The Grand Knexpert War (IRPG)

Alright I was planning on posting this towards the end of the Grand Tournament but I thought I'd start right now because I have no homework and so I have nothing better to do =P

Alright to start off this is an IRPG or Internet Role-Playing Game. It's just for fun and nothing is completely serious. While we won't fake battles or anything I figured we could start up something and possibly if I figure out a good way we could play some sort of good game. Maybe I could make up one giving each gun some stats and...blah blah blah I'll have to start a collaboration team so if you want to help...yeah.

Ok so here is how it's going to work. First off I need to know everyone who wants to participate. All you're going to do is have fun as we go along with the topic. So yeah here is a list of all the people who are going to play along so that we are ready for the next steps

Ok well the Top 3 winners of the Grand Tournament will be Team captains. If we end up with a lot of participants then maybe even 4 or 5 teams may be established. If one of them doesn't want to be a team captain then it will be passed to the next runner-up but I would prefer that no more than one person does this. Maybe we should hold elections instead? Maybe they should be nominated because the best builder isn't always the best leader. After our Captains have been decided they will all starting with the highest winning person choose team members from the list in order. Please don't disclude anyone on the list or turn down those who do join. Believe me everyone has something to bring to the table. Once your teams are established you will then have to make a choice on what will be
-Your team name
-If you really wish your individual nicknames
-I don't know. If you guys end up with a graphics artist then design a team flag
-Establish ranks. Better the person better their rank.
-Finally you'll decide your standard issue weapons. These will include:
*One Side Arm (i.e. DMS, TDS)
*Two compact secondary weapons (i.e. BBKWG, IaC's Assault pistol, basically any assault pistol to SMG sized weapon)
*Two assault rifles (Well any mid sized repeater so like Trauts' Thompson, My AK-74, or as long as it's compact any one shot power weapon like the DD-27 if you want)
*One Sniper Rifle (i.e. Mepain's Sniper, Gorkem's Sniper,...anything with sniper at the end of it maybe?)
*One Support weapon (i.e. a rubber band gun. Which ever of the storms was a friggen' beast!)
*One Explosive (i.e. IaC's War Bomb, Splodies)
*One misc. weapons (i.e. Shot gun, Canno--Oh gees I do hope IaC ends up to be one of the captains so people are only fighting to be on the team and not fighting to be one his team after the captains are done fighting to have him on their team...)
You may only choose weapons that belong to your team members so choose carefully. Maybe later if I establish some sort of forum for a full own game you might be able to make money and buy weapons from others yada yada.

Ranks for now will be simple and will go as follow in order from lowest to highest powered.
~Basic Troops

~Commanding Officers~
-Captain (from now on this is officer rank and not the leader title)

-If you really wish a Second-in-Command although this would most likely be a General
-Leader-- You then get to choose your own title such as President, Emperor, etc.

You then must choose a role. Uh check my war game thread to see all of them. I'll post them here later. You should then use the appropriate weapons associated with your role. This will be more important once again if I am able to come up with some sort of actual game.

In the end however you team must develop and arsenal of perfect weapons. So who's up for it? Should be a fun way to pass the time. I might make a forum for the whole war to be located in. If enough people join. Then who knows it depends how much help I get on how fancy the forum turns out and if I could turn it into a permanent home or not.

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heat-seeker8 years ago
i will join
i will join
benfoxg9 years ago
I will join
TheDunkis (author) 9 years ago
Dangit my topic almost died! "You must recover!" Sakurai: *laughs* >_< Sorry, hyper
Der Bradly9 years ago
I'll join, i coudn't possibly make a game like that! (i do make games you know)
combatknex9 years ago
the grand tournament i dont want to read the whole thing so do i just make a good looking knex gun to win?
TheDunkis (author)  combatknex9 years ago
No. You're not in it for starters I'm sorry to say can enter the war though...if you read everything because I hate lazy people who are willing to go on the computer but won't read a few paragraphs.
DJ Radio9 years ago
ha, i dont think this plan will work for 2 reasons:

1. there is no game like that i know of.

2. i am hosting my own internet game on halo for the PC. look here for more info
TheDunkis (author)  DJ Radio9 years ago
1. Who knows. At the least we'll have fun but I'm planning on making a forum dedicated to this game. 2. Wow talk about advertising. Whatever that is a completly different type of game. And some of us don't have the computers that live up to those standards.
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