The Gluten-Free Contest is starting Monday, August 26th!

We want to see all your best gluten free recipes - especially well-loved and everyday recipes! Gluten free pancakes, gluten free cakes, gluten free bread, gluten free cookies, etc. :D

We've got a great programmable slow cooker up for grabs as well as some books and kitchen accessories.

Check out the official Gluten-Free Contest page and get brainstorming!

Picture of The Gluten-Free Contest is starting Monday, August 26th!
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I want to enter my previous recipes I posted on instructables... is that possible? Do the recipes have to be created only since the contest was posted? If not, how do I go about entering my recipes? Thanks.
Part of the reason for contests is to spur on new ideas or significant improvements/changes/mods to an already published instructable. If you have a new take on one of your previously published recipes or a nice variation on it, you can put up a new instructable eligible for the contest. Challenge yourself to come up with something new. Good luck.
makendo4 years ago
You're going to have to no wheat you're doing to win this one
jessyratfink (author)  makendo4 years ago
hahaha, I'm adding that to the contest page. Fantastic!
Ha, I was just trying to bait caitlinsdad. You shouldn't encourage us...
People will be sowing their wild oats all over the place. What kind of contest is this?
Well, I barley know anything about it, but it looks a bit too corny for me
If you sort out the chaff, you might see what this is not cracked up to be.