The Concrete and Casting Contest starts Monday, 7/29!

We're holding our first ever Concrete and Casting Contest, brought to you by the fantastic folks at CHENG Concrete!

Over the years we've gotten so many concrete & casting projects and we just know you guys have tons more up your sleeves. Show us your best builds for a chance to win prizes from CHENG.

Need some inspiration? Check out CHENG Concrete's projects here on Instructables.

Check out the official contest page for more info.

Contest is open 7/29 - 8/26.

Picture of The Concrete and Casting Contest starts Monday, 7/29!
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caitlinsdad4 years ago
There should be some rock solid entries for this contest.
jessyratfink (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago
ba dum TISH
The judges are going to have a hard time picking from the lot.
The vote will be on aggregate
You might have to sift through it to see how coarse or fine it will be.
Stop messing around, let me reinforce, I need concrete proposals.
You're going to have to be in good form to cement a lead in this contest
You can only hope for an even mix of things, you wouldn't want it watered down too much.
Stone me. A winner.
I reinforce that sediment; they've set this one up nicely
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