The Cork Game

Has anyone ever played a game involving corks, string, a plunger head, and dice? Just curious if I'm the only one. I don't think it has a name, but who knows.

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bbwoof2 years ago

Growing up in Memphis in the 50s there was a game called 'cork' that we kids used to have fun playing. It was played somewhat like baseball only there was no running to bases. The only equipment used to play this game was a cork wrapped with electrical tape, a broomstick used to bat, and markers for singles, doubles, triples, and homers. It was played with two or three man teams. The object of the defending team was to get all the players who were batting out by striking or fouling out. A pitch to a batter who swung and missed and the cork was caught by the catcher ruled that batter out. A pitch hit that didn't pass the 1st base marked was ruled out. The team a bat would try to hit as many pitches past the markers to score runs. ie, a hit past the triple marker would require a hit past the single marker to score a run. Three innings were played and the team leading in runs after 3 innings won the game. Like I said the game was quite popular all over the city of Memphis back then but I guess it just died out when all the empty lots got filled with buildings. I think Memphis was the only city that game was played in because after I joined the AF in 1955 no one ever heard of it. Just curious. Any old timers from Memphis remember that game?

GameNazi8 years ago
I played this game as a kid too - and have played it over the years. Just showed the girls in my game club and they loved it. Because the corks broke pretty often, I made my last game with wooden beads from a craft store. Did you play that you plunge when the roller of the dice gets a 7 or 11? I changed it a few years back to add doubles also. It's such a fun homemade game. Are you from Ohio? Maybe we're related.
BeanGolem (author)  GameNazi8 years ago
Yes. plunge on 7 or 11. I've got the I'ble on it written, just need to take some photos! My mother's side is from Ohio, but the game came from my Dad's side (Southern California).
I've subscribed to you, just to get an alert when you publish the game.
BeanGolem (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Haha. everyone has their reasons :D

I do have others in store.

Just a bit crazy getting ready to host a { conference] in a couple weeks.
lemonie8 years ago
Sounds fun, why don't you tell us how it's played? Have you ever played a game of catch with the contents of a fridge? L
eggs can be fun.... ;-)
You had to mention eggs didn't you...


(it is one of my videos)
Oh I hadn't known :-) I was thinking raw eggs (as you mentioned playing catch...)
I was struck on the head by a bottle of Heinz tomato ketchup - perhaps as amusing, but more painful... L
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