructable, So that it could attain more attention.

tankrium1 month ago

Would love to get a feedback and possibly get featured for this project where I used scrap wood and found objects to create a concept idea for aquarium installation.


Thank you for consideration! :]

Looks like it's already featured ! : ) Keep in mind, it can take a while for your instructables to be featured sometimes, the people featuring them are just human ; )

CovMakerDad1 month ago


I think my instructable is really useful but am struggling with it. Please can I have some advice please?


I guess it helps it I oist the link ;)

ModMischief1 month ago

I thought this idea was borderline genius and that the photos and instructions were clear, but my instructable hasn't been featured: http://www.instructables.com/id/Bib-Clips-for-Inst...
Any tips on what I can do to improve it?

Yay! It's been featured!

Really good instructable here on how to make customer low cost stickers, the instructable has had the front picture amended, BUT is it enough for an awesome feature? We needed small stickers that were affordable, this is the solution.


I have added text to the front picture, the instructables is really useful. It has all the steps, please can someone advise as to what else we can do to get this featured. Would a close up of one sticker get better results? What do you think?


KerryW1 month ago

This is my first one not to be featured, while it is not as long as some I thought it was quite explanatory and nice photos. Is there anything I can do to improve it and get it featured?


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