The Future of Invisibility

It is reported that a team of researches at the University of California, Berkeley claim to be on the doorstep of invisibility. Using a special type of metamaterial they are bending electromagnetic waves and negatively refracting visible light. Their ultimate goal is to render entire objects invisible to the naked eye.

After reading this, I conducted some invisibility experiments of my own. Based on my initial experiments with invisibility cloaking, I must concede that we are not quite there yet, but are getting close (see image).

For more information, read the full news report

Picture of The Future of Invisibility
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skhan555 years ago
I think Its possible.. to be invisible..
What if I put a camera behind my back and it gives the live Video stream to the LCD that I hold in my Arms..?
If its possible to made an LCD suit that one can wear and 1000s of cameras working with LCDs to display the other sides of someone as if nobodys there(Person wearing LCD suit)
Orngrimm5 years ago
I made the same, but my method was 100% successfull. However, the problem was that i turned my camera invisible, so i wasnt able to find it anymore... So no pictures of a invisible camera in my hands, seen in the mirror (would look like i am holding nothing and this nothing makes pictures).
But take my word on that.

Wareneutron5 years ago
smartphelix9 years ago
honestly, I really want to believe this but, um, do you have any proof or at least the method for becoming translucent? please
Heh. Read the news report Randofo cited above, or even better, some of the original papers.

Randofo's picture is (obviously) a nice photoshop (or whatever :-) overlay.
I think it is not a photoshopped picture. I tried what was said above, using a picture of the room and a projector, and I sat in front of it and took another picture... well, actually I sat down about 49 times and took like fifty pictures and in between I had to get up and fix some miniscule problem so I couldn't see the difference between the edge of the projection and the wall in the picture. You have to do it just right, and the lord only knows how many times I had to get up and adjust the projector position, trapezoid, span, width, contrast, and brightness, but it works the way they said it would... However, I must note that I was blind for about half an hour after I did all of this this because of all that time spent looking directly into the projector. I do not reccomend trying this without sunglasses. Kudo's on figuring this out though. This just proves that sometimes simple but abstract ideas are much bettter solutions to a problem than complex technology and years of development. ^_^
Fashim8 years ago
Fashim Fashim8 years ago
Please Please make an Instructable on this What Fun i could do with this
Fashim8 years ago
I have to admit if This is portable Invisibilty so you can move around this has would be Awesome for War.. Except Thermal Sights
YEP! It's called photoshop CS3. If you believe this guy I have a Moggwai you can buy for 300 dollars; no water of food after midnight.
If nobody has Bought it i will!.. But i Believe this Post
PS CS4 is out...
randofo (author)  bumpus9 years ago
I think he is implying that I photoshopped this...
bumpus Rye9 years ago
A a little electrical tweaking to my Phaser... Like I said.
Sharku bumpus9 years ago
get a tripod, take a picture with the flashlight and without the flash light, photoshop the flashlight out of the pic and set to 10 opacity NOTE: you cannot see the item shadow on the desk EVEN if you were invisible youd still see a shadow
The flashlight is making a reflection on the table. There would be no reflection if he did what you imply he did. Also, There would not be a shadow.
Correction, you don't need to photoshop the flash light out, it would work anyway.
inkwash9 years ago

I have did the invisibility program in a stage take the breath out of all the viewers...

what i did was that i took the picture of the background..
setup an LCD projector in front of the stage to project it...adjusted the brightness to be justified by the ambient light and voila!!!! who ever standing before it is translucent!!!!!!!!!
That's a very nice method. Since you've been on I'bles a few months, why not put together a proper I'ble presenting the method, or at a minimum a Slideshow or Video demonstrating it.
Do anyone here understand the principle behind this? because I don't It's funny to see how people talk on technology they don't understand hehe.
Read the original articles. The idea is to fabricate an artificial material (often stacks of split-ring conductors) with both a negative index of refraction (not found in natural materials) and with a spatially varying index.

If done correctly, a plane wave (e.g. from a distant illuminant) incident on the "cloak" will be guided around it in such a way that, instead of a shadow or diffraction pattern, the outgoing light will also be a plane wave. Consequently, it will appear as though nothing was in the way of the illuminant.

There are many issues with this technology.
  • It mostly works only in two dimensions. There have been reports of 3D cloak designs, but the symmetry makes the problem much more complex.
  • It mostly works only at specific wavelengths. The split-ring method preferentially affects wavelengths close to the diameter of the rings, so cloaks tend to be very narrowband.
  • Most cloaks have only been demonstrated in the microwave regime for the same reason. Fabricating repeating material structures at the few hundred nanometer scale (with the materials needed for cloaks) is not easy.
Photoshop skillz.
randofo (author)  GorillazMiko9 years ago
What's Photoshop?
Shhhh. Don't talk. Just pull your hair.
randofo (author)  GorillazMiko9 years ago
No more hair pulling.
*Kicks down pit of death*
*kicks down into pit of arms*
It's a program that you can edit photos in
Fail of the week goes to.....
if I said his name, would I FAIL too?
Yes, quite so.
Good faking!


CameronSS9 years ago
Your experiments are probably close enough. Most people don't pay enough attention to see someone at 10% opacity.
But most people would notice the motion of the near invisible subject.
But then probably not be able to pinpoint it... kind of like watching the Pedator move in the original movies: you could only see it if you had an idea of precisely where to look.
True, true.
No they would just be too scared to pin point you. Besides they won't be able to recognise you anyway. "Mommy, that transluscent girl just took away my ice cream" "WTH?"
Rockerx9 years ago
It is so much easier in the movie world. Minus the stupid sounds:)

Plasmana9 years ago
Wow! That is soo cool!
can any body tell me how you would actually be able to make this like design schematics of just tell me where to go
I don't know...
Keith-Kid9 years ago
If it's invisible, how can they be sure it works? How can they be sure the object is even there?
randofo (author)  Keith-Kid9 years ago
How can they be sure it's really there even if it is visible?
Ah, once invisibility is perfected this kind of argument will be so much fun!!!
ll.13 Keith-Kid9 years ago
except we won't need to close the box
Nor will the box need to exist.
The box doesn't exist. How can you be sure that there is a box? I've never seen the box. The only "evidence" we have of the box's existence is that Uru Wolf told us that there is a box. Do you concur?
No, I quarrel.
Do you wish to quarrel? Do you bite your thumb at me, sir?
But surely you'll just wear your steampunk goggles with built-in phase determination, allowing you to see the formerly invisible? (Or just a pair of polarised lenses, one over each eye but 90 degrees out)
It's like the old "Is the cat in the box if the box is closed and I can't see the cat any more?" type thing.
n8man Keith-Kid9 years ago
Touch it
I think Emiglio needs to be invisible. Get to it! That'll be one of the upgrades.
randofo (author)  jessyratfink9 years ago
But then no one will see him coming! (...and I'll have more work to do.)
I don't know, I think it'd be a lot funnier if he told people he hated them while invisible. :)
crazysailar9 years ago
The idea behind this concept is relatively simple, a way to imagine it is think of it as if they are using a net of fiber optics to "bend" or guide the light around the object, thereby canceling out any reflection which is how the eye "sees" light, so far they have only been able to do it with 2D objects, although that in itself is pretty awesome, but the possible military apps are frightening
>so far they have only been able to do it with 2D objects< Hum, wonder how they managed that, seeing as how no such thing exists in the universe...
from my bad, they can do it in 2 dimensions, not around 2D objects "In 2006 a group at Duke University demonstrated partial cloaking in two dimensions with a pizza-size disk of copper rings. Look for researchers to try that soon with visible light." "but despite some successes bending visible light in two dimensions, they've had a harder time making three-dimensional versions."
Lol, that's better...
searcherT9 years ago
I have a modestly used Romulan cloaking device left over from the War with the founders. I will let it go cheap! case of JOLT COLA AND FUNIONS
batjonesy9 years ago
10% opacity combined with camouflage would work.
bumpus9 years ago
I was able to do the same with a little electrical tweaking to my Phaser...
Rye bumpus9 years ago
How'd u do that?
randofo (author)  bumpus9 years ago
I set mine to purple.
Labot20019 years ago
China did something like this last year, but the Internet's being a PITA and I can't find the PopSci article on it.
Rye Labot20019 years ago
My class did a research project on it last year. Try googling nanotech invisibility.
The Things I could do If I were invisible,eeexellent. *rubs hands*
catwood9 years ago
It would be so much cooler if in addition to hiding the object from sight, you could also hide it from touch. .
nice photoshop skills
builder2109 years ago
What if there was a towel, and someone tried to pick it up, but they couldn't because it was accualy water.