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-Hedgehogs can climb trees
-The Victorians wore gloves that were so tight it could take as long as 20 minutes to put on one glove.
-Mexico City boasts the world's largest taxi fleet with over sixty thousand taxis running every day.
-Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months a pair of rats could have over a million descendants
-All acts of UK parliament are written on goatskin.
-Carrots used to be purple
-The word “Taxi” is the only word that is spoken the same and means the same, no matter what language is being spoken
-If you drove a car at the average motorway speed straight up you would reach space in under an hour.
-The average four year-old child asks over four hundred questions a day.
-Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated
-The average pillow is 6 years old and 10% of it’s weight is made up of dead skin, mites and mite dung.
-The average person over fifty will have spent 5 years waiting in lines
-New York City was briefly the U.S. capital from 1789 to 1790.
-The sound made by the toadfish when mating underwater is so loud that it can be heard by humans on the shore.
-The average man contains enough phosphorous to make 2,200 matches
-Because heat expands the metal, the Eiffel Tower always leans away from the sun
-It is estimated that at any one time, 0.7% of the world's population is drunk
-In 1985, a pregnant woman was falsely accused of shoplifting a basketball
-The United States and Canada are the world's largest producers of paper and paper products.
-A sheep, a duck and a rooster were the first passengers in a hot air balloon
-Hippos are upset, their sweat turns red, that sweat also works as a natural sun tan lotion
-Annually 17 tons of gold is used to make wedding rings in the United States.
-The name Wendy was made up for the book “Peter Pan.” There was never a recorded Wendy before.
-Some worms will eat themselves if they can't find any food.
-The first toilet in a row of toilets in a public bathroom is the least likely to be used, therefore it is the cleanest.
-American Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by eliminating one olive from each salad served in first class.
-38% of Americans eat breakfast everyday.
-Adult human bones account for 14% of the body's total weight.
-The average speed of a penguin in the water being about 15 miles per hour.
-People get taller when they are in space.

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Hiyadudez7 years ago
Lol: 'Last updated- 21 december.'
Lowney (author)  Hiyadudez7 years ago
Hiyadudez8 years ago
You need a new one :-)
I have some fun facts that are regularly published in the school paper. Can I PM them to you? I understand you have plenty, but you may find some of them intriguing anyways.
Lowney (author)  bassclarinet238 years ago
Are you still doing these? This is the first one I've seen, but it seems pretty neat.
Lowney (author)  bassclarinet238 years ago
Yeah, still going! Mondays...
Okay, cool.
Hiyadudez8 years ago
Cool, lol. I have another one you could do:

Mc Donalds® is the world largest distributer of toys

Lowney (author)  Hiyadudez8 years ago
Problem is that now everyone can see it lol! But that's cool, thanks for sharing! I have like 500 facts saved on a Notepad file, so I'm not gonna run out any time soon lol

P.S click my name in about 20-30 mins and the Losa Pistol 2 will have been replaced with...
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