The Future of Invisibility

It is reported that a team of researches at the University of California, Berkeley claim to be on the doorstep of invisibility. Using a special type of metamaterial they are bending electromagnetic waves and negatively refracting visible light. Their ultimate goal is to render entire objects invisible to the naked eye.

After reading this, I conducted some invisibility experiments of my own. Based on my initial experiments with invisibility cloaking, I must concede that we are not quite there yet, but are getting close (see image).

For more information, read the full news report

Picture of The Future of Invisibility
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skhan554 years ago
I think Its possible.. to be invisible..
What if I put a camera behind my back and it gives the live Video stream to the LCD that I hold in my Arms..?
If its possible to made an LCD suit that one can wear and 1000s of cameras working with LCDs to display the other sides of someone as if nobodys there(Person wearing LCD suit)
Orngrimm4 years ago
I made the same, but my method was 100% successfull. However, the problem was that i turned my camera invisible, so i wasnt able to find it anymore... So no pictures of a invisible camera in my hands, seen in the mirror (would look like i am holding nothing and this nothing makes pictures).
But take my word on that.

Wareneutron4 years ago
smartphelix8 years ago
honestly, I really want to believe this but, um, do you have any proof or at least the method for becoming translucent? please
Heh. Read the news report Randofo cited above, or even better, some of the original papers.

Randofo's picture is (obviously) a nice photoshop (or whatever :-) overlay.
I think it is not a photoshopped picture. I tried what was said above, using a picture of the room and a projector, and I sat in front of it and took another picture... well, actually I sat down about 49 times and took like fifty pictures and in between I had to get up and fix some miniscule problem so I couldn't see the difference between the edge of the projection and the wall in the picture. You have to do it just right, and the lord only knows how many times I had to get up and adjust the projector position, trapezoid, span, width, contrast, and brightness, but it works the way they said it would... However, I must note that I was blind for about half an hour after I did all of this this because of all that time spent looking directly into the projector. I do not reccomend trying this without sunglasses. Kudo's on figuring this out though. This just proves that sometimes simple but abstract ideas are much bettter solutions to a problem than complex technology and years of development. ^_^
Fashim8 years ago
Fashim Fashim7 years ago
Please Please make an Instructable on this What Fun i could do with this
Fashim7 years ago
I have to admit if This is portable Invisibilty so you can move around this has would be Awesome for War.. Except Thermal Sights
YEP! It's called photoshop CS3. If you believe this guy I have a Moggwai you can buy for 300 dollars; no water of food after midnight.
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