The First 28 Instructables Ever Published (10 Years Ago!)

The first instructable ever was published on August 4, 2005. There were in fact 28 instructables published on that date.

I was curiously digging through that first day's offerings, and decided they deserved to be showcased in their very own collection.

The topics are wide-ranging, interesting, and entertaining. It was the beginning of something special that we've all grown to love very deeply.

What are your thoughts regarding these first instructables, and the site and community in general? Would you like to just reminisce a little? Leave your thoughts here!

The site has grown incredibly in these past 10 years. Here's to the next 10!

Picture of The First 28 Instructables Ever Published (10 Years Ago!)
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Congrats! That is great news! Are you an American or Canadian website?

seamster (author)  SophiesFoodieFiles2 years ago

Instructables is based in San Francisco, CA on the lovely west coast of the USA :)

Ruined1 year ago

Glad to be here from so long time :D

I think that you need to promote it more outside from the country where you are because I am a belgian & no one has ever heard of instructables over here. I promote my recipe instructables here with you all & loved it! I gain a whole lot of views extra, ouside my blog! That is so cool too! :) Cheers! x

NoPinky2 years ago

Hmm, I thought instructables from 10 years ago would be of a much more different type than today. But it's about the same

tvirtue22 years ago


Props to the people who came up with such an amazing site. I LOVE INSTRUCTABLES, and I hope it lasts many more years !!!

ohoilett2 years ago

Here's to many more years!

Kiteman2 years ago

You know how things sometimes take a while to register when you're not really paying attention? I only just realised that it's just over 3 months to my tenth anniversary as a member!

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