The Filling or the Crust? We need your opinions!

Recent pie-related activities at Instructables HQ have incited the following question:

Which do you prefer - the filling or the crust?

I'm a crust girl myself, but recognize that is not the way of the world.

Do you think there are cultural differences? Geographic preferences? Or perhaps just an early distaste for meringue that set me on the wrong path for life?

Voice your opinions here and let the world know how you feel about pie!

Picture of The Filling or the Crust? We need your opinions!
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cupcake8118 years ago
I personally like the combination of crust and filling. Still, I love them both! Go pie and pi! 3.14159265358...
i prefer pi.  read it forward then backward! note: you may get dizzy with slight chance of vomiting.  : )
 Read it forward, then backward?  Would you actually be able to finish reading it forward before you die?
no not pi it never ends, but the sentence I prefer pi  when read forwards then backwards still says I prefer pi! pretty cool rite? : ).
nice palindrome. here's a good one "Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era?"
 Yeah!  Nows I knows.
Well, I really like pie and like both, but people use pie filling in other recipes. Every pie has crust, so I guess I like the crust! Adding on to cupcake, 3.141592653589793238462643383279502841971693993751058209749
66407938446095505822317253594818482... That's about 52 digits. Go pi!
carpfluff7 years ago
i prefer graham cracker crust over filling.
sunshiine7 years ago
Crust can make or break a pie.  I like the pie if the crust is great, if not I prefer the filling.
Doctor What7 years ago
 I have to admit.  I like the filling better, but a crust makes or breaks a pie.  The filling can be phenomenal, but if the crust tastes like cardboard, I can't stand the pie....
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