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Welcome to the clinic, a place to get help and constructive criticism on your projects. Here's a brief intro on what it is, written by AngryRedhead:

"Some Instructables don't get the attention that they deserve. Many times the reason boils down to presentation, and if the presentation is off in one way or another, an Instructable might flop no matter how wonderful the project is. The presentation of an Instructable requires a certain set of skills which involve story telling, technical writing, planning, and photography. Even the most experienced technical writers and photographers still benefit from an edit or an outside opinion. As an author, it's difficult to see the flaws and errors because your thoughts and experience fill the gaps that might leave readers puzzled. It happens to every author.

If you feel you have an Instructable that isn't getting the attention that it deserves and you would like some ideas on how to improve its presentation, please post a link to it! We're not here to tear it apart or to tell you that you're the most horrible, stupidester person in the whole wide world. We're here to give you ideas for improvement and hopefully get you more attention and recognition for your project ideas. Think of this like editing or proofreading which is something everyone needs regardless of experience, intellect, and knowledge.

If you would like ideas on taking your idea to the next level and making it bigger and more awesomer, please say that you would like this extra advice. You can even post a link to an unpublished instructable if you like, but just remember, please check out the featuring checklist first since this will tell you all of the things that the best instructables have."

So... that's what this forum topic's for. There's a team of seasoned Instructables authors watching this topic, waiting to give you help!

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Kiteman10 months ago

Starting your first Instructable?

Trying to get more views for an existing project?

You need to read this guide:


Focussed on getting Featured?

You need to be aware of this checklist:


PLEASE, do not reply to this comment - you need to start a fresh top-comment for each new project or problem.

comments here are the opinions of those making the comments, and do not
guarantee that your work will be Featured or win a contest.

sk8r5402 days ago

There is nothing like a stain on your record, lol.

I've published 12 instructables and 11 were featured.

How can I get this one worthy to be featured? Please help.


ohoilett3 days ago

A few tips on improving this Instructable would be much appreciated. Thank you.


TnComm5 days ago

I'd really like some help to know how to improve my Instructable.

Please review and provide feedback:


Thanks in advance.

TnComm TnComm4 days ago

Is there any way that a project like this could ever get featured? Or are the fun, glamorous, or exciting projects the only ones to get featured?


MayukhN24 days ago

Just wrote my first instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/Cheap-and-Easy-Ard...

Since I am new to this I would love some constructive criticism

grtyvr5 days ago
TnComm5 days ago

I worked really hard on this Instructable and would like some help to improve it and maybe even get it features.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

So I've just been advised to ask here what I might do to improve this 'ible to a featureable degree: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Fact-Check/...

Recommendations? It looks pretty thorough to me: all the images are copyright-free or within fair use guidelines, it's comprehensive, it's being viewed and favorited a lot, and it's really important, especially right now, in this point in history. Your guidance is appreciated. Thanks!

Congrats on getting this instructable featured! It is a useful skill for people to learn

Thank you!

Hi! This might be silly, but my first Instructable was featured, so I'd really like some feedback on what I did right and what I could have done better. Thanks!


hey! please could you read through my latest instructable, id love to get it featured!!!


Your pictures could be a lot better. I recommend sitting outside in the sun if you can't get good lighting inside. You might also use the black pen instead of pencil. If you need to use the pencil to start, trace the pencil with the pen in each step, and only photograph after using the pen. This will allow people to see your drawing better in your pictures, and you can still instruct people to start with a pencil.

I'd also use a clear quality picture of the finished drawing for the cover image instead of the collage.

AXR AMAR8 days ago


Can someone help me checking out this one? Does he deserve to be Featured?

It is an unfortunate reality that instructables in languages other than English are rarely featured. I think the editors are predominantly anglophone and online translations aren't the greatest.

Hi, I follow your recommendation for some of my instructables, can you check it out please? and tell me what you think.

  • Origami gift box in 5 minutes:


  • How to Make an Origami Basket with Paper


  • How to Turn Any Object into a Blackboard


  • How To Make A Vacation Trip Album In An Hour


  • How to Make your Photos Stand Out in your Scrapbooking


  • How To Make Your Own Planner


  • Paper Box For Presents


  • How to Make Personalized Party Hats


Hi same happened for my laser instructables. :'(

Hi, think that I have some Instructables that would be worthwhile to be featured but at first time I Uploaded in Spanish and now I posted the Translation in English, can someone take a look and give me the Featured Ribbon? please:

  • Origami gift box in 5 minutes:


  • How to Make an Origami Basket with Paper


  • How to Turn Any Object into a Blackboard


  • How To Make A Vacation Trip Album In An Hour


  • How to Make your Photos Stand Out in your Scrapbooking


  • How To Make Your Own Planner


  • Paper Box For Presents


  • How to Make Personalized Party Hats


RyanLench9913 days ago

Any tips on how i could improve these to get them featured especially the cast concrete project that took me ages to complete.



the final product pictures look great, but you don't have any pictures in the steps

On each step there is a file and if you download it. the file is a timelapse of each step.

you still need pictures so if you take a screenshot and upload it that would improve the instructable

AXR AMAR11 days ago


I uploaded this few days before,I didn't get featured ,tell me some tips to improve

AXR AMAR11 days ago

looks good but you should write down what you need to make it instead of writing it in the picture

Quaysera11 days ago

http://www.instructables.com/id/Coconut-Tiki-Lamp/ any constructive criticism is appreciated!

geekrex14 days ago

Made this Instructables few days go.
It's really getting a good response, I edited and added some projects link that people can try until I finish up with new projects .
Have a look if there is something needs to be added feel free to suggest .
Positive criticism is welcomed.

YuKonstruct16 days ago

Our instructable on making houses for solitary cavity-nesting bees was a contest finalist, but has never been featured.

Any suggestions for improving it so it can be featured?


taifur16 days ago

Hi, I published my new instructables


I tried my best but my instructable did not featured. Could anyone please give me some feedback how can I modify it to make it featured?

Rahul - S17 days ago

Hi, I published my new instructables...


I want to know why my instructables did not featured. I tried my best.

Also Can I change my I'bles title ?? which is currently in the contest which is closed ??

From just a quick look and I'd say that your grammar needs some work. The english sentences don't flow very nicely and reads a bit fractured. I think it should be proofread for starters.

Thanks for the reply. I made that instructable in hurry so as to participate in contest. As soon as you replied me I rechecked my Ible and tried to correct most of them. Now take a look at it. Thanks for your quick reply :)

The sentence flow is much better now, could use a finer proofread in my opinion, but much improved :) (Small linking words in various places)

You lost me a bit in step 5 as you are interchanging the term "speed" and "RPM" as they are technically not the same as RPM is a frequency. I think a simple revision would help clear this up:

"Now we know the rpm of the motor.

So it's not difficult to speed up or slow down the motor.

To do this, we will require a motor driver. EN (enable) pin on the shield is used to vary the rpm of the motor using PWM (pulse width management). So simply connect PWM pin (pin 11 used in code) to the EN pin on the driver. Also set the pin on the driver to HIGH which drives the motor."

Dushyanta 22 days ago
I recently posted two instructables. One of them was posted few days ago and the second one was posted yesterday. Both of them were good instructables, they contained clear images and the grammar according to me was also correct. Both of them were not featured. I tried to contact people who worked at instructable's office but they told me to drop and comment in the clinic. I dropped the comment but got no reply. Please anybody tell me what should I do now. By the way I also made a video tutorial of them. I just want instructable people to have a look on those two instructables. If you don't feature them, atleast reply to me why were they not featured so that I should pay special attention on those point while making instructables in future. My details are given below.
Email ID:dushyantarancho@gmail.com
1st instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-Quadcop-With-a-Wireless-Camera/
2nd instructable:http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-Speaker-Inside-a-9V-Battery/

Congrats you article is featured

Hello, I recently published an instructable :-


It got featured as well as featured on homepage. But after 3 days it only has 8800 views. What can I do to get more page views? :-|

I'll be very thankful to you!! ^_^

views matter only on interest , if you need views u need global interest project.
also thumbnails matter in that case.

Perhaps share with other sites across other social media (the share button at the top right of the instructable should help). Congrats on the high amount of views, I've maxed currently on 7.7k views on one instructable, and it's almost 2 months old :) So well done. That's a very indepth instructble, great work.

zaclewis9817 days ago

hello!!! this is one of my favourite instructables that I've completed and i has so much fun with it. i was wondering if there was anyone who might want to feature it! please check it out. ifs some fun stuff so order some. i promise you that you want regret it!!


I have been a member for just a few days and already had one of my instructables featured by staff. I feel this one was a more likely candidate to be featured vs the other so thought I would run it by y'all. Let me know your thoughts...Thanks!



sk8r54021 days ago

Not sure why I wasn't featured on this one, can someone let me know please?


Honus sk8r54021 days ago

I'd change your first photo to those of step 4 and maybe change the title to Assassin's Creed Cosplay Apple of Eden

sk8r540 Honus21 days ago

Thanks for the tips, is there a way to re-submit to be featured?

Honus sk8r54021 days ago

You don't need to re submit it.

sk8r540 Honus17 days ago

Do staff re-check instructables?

TnComm18 days ago

I'd really like some help to know how to improve my instructable.

Please review and provide feedback:


Thanks in advance.

vipercmd19 days ago

Thank you for the advice! Changes have been made.

vipercmd20 days ago

I believe that I have completed what is required in the checklist. Any additional pointers that would help make this a featured Instructable would be greatly appreciated.


The thumbnail image of your instructable, so basically what people see without clicking it, is the top part of the image you used. When using the editor, you can position the image the way you want it shown by dragging the image in the box (see picture added). I think repositioning the image would make a great difference and also get you some more views!

Schermafbeelding 2016-07-03 om 22.02.21.png
ModMischief20 days ago

While it is a pretty simple project, I was really proud of this diaper organizer and I think it would be very useful for anyone else with a baby and an ikea dresser.

Cloth Diaper Sorter

Any suggestions on how I can improve the instructable to get it featured?

Hello, Im quite new to this website and would love to get this featured! please read and comment on how I can enhance it. Thank you!!


Descriptive step titles (instead of Step 1, Step 2, etc ) would probably help. You might want to review your capitalization as well.

i Know it is deserve the featured post . my previous 4 instructable has been featured but last two are not featured. can you help me find out the problem



This project is on how to build an RC bb8 droid: http://www.instructables.com/id/Remote-Control-BB8-Droid-for-Less-Than-20-26-USD/ was just wandering if there is anything obvious I can do to imporve? Thanks for the help

I'd suggest maybe adding a few more photos of the construction, like how you modified the car to fit.

I have posted an instructable named 'Scientific Calculator with evive'.


This is a very good instructable but have not gain much popularity on this platform.

Whereas it has already been featured by Arduino and Hackster on their respective pages.

Don't know why it has not been featured on Instructables.

Can you help me please?

lesbian8422 days ago

I have updated a couple of my instructables! Check them out and see what you think!

1. http://www.instructables.com/id/Barn-Door-for-Our...

2. http://instructables.com/id/Salvage-and-Make-It-Cozy/

check out my other projects while you are at it!

lesbian84 is my id here. Vote!

Thank you in advance and happy building!


Karthikha22 days ago

Hello! When I first published the below instructable, I didn't have enough pics to show the step by step process and I believe that was the reason it was not featured. But now, I've added some new pics and updated. Will it be looked into by the team and do I get a chance to get it featured? :)


zaclewis9823 days ago

Hello, can someone take a look at a project of mine on how to make a Bauhaus desk lamp. this was my very first instructable and ive worked on it. I'd like to get this featured! thank you


AXR AMAR23 days ago
AXR AMAR23 days ago
AXR AMAR23 days ago






I think the above instructable is worth something please help me to get fearured

I agree with emilyvanleemput but a small thing that will make a big difference is capitalizing your "I"s. "I" should always be capitalized in English when referring to yourself.

It's not the type of project I usually read, but I can of course try to give a bit of advice! First thing I see when opening the link is your main image. It's not the best image, like you already say in you instructable you took them with your phone, but it does show your finished project, so you're on the right track with that! I'd recommend reading this instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/how-to-take-great-... It mainly focusses on using an iPhone, but I think there are some great tips for smart phone photography included.

The other issue for me when reading your instructable is the text really. English is not your own language and that's not a problem of course, but when I'm deciding whether or not I'm going to read an instructable it does make a difference to me how it is written. I'd be more than happy to help you out with the text if you want to, just let me know!

i did this instrucable a few months ago feed back would be welcome :) http://www.instructables.com/id/Countersink-From-Screwdriver-Bit-1/

Dushyanta 24 days ago


I recently published an instructable. Since I published it incomplete, it was obvious that I was not going to be featured. I worked on that instructable and have complete it finally. I want somebody to please look on that instructable to feature it. Can anybody please feature it.

Here is a link to the instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-Quadcop-With-a-Wireless-Camera/

geekrex24 days ago

Hi Clinic ,
i post a small project on laser engraved book mark ,


see if I can get it featured !!!

Ashwawa1 month ago

Hi Clinic, I recently made an Instructable, called Homemade Lavender Hand Scrub, sorry I don't have a link. Does anybody have suggestions? I am new to making Instructables so any advice would help. Thanks!

Moem Ashwawa1 month ago

I like your Instructable, and it seems to be featured by now... congratulations!
I would just suggest that you use bigger fonts on the intro picture so that they can be read even on a smaller version of the picture. I would also find a way to use the colour lavender somehow.

Posting a link is easy: just copy it from the address bar of your browser. Then select a portion of your posting as you're writing it, and the option for adding the link to that portion will come up, and you can add the copied link to that. Like so.

Sorry Moem, but I disagree about the text. I personally think there's no reason to have text on the image, so I would remove the text and crop it so the scrub and lavender are larger.

Honestly, that's fine, we can disagree on this and that's okay! Personally I like having text in the intro image. But maybe we can agree that it's better to have either bigger text or none at all?

(If we can't, that's okay too.)

I just don't understand why you would want to clutter up the image when the title is just below it, but to each his own.

Thank you for the input!

ohoilett25 days ago

So this Instructable was Featured, but I would still like some opinions on how I could make it better. Thanks.


ash_doge29 days ago

Can someone take a look at this instructable for origami earrings i made?


I'd love to hear what you have to think, and any improvements that could be made. Thanks!

Hey ash_doge!

Great instructable! There are just a few recommendations that I have, but other than that, it looks great! My first idea is that you should maybe make the picture in the first step a bit easier to look at: (i.e: better lighting) My second tip is to break the third step into a couple different step, rather than only one, super long step! Those are just my opinions, though!


lcs500027 days ago

This is my first instructable and I would really love someone to help me with it. I would love for it to be featured because it would boost my slim chances in the 3D printing contest. Thanks for the help! http://www.instructables.com/id/LCD-3D-Printer

Ido Ran27 days ago


I've wrote my first Instructables and will be really happy for tips on how to improve it.


You need pictures in every step. A better thumbnail would also be good


zaclewis9828 days ago

Hello, can someone take a look at a project of mine on how to make a Whitty Bills Light. I'd like to get this featured! thank you


PerriR1 month ago

Hi everyone, can you please check out these two instructables and let me know what I can do to improve them and do better next time? Thank you!



It is a minor detail, but I would switch the top down picture from the intro and the side view picture from step 3.

Other than that it is well written and looks really tasty.

Moem PerriR1 month ago

I would use only horizontal or square pictures, especially as the first or only picture on a step, because vertical pictures show up so small. Cropping might do a lot of good.

And the castle one really needs an intro picture of the final product, well lit and with a good background that's either neutral or fitting with the subject. Maybe you can put the castle on short grass or moss so it looks like a natural environment, and light it with some strong, small light sources?

pojken28 days ago


I'm wondering if anyone can help me get my Instructable featured. I don't mind editing and adding to it, so any hints would help.

Cat Stand - Never forget to leave the door open for the kitty litter


I think this one should be featured because everyone who has come over to my house has found it an innovative and simple way to keep the door open for the kitty litter. A few friends wanted their own (as they have cats).

It has been very useful to me and what I find interesting is that I don't have to tell anyone how to use it. They automatically know how to do it and figure out what it's for.

Any suggestions?

ash_doge1 month ago

Can someone take a look at an ible i made on how to get your prints to stick to your printer bed? I'd like to get this featured!



This 'ible is featured! Just remember that a real person must look through all of the 'ibles and decide which ones to make featured, so it can take a few hours!

Zadiq1 month ago

Hi, just posted an instructable on 3D printing and was wandering how I can improve it to get it featured. Thank you.

Hi Zadiq!

The first recommendation that I have is your cover photo. Maybe make it a bit more interesting to look at and when people see it make it make them say: "I want to look at this, it looks interesting and cool!" Other than that, I really see no problems!

Zadiq Zadiq1 month ago

Why is no one replying???

I was really confused by your ible. As I read the beginning, I was going to tell you that you should change the name to "Assembling the Cartesian 3D printer." You've attached several documents that I assume relate specifically to your printer. As all printers are quite different, they won't help me unless I have the same printer as you.

As I read on, I realized your ible was a general explanation of 3D printing with that printer, so my original instinct was somewhat right. Using "DIY 3D printer" in your title usually means that you are building your printer from scratch, not from a kit. I would recommend changing the title to include the name of the printer you're using since so many of the resources and explanations relate to that specific printer. Perhaps "Cartesian 3D Printer for Beginners" would be more appropriate.

It's obvious that english isn't your native language, and a few grammatical errors aren't the end of the world, but if you can make some improvements to the language, your ible will only be better for it.

Lastly, your introduction should be a short summary of what your ible is about. I was confused about your ibles' topic, particularly when you said this..."After long googling and researches I concluded on Cartesian 3D printer for no particular reason really." You don't need to even mention the other printer if there's no reason for choosing the one you did. Use the intro to sum up the ible and why you made it.

Good luck!

AustinS171 month ago

Hi I would love to get some feedback on my DIY ECG instructable. Thank you very much!


I think you need a better cover :-)

As summer is coming, I made a device to detect the UV.


I think it worth a feature to let more guy know how to DIY a UV detector.

Any suggestion?



I think its the right to get to be featured help me

It is featured! A real person has to sift through all the new ibles as they're published in order to feature those that are worthy, so don't worry if it takes a few hours or more especially if it's after normal work hours.

ash_doge1 month ago

Hi, can you check out this ible i posted? I'd really appreciate some feedback to see if I can get it featured!