The Fail Poster

Really digging this poster about failing and moving on to failing better. It's from a quote by Samuel Beckett and it's letterpressed onto recycled paper. Still trying to decide if it's worth the $46  to have it shipped to the US and then a little more to have it framed. Hmm.

Fail Better Poster

Picture of The Fail Poster
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DJ Radio7 years ago
I just used this as my avatar pic on facebook.
jeff-o7 years ago
Seems like something you could whip up in almost any word processing program in about 10 minutes (most of that time spent finding the right fonts).

Then you'll have $45.75 left over for other stuff!

See?  I took the poster's message to heart!
fungus amungus (author)  jeff-o7 years ago
To just make a similar image and print it out, about 10 minutes. To make one that I'm really happy with, another couple hours at least.

Even then it wouldn't have the nice letterpress quality to it, though.
Letterpress?  Maybe you could get Jake to print it for you!
Grathio7 years ago
Among the best advice I've ever received (right after "boo-boos can be beautiful") is:
Fail fast
Fail cheap
Fail often.

This poster made me smile.

kelseymh7 years ago
Very nice.  Now you just need to find a James Joyce Lolcat to go with it :-)